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Mike Whitty Singer-Songwriter-SUP Radio

Claire BannermanOur Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

30A Songwriters Festival

Listen Now:

Leslie Kolovich joins Claire Bannerman with guest Mike Whitty.  Mike was a participant of the 5th annual 2014 30A Songwriters Festival that was held last weekend here at the beautiful beaches of South Walton Florida.


This podcast is a great conversation with personal stories about a fantastic weekend of exhilarating music!

Mike Whitty in the SUP Radio Studio

Mike has performed in this festival since it’s inception. He and his wife now call the beaches of South Walton home, and is becoming part of the fabric along County Highway 30A. Mike talks about his passion for writing music, and plays live in the studio a couple of songs that were inspired from life at the beach.

Check out more of his music on ReverbNation

Tommy Womack Singer-Songwriter And Author-SUP Radio

Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer SteeleOur Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

Listen now:



Hello this is Claire Bannerman and joining me in the studio today is Tommy Womack.  Singer-songwriter and published author Tommy Womack is here along the beaches of South Walton Florida to perform at the 2014 30A Songwriters Festival and is a resident of the Escape to Create program in Seaside, Florida.  Tommy performs for us live in the studio “Nice Day” off of his 2007 career defining album, There I said it, and he takes the show out with, Play That Cheap Trick Cheap Trick Play.

Tommy Womack in SUP Radio Studio

Tommy Womack in SUP Radio Studio

Tommy is the author of the rock memoir cult classic, Cheese Chronicles: the True Story of a Rock n Roll Band You’ve Never Heard Of.  He was a founding member of the band DADDY with Will Kimbrough, and a two-time winner of “Best Song” in the Nashville Scene’s annual “Best of Nashville” poll.  Tommy performs his music in the US and Europe and has shared the stage with Todd Snider, David Olney, Peter Case, Malcolm Holcombe, Will Kimbrough, Marshall Chapman and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

Tommy’s songs have been recorded by Jimmy Buffett, Jason Ringenberg, Dan Baird, Will Kimbrough, Pat Haney, Warner Hodges, David OlneyScott Kempner and many others.  To see more about Tommy and his impressive career visit his website at www.tommywomack.com

Melody Bogle Plein Air Artist-SUP Radio Show

Our Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

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Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer SteeleHello I’m Claire  Bannerman. Joining me in the studio today is Melody Bogle here to talk about her recent opening showcasing her incredible plein air art.  The show is called, Coastal DestinationsThe Carmel Sea and The Emerald Coast, at the Hidden Lantern Art Gallery in Rosemary Beach, Florida.Melody Bogle Plein Air Artist





Melody Bogle, plein air artist, grew up on a farm in rural Alabama and moved to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Walton County Florida before these beautiful beaches had been discovered by the rest of the world.

Her professional career was with the FAA as an air traffic controller at Chicago ARTCC and in Memphis.

Melody studied with David Lefell, Albert Handel, Maggie Price, Barbara Flowers, Carolyn Anderson, Roger Dale Brown and Anatoly Deverin, painting still, life, figures and plein air, in oils and pastels.  Many of them are present day Masters.  She particularly enjoys working with pastels. She describes her excitement of seeing pure true, vivid colors in a box of wonderful pastels.  Melody has been President of the Pastel Society of North Florida and has won awards in National Shows.
Melody Bogle Coastal Destinations Art Opening
Melody Bogle likes to paint “still and quiet places”. This is why plein air style fits with her so well. Plein air is a French word meaning, “in open air“. She teaches weekly pastel art classes at Bayou Arts Center in Santa Rosa Beach for the Cultural Arts Alliance here in Walton County.
Melody Bogle Fine Art – melodybogle.com
Coastal Destinations – will run thru February 16th, 2014

Bryan Kennedy Singer-Songwriter Plus A Whole Lot More-SUP Radio

Claire Bannerman and artist Joan VienotOur Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

Listen Now:

Hello I’m Claire Bannerman. Joining me in the studio today is Singer/songwriter, entertainer, writer, author, playwright, musician Bryan Kennedy. Bryan was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, but grew up in Tennessee in the Nashville area beginning his musical quest as a song plugger for his father, later for Ricky Skaggs, and The Statler Brothers.  His mom Linda Kennedy sang and recorded records as a teenager and his two brothers Gordon and Shelby Kennedy have written #1 hits for several Nashville recording artists most notably Gordon wrote “Change the world” for Eric Clapton, and Shelby wrote “Survivor” for Reba.

Bryan Kennedy has a fresh sense of humor and the ability to tug on your heartstrings, and plays live in the studio a song about the Gulf of Mexico called “The Edge“.  Bryan has opened for Garth Brooks with good friend, Dan Roberts and has written three #1 radio hits for him; “Good Ride Cowboy”, “The Beaches of Cheyenne,” and “American Honky Tonk Bar Association“. Bryan’s songs appear on several recording artists CD’s.

Bryan KennedyBryan has written two animated/cartoon scripts, two children’s books, and a mystery/suspense novel. Bryan Kennedy has entertained us along the beaches of South Walton here in the panhandle of Florida at local popular venues such as Hibiscus Cafe, Botano, 30A Songwriters’Festival, the Seaside REP and more.   He loves campfires and sitting on the beach and has written a popular play called Toe Roasters. Bryan takes this show out with a powerful story  and song he wrote about his days as a football player for Ol’ Miss back in the early 1980s. The Song is called “The Land Of Cotton” off his latest
CD called Dis-Connected.

Allison Wickey And Cody Copeland-SUP Radio

Listen Now:

Claire Bannerman Host of Your Global Art Showcase

Your Global Art Showcase with Claire Bannerman

Hello. I’m Claire Bannerman. Local mixed media artist and gallery owner Allison Wickey joined us at SUP radio for a chat about her art and her work at the A.Wickey Studio-Gallery in Seacrest Beach, Florida.

Allison moved from a gallery in Rosemary Beach expanding to an art studio-gallery over 2,000 sq. ft in Seacrest
Beach.  Visitors can get an intimate behind the scenes peek at how art is created while also offering the experience of a large gallery with a variety of work available for purchase.
A. Wickey Studio Gallery Artists_Photo by Shelly Swanger
Allison Wickey’s original works are showcased in her main gallery, works in Venetian plaster and glazes with custom wood frames. Allison also shows the art works of Cody Copeland, Justin Lyons, Mary Hong, and Bonnie Erin.
Wickey, a former muralist and faux finish painter relocated to Blue Mountain Beach in 2007 and she has been featured in Southern Living, Veranda, New Old House, Better Homes and Gardens, Crate and Barrel, among others. Allison Wickey, artist, is also a mom of two, a former S. Walton Artist of the Year and a yoga woman.
Allison Wickey Fresco Mural At The Pearl In Rosemary Beach_photo by Shelly Swanger
Cody lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and works at the Allison Wickey Gallery in Seacrest Beach.
A painter of animals and skulls often on wood, salvaged wood, Cody adds epoxy  with exciting colors.  Cody
grew up next to his father’s hunting and fishing supply store in Northwest Florida.  It was here, surrounded by nature, that inspired him to create his artworks.
Cody plays guitar and as a singer/songwriter will appear at 30ASongwriters Festival 2014.  His voice is true and beautiful…..his words sensitive.
Artist Allison Wickey and Musician/Artist Cody Copeland In SUP Radio Studio
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