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Our Mother, Earth-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle


Standing Up For The Planet by Bob Purdy


I am at a loss for words. Why are we still doing what we are doing to “Mother Earth”?…

~~Bob Purdy

Bob Purdy Paddling For The Planet Alone


Emerging On The Other Side Of Pain-Leslie Kolovich

Leslie Kolovich's Blue Eyed Buddha

Leslie Kolovich, producer/host of SUP Radio Show

Soulful Uplifting People by Leslie Kolovich

Listen Now:


It’s been since the beginning of February since I have done a current podcast.  As most of my listeners and followers know I have been experiencing some health setbacks. The first being a infected saliva gland that put me into a situation of great pain causing my jaw to lock shut. Just as that was clearing I had a experience with my heart that took me to the Emergency Room thinking I was having a heart attack or that the infection in my jaw had not completely gone away. I spent 2 days in the ICU on heart monitors and IVs. The conclusion was that I have Atrial Fibrillation which puts me at risk for stroke.  The good news is that it can be controlled with medication.  So I have found myself getting messages from the Universe in close call physical health events, ones that have literally required me to “pay attention” or else!

Emerging Through Pain Original Art By Leslie Kolovich

Emerging Through Pain Original Art By Leslie Kolovich SUP Radio Show

I invited my friend and spiritual teacher Arlene Karian to join me today to talk about how pain serves us.  I know it’s a hard concept to swallow, but when we really look deeper we can see how it really is a gift.  Arlene gives me an ah ha moment when she says in the podcast, ” if there is a gift that we have been working on to be of service to the world, and we need to go into a deeper direction, we are going to hear from the universe. A knock on our head that in the end we will be in great gratitude for”.

Often when we experience pain and hardship it is too difficult to see the light when we are right in the middle of it. From my perspective it all boils down to trust, and faith.  Just a few years ago I would have and did scoff at these words, but now I suppose through my own journey of spirituality I understand them differently. Perhaps it’s because I came to find them from within not because I was being commanded to believe.

In this podcast Arlene gives a wonderful analogy of a small boy witnessing a monarch butterfly in the process of coming out of it’s cocoon. He wants to help it get out because it appears it is struggling. The boy pulls it by the wing releasing it out of the cocoon only to find by doing so he crippled it and it couldn’t fly.

Original Art Emerging ThroughPain by Leslie Kolovich SUP Radio Show

Original Art Emerging On The Other Side of Pain by Leslie Kolovich SUP Radio Show

My personal experience with this episode of pain I have great gratitude for. Because this time I have recognized the support of the Universe and the love and prayers from so many to help me continue a deeper look at a path I couldn’t see before.

Arlene Karian is a wonderful teacher, speaker and author and I know you will enjoy this podcast. Her book is available on Amazon.com called, Mentoring Your Child To Win. She will be speaking at the Santa Rosa Beach Library here in South Walton County, Florida on April 19th at 10am. Visit her website for more information www.arlenekarian.com


Triple Bottom Line Accounting, Just Do It!-SUP Radio


Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up For The Planet by Bob Purdy

I recently attended a forum on democracy along with about thirty other concerned citizens, quite an interesting experience!

Canada is facing a federal party election in 2015, and many concerned people and organizations are already mobilizing to shape a better way for politics than the one we are currently experiencing. There are so many challenges that we face, and the general consensus appears to be one of changing the status quo! Speaking as person who is working really hard to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”, I am very encouraged by what I am seeing!

The main focus of the forum I attended was to find out what changes people want to see from our decision makers, what changes people want to see in society in general, and how to go about achieving these goals. Someone asked what top 3 issues are going to be of most importance in the coming election. Interestingly the economy didn’t even make the list. There were a variety of environmental and social concerns brought forward, all of the suggestions really boiling down to common sense. Protecting and restoring were a huge theme for the environment, for example, protecting water sheds that are currently healthy, and restoring ones that aren’t.Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet Blog For SUP Radio

Here in Canada democracy has been changed to the point that the country is almost unrecognizable as Canada. The Omnibus bill, and other legislation have given sweeping powers to specialized groups in order to remove roadblocks from development. The scientific community has been particularly hard hit, and along with them many checks and balances that previously existed for the environment. Ditto for many social concerns, including the actual process for voting itself.

