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Amendment 1 Florida Water And Land Conservation-SUP Radio

Christian Wagley and Leslie Kolovich at Meet and Greet WPFTP 2013Standing Up for the Planet with Leslie Kolovich and Christian Wagley

Listen to the podcast now:

Today Christian Wagley joins me in the studio to discuss one of the very important Amendments on the Florida ballet November 4th. Floridians care about our lands, state parks, and water. Protecting them has been of great importance, in fact Florida had one of the best land and water conservation plans in the country until the last several years. We must stand up to bring back the protection for our land and water here in Florida.  Florida Water and Land Conservation, Amendment #1  is a coalition of the conservation and civic organizations, businesses and concerned citizens who together succeeded in gathering nearly 1 million signatures from Florida voters and placing Amendment 1: the Water and Land Conservation Amendment on the November 2014 ballot.  This amendment will ensure all of the cherished rivers, lakes, springs and our coastal waters are protected for generations to come. For more information on Amendment 1 visit the website at Voteyeson1fl.org Please share this information with as many as you can. Every Vote Counts!VoteYes1 Florida Amendment 1

Christian is here in South Walton as a guest speaker for the South Walton Community Council  as part of their Public Forum Series  this Thursday October 23, 2014 at 7pm at the Coastal Branch Library on Highway 331. He is presenting a pictorial journey called, “The Beaches Are Moving“. Christian is a wonderful speaker with so much knowledge on Florida environment, you won’t want to miss this!


Martin Theatre In Panama City Florida-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Founder/Producer SUP RadioSoulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich

Enjoy the Podcast now:


Joining me today is my friend Stephen LaDow with the Martin Theatre in Panama City, Florida.  This Art Deco theatre first opened it’s doors in 1936 as a movie house. Stephen tells us more of the fascinating history of this theatre including it’s WWII fundraising efforts to sell war bonds, and airplanes actually landing on Harrison Avenue in front of the theatre.Martin Theatre Panama City Florida

The art scene in the city has grown a great deal in the past decade or more with this theatre as it’s crown jewel. It is all encompassing for the arts as it not only hosts theatrical productions, but shows classic films on it’s big screen once a month, and has live music tribute shows, and it’s green room is available to rent for special events like weddings.

Opening this Friday, October 10th is a comedy  called “Funny Little Thing Called Love” written by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten. Stephen tell us it is very funny be prepared to bust a gut!  Opening night there will be a champagne reception after the show along with a meet and greet with the actors.  Sunday and Thursday the theatre is offering a special promotion of buy one ticket get one free. Tickets are on sale online or by calling the box office 850-763-8080 ext 202 visit their website at www.martintheatre.com

It’s always a pleasure talking with someone who is passionate for the arts! Thank You Stephen LaDow!

Continue To Defend Topsail Hill Preserve-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Founder/Producer SUP RadioStanding Up for the Planet with Leslie Kolovich


What is the big secret that our county commissioner and TDC Executive Director is keeping?
Listen Now:



Walton County BCC has scheduled another public hearing for the Topsail Hill Preserve State Park proposed new beach access, September 29th, 2014 at 5pm central time, at the Walton County Annex off of highway 331 in South Walton County.


Joining me today with an update on this very important issue is Celeste Cobena. Once again Topsail Hill continues to be a hot topic, and apparently commissioner Cindy Meadows and Executive Director of the Walton County Tourist Development Council, Jim Bagby have new information that they are not sharing publicly at this time.

Celeste gives us her take on what is happening with this proposal and with credible information believes they are trying to push through another idea for placement of the access.  Her message is this, we do not need a second access through the Preserve. Residents should utilize the access and facilities that already exist at Topsail Hill. Celeste gives us information about the management plan, the history of the Preserve, and tells us why it is so important not to destroy “the last” piece of natural coastal scrub, and how even a bridge or a boardwalk is harmful to the delicate eco-systems of the area.