Right at the end of the forum someone introduced the concept of “triple bottom line accounting”. Huuuh? It’s a pretty boring term for a really cool concept. Politicians have managed to keep the economy in the forefront of election campaigns for decades. Here in Canada the measure of the state of the economy is the GDP, gross domestic product. Gross is definitely the word for it. Our decision makers have convinced us that the only healthy economy is a growing economy. Several industries are monitored for growth, and so long as they are all chugging along with an increase, our decision makers are happy. Did you know that the GDP in Canada includes the proceeds from war? Let me say that again. All the money spent on war is included in the GDP. I encourage you to do your own research into how the state of the economy is presented to us, I am pretty sure you will come to the same conclusions I did. Our economy is sick.

Triple bottom line accounting” would not only change the face of economy as we know it, it would change the state of our society. In a nutshell, “triple bottom line accounting” would track the state of our economy, much as it has for many years. In addition it would also track the effect of our economic decisions to the environment. As an extra bonus economic decisions would also take into consideration the wellbeing of those affected by said decisions! You could almost hear a collective sigh in the room when this concept was introduced. The tone of the forum went from one of frustration and hopelessness to one of light at the end of the tunnel!

So, what can one group of 30 people do to influence change? I can tell you that this particular group of 30 will do a lot. I can also tell you that there are many more groups just like this one that are going through the same process. Every voice counts! These group voices are united by common concerns, and when enough speak out about the same concerns, an agenda of change is born!

This past couple of years has seen many decisions influenced by concerned citizens speaking up! Concerned citizens are speaking up about decisions that are currently on the table, and our decision makers at every level of government are starting to take notice. Corporations are beginning to realize that they don’t operate in a vacuum, and as long as we continue to speak out we will see change!

Every decision we all make every day influences the World we live in. If we all stopped buying bottled water today, plastic bottles would disappear from the Planet. If plastic bottles disappeared from the Planet, future generations would enjoy a healthier Planet. If the future Planet is healthier, chances are forums like the one I just attended won’t be necessary!

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet, Blog on Sup Radio

Bob Purdy,” one person is the difference, stand up and be that person”.

We don’t need to wait for our decision makers and corporations to institute “Triple Bottom Line Accounting”. When you purchase something today, consider the effects of that purchase to your wellbeing, and the environment. Ask the hard questions. Who will benefit financially from this purchase, a faceless corporation, or a recognizable member of your community? Do I really need this purchase? How does this purchase contribute to my wellbeing? Is this product or service easy on the Planet?

Now is the time to buckle up and work for “Change”! One person is the difference, Stand Up and be that person! Together we can “Change the Way we live on the Planet”!…


***Join us for World Paddle on September 13, 2014 in Tofino, British Columbia or organize a satellite event on your home water. “Together we can Change the Way we live on the Planet”.



Remembering Dr. Bob Risner-SUP Radio

September 27, 2009, Jordanelle Reservoir, Park City Utah. First interview with Dr. Bob and Betsy Risner.

Listen Now:


It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon in the Wasatch Mountains when I first met Bob and Besty Risner.  I had traveled to Salt Lake from Florida to attend my volleyball reunion at the University of Utah.  The Sport of Stand Up Paddling was on the verge of explosion inland USA to lakes and rivers.  The Stand Up Paddle Radio Show had been producing weekly shows since the beginning of Summer talking to people from every corner of the globe who had found this new, but ancient activity we now called sport.

I met up with Utah Paddle Surfing’s founder Rebekka Stone.  She was bringing the sport to the Great Salt Lake.  She was in the know for all the Utahns who were becoming passionate for Stand Up Paddling.

Leslie Kolovich and Bob Risner Lake Jordanelle Park City Utah 2009

Leslie Kolovich and Bob Risner Lake Jordanelle Park City Utah 2009

She gave me a list of names I should contact including Bob and Besty Risner. She said this couple found the sport 10 weeks ago and had been paddling everyday since and were training to compete in the 2nd Annual Battle of The Paddle in Dana Point California, oh and, they were in their late 50s! I knew I needed to meet them.


One phone call and a paddle was scheduled on the Jordanelle Reservoir with this dynamic couple.  As soon as I stepped out to meet them you could feel the high energy of Dr. Bob!  He wears bright colors, orange and red it matches his energy of passion. The air was crisp, the water cold the altitude 7000 plus feet.  They took care of this thin blooded girl from Florida and only made me do 6 miles.  Dr. Bob and Betsy were kind to me, made me feel like family as they did with everyone they met who shared a love for the outdoors and especially paddling.


In this podcast interview you will hear the complete excitement of this new sport coming from Bob and Betsy, especially Bob. His story and life philosophy of living every moment within something you are passionate about resonates deeply today.

This interview was before everyone outside of California and Hawaii knew anything about the sport. We had just discovered that the Battle of the Paddle was the Super Bowl of racing in the ocean, and Dan Gavere was the first person to run white water on a stand up board, and that there were such things as race boards and differences in designs and manufacturers.

In this interview you hear pure passion from Bob. It was a lifestyle he and Betsy had found and wanted to promote to get people outdoors on the water.  Bob and Betsy, originally from Ohio, moved to Utah, discovered a Stand Up Board in of all places a mountain sporting goods shop, and bought 2 on the spot. Bob describes his first outing as “disastrous with unexpected encounters with the water”, but he continued to find his balance and speed on the lake which he and Betsy paddled daily for at least 8 miles.

Bob Risner in the 30A Radio Studio with Leslie Kolovich 2010

Bob Risner in the 30A Radio Studio with Leslie Kolovich 2010

And after just 10 weeks he and Betsy took it all the way to the highest level of competition in the ocean in Dana Point California for the 2009 Battle in both races. They were all in.  They became part of the thread in the tightly woven SUP community from the West coast to the East coast. Fierce competitors with the friendliest after parties around! There are so many memories of the early days that include Bob and Betsy and I am forever grateful for them.


With Bob’s unexpected passing this week it makes us take pause, and listen carefully to his words about living your passions. Bob lived every moment no doubt, could he have slowed down? I think not. In fact if one believes in reincarnation, Bob is already choosing his next adventure, if not, Bob is most likely having a conversation with the one in charge about redesigning angel wings for more speed and efficiency.


Our hearts go out to Betsy knowing the pain of this loss to her.  Let the peace from the water be with you, and the love of your community hold you and know the passion and energy Bob carried can never be gone.


With love, respect, and great gratitude~ Leslie Kolovich


White Water SUP Finding The Right Stretch Of River-SUP Radio

SUP Radio Show, The Original Stand Up Paddle Radio Show with Leslie Kolovich

Payette River Games Cascade Idaho


This session is brought to you by the Payette River Games in beautiful Cascade Idaho, June 20-22.








Listen Now:


Joining me today for the 2nd of 3 white water sessions is Ken Hoeve.  Today we talk about finding the right river for your ability.

If you are brand new to the sport start off on deep flat water and practice falling, yes we said practice falling and getting back to your board.  Practice turning and navigating, really wear yourself out! You want to understand and feel how your equipment works before you get into faster moving water. Ken Hoeve and Britney Parker on the Colorado River Always go with someone more experienced than yourself, as Ken says, “the only thing worse than going by yourself is going with someone worse than yourself“.

We talk about safety a lot when talking about white water paddling.  It is always better to be over prepared that caught off guard. Another very important thing to know is whats downstream?  Knowing the areas you can hop out and portage is good to know too, and for sure there is no shame in that!  Planning ahead of time can really make the difference in your experience on the river. Things to think about, weather conditions, how far away are we from help, should I take a spare paddle, if I fall off can I swim this stretch?  Ken tells us about websites you can look at beforehand to give you information of stream flows and more. In the Colorado area you can checkout www.mountainbuzz.com or for even more great information www.americanwhitewater.org

For more information Ken has a detailed written column with the Standup Journal Magazine.

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