I believe it is important to stand up for our state Preserves and Parks, because once they are gone they are gone. Ask yourself, “why do I love this area so much?”  Is it because of the beautiful white beaches with dunes, our beautiful emerald colored water, or our forests, or our amazing bird habitats and wildlife, or the jewels of our area, our coastal dune lakes?  If you answered  yes to any of these, (which I am sure all of you did) then you really need to come to the meeting and tell the commissioners and TDC you do not want another access through Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

“We will keep talking about this until we get in writing that this is not going to happen”~ Celeste Cobena

For more information Celeste is available by phone or email: 850-267-2227 or beachtobay@mchsi.com


Great Bear Rainforest-SUP Radio

Star Fish Bob Purdy And Leslie Kolovich Stand Up For The Planet

Leslie Kolovich and Bob Purdy

Standing Up for the Planet with Leslie Kolovich

Today Bob will have paddled 1,344 consecutive days for the planet!!! But hey, who’s counting?  WE ARE! This is amazing Bob Purdy! Congrats!


My conversation with Bob Purdy is just 2 days after he returned from a one week paddle adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest with Norm Hann Expeditions. Bob talks about the profound experience he and his wife Sharon had in Great Bear, one of the Planet’s last pristine areas.  Paddling amongst great Humpback whales, connecting with people who lived along this waterway, seeing vividly through clear air and water, waiting patiently in hopes of seeing a Spirit Bear, eating fresh clean foods, Bob states, “if everyone could spend one week in Great Bear the world would be a completely different place.” “The web of life is represented in Great Bear, and you truly realize how everything is connected, and if you disturb one thing you disturb all.”Humpback Whales Great Bear Rainforest-Bob Purdy-Sup radio

We also talk about the upcoming World Paddle For The Planet Day, September 13th with home base being in Tofino British Columbia, and the Movie that Bob is filming telling the story of water called, The Paddler. So much to talk about, all so inspiring! Join us to spread the message, it is time we change the way we are living on the planet. Together we can make a difference!

World Paddle For The Planet




Please post what you have planned for World Paddle for the Planet day on our Facebook page! Check back for more blogs and podcasts as the paddle gets closer!

Peace and Love~Leslie Kolovich

Steve Archambault Keeping Tabs On The Planet-SUP Radio

Standing Up for the Planet with Leslie Kolovich

Listen here: 

Steve Archambault inventor of The Smart Tab-SUP Radio show

Steve Archambault

Today I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Steve Archambault. If you don’t know who this guy is, you most certainly will when his invention of “The Smart Tab” hits mainstream soda and beer cans. Not only do these tabs make opening a can easier, but help save the planet.

In this podcast Steve describes himself as “just a guy who has created something to better the planet”.  Steve also tells me that his life dream was to play professional baseball, which for most of his life he was on course for, but the universe had quite another plan for him.  The tab idea quite literally came to him out of the blue while driving, and came through so vividly and strongly that he was compelled to follow through.  Not only did he invent something useful, but he has also created a way to help mankind save the planet one push of a button at a time.

Smart Tab invented by Steve Archambault-SUP Radio Show

The tab has a curved end making it easier to lift, and it can turn to cover the opening.

He has created a game and app based on the tab called Keeping Tabs on the Planet. It’s a new style gaming he calls V2R-Virtual 2 Reality.  He explains  how millions of people will actually get to be part of projects around the globe virtually, all funded through a foundation he has created called Uniting the World Foundation. Steve’s plan is to donate the majority of his royalties from the tab to the foundation.

We talk about how the world has got to become more focused on sustainable living rather than greed and destruction. Did you know that aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and that we are using aluminum that was produced over 100 years ago? Plastics don’t have such a recyclable lifespan they break down to where they are just trash contaminating our landfills, and waterways.

It’s exciting to hear the possibilities that Steve brings to the table, and even more exciting to hear his story of following through on a gift from the Universe to Keep Tabs on the Planet.

World Paddle For The PlanetWorld Paddle For The Planet Day is just around the corner, September 13, 2014. Home base is Tofino, British Columbia. Steve plans on being there paddling along side fellow Planet Protector Bob Purdy.

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