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Art Anxiety? I’m Not Painting For The Queen!-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host SUP Radio ShowSoulful Uplifting People by Leslie Kolovich

My observation about my anxiety and nerves while painting Plein air the other day~

 I am very fortunate to have a professional artist as my best friend, Joan Vienot. She affords me the opportunity in her studio and as a teacher to experience and express myself through art.  I consider her a master at Plein air art. I have enjoyed watching her paint, but lately she has been pushing me to stop watching and put a paint brush to the canvas along side her! Okay, not pushing me encouraging me as she is very good at building my confidence. She’s always telling me I’m a natural.  But is feeling like I’m going to hurl while setting up to paint a natural feeling? 

We arrived at the majestic Eden Gardens State Park when the morning dew was still on the lawn and the Florida August humidity hadn’t hit it’s peak heaviness. There was actually a nice cooler breeze than I expected.  The giant oak trees canvasing our path literally took my breath away as we walked the grounds of this historic property.  This is a Plein air artist  haven with so many options to express form, shapes and color!Eden State Park Florida-SUP Radio

I felt my stomach starting to get tight and roll as we narrowed down our sites to paint. Just looking at the paints, the brushes, and the blank canvas was almost too much. I recognized these feelings from my past. Nerves and anxiety like I use to get before I would step out on the volleyball court at the University of Utah way back in 1984. I would get so nervous before a match that I felt like I had to tell the coach that I couldn’t play. There was a crowd there to watch me play. They could and would judge every move I made on the court, and then write about it in our local newspaper, the good the bad and the ugly, and in the last year’s of my time there it truly was a struggle for a win. Thoughts would race through my head like, would I perform well enough, did I deserve to wear the uniform, could I make a difference for the team? However, as soon as the National anthem was played it was game on! All I then had to do was step on the court and my natural instincts and abilities would take over. Certainly I did make mistakes that’s part of the game, but in the same notion I made more positive moves than not. I never was cut from the team, I continued to step on the court, and along the way I set a few records, and was named All Conference player my senior year despite my extreme nervousness and anxiety that wanted to take me out.

How does this relate to art? Good question.

So I ask myself, why was I having these feelings in such a wonderful place of peace on art day in Eden State Gardens? No one was there judging my performance . It’s just a canvas and tubes of paint and brushes. It’s not like I was commissioned to paint for the Queen of England for crying in the night! I told Joan I didn’t want to paint I was too nervous and anxious. Joan calmly said the most profound words to me, “change your words Leslie, it’s not nervousness it’s excitement”. Wow! Change my words? This makes so much sense to me. Why not embrace that energy that is rolling in my stomach and express it with vigor? I told myself, just get some paint on your brush and start! Amazing!

It truly is time to change the words that come from our mouths.

Leslie Kolovich Plein air work "Tucker Bayou" SUP Radio Show

My finished project, “The mouth of Tucker Bayou”

I like the word excitement. I can feel it, I can believe in it. I know I can step on the court in any arena in my life and do something that someone will appreciate, but most importantly do something that feels right for me. It’s always a masterpiece, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Just showing up, being present, allowing the natural flow of soul instinct to happen really creates a wonderful picture!

Thank you Joan Vienot for being such an inspirational example for me! Check out Joan’s art blog on her website and you can see not only is she a master painter, but a very good writer as well. www.Joanvienot.com

Thank you also to the Emerald Coast Plein air group for kindly bringing me into their world.

~Go forward with excitement. You are enough.~ Peace and Love, Leslie



Melody Bogle Plein Air Artist-SUP Radio Show

Our Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

Listen Now:

Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer SteeleHello I’m Claire  Bannerman. Joining me in the studio today is Melody Bogle here to talk about her recent opening showcasing her incredible plein air art.  The show is called, Coastal DestinationsThe Carmel Sea and The Emerald Coast, at the Hidden Lantern Art Gallery in Rosemary Beach, Florida.Melody Bogle Plein Air Artist





Melody Bogle, plein air artist, grew up on a farm in rural Alabama and moved to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Walton County Florida before these beautiful beaches had been discovered by the rest of the world.

Her professional career was with the FAA as an air traffic controller at Chicago ARTCC and in Memphis.

Melody studied with David Lefell, Albert Handel, Maggie Price, Barbara Flowers, Carolyn Anderson, Roger Dale Brown and Anatoly Deverin, painting still, life, figures and plein air, in oils and pastels.  Many of them are present day Masters.  She particularly enjoys working with pastels. She describes her excitement of seeing pure true, vivid colors in a box of wonderful pastels.  Melody has been President of the Pastel Society of North Florida and has won awards in National Shows.
Melody Bogle Coastal Destinations Art Opening
Melody Bogle likes to paint “still and quiet places”. This is why plein air style fits with her so well. Plein air is a French word meaning, “in open air“. She teaches weekly pastel art classes at Bayou Arts Center in Santa Rosa Beach for the Cultural Arts Alliance here in Walton County.
Melody Bogle Fine Art – melodybogle.com
Coastal Destinations – will run thru February 16th, 2014

Allison Wickey And Cody Copeland-SUP Radio

Listen Now:

Claire Bannerman Host of Your Global Art Showcase

Your Global Art Showcase with Claire Bannerman

Hello. I’m Claire Bannerman. Local mixed media artist and gallery owner Allison Wickey joined us at SUP radio for a chat about her art and her work at the A.Wickey Studio-Gallery in Seacrest Beach, Florida.

Allison moved from a gallery in Rosemary Beach expanding to an art studio-gallery over 2,000 sq. ft in Seacrest
Beach.  Visitors can get an intimate behind the scenes peek at how art is created while also offering the experience of a large gallery with a variety of work available for purchase.
A. Wickey Studio Gallery Artists_Photo by Shelly Swanger
Allison Wickey’s original works are showcased in her main gallery, works in Venetian plaster and glazes with custom wood frames. Allison also shows the art works of Cody Copeland, Justin Lyons, Mary Hong, and Bonnie Erin.
Wickey, a former muralist and faux finish painter relocated to Blue Mountain Beach in 2007 and she has been featured in Southern Living, Veranda, New Old House, Better Homes and Gardens, Crate and Barrel, among others. Allison Wickey, artist, is also a mom of two, a former S. Walton Artist of the Year and a yoga woman.
Allison Wickey Fresco Mural At The Pearl In Rosemary Beach_photo by Shelly Swanger
Cody lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and works at the Allison Wickey Gallery in Seacrest Beach.
A painter of animals and skulls often on wood, salvaged wood, Cody adds epoxy  with exciting colors.  Cody
grew up next to his father’s hunting and fishing supply store in Northwest Florida.  It was here, surrounded by nature, that inspired him to create his artworks.
Cody plays guitar and as a singer/songwriter will appear at 30ASongwriters Festival 2014.  His voice is true and beautiful…..his words sensitive.
Artist Allison Wickey and Musician/Artist Cody Copeland In SUP Radio Studio

Colleen Duffley Creative Director And Studio b-Your Global Art Showcase-SUP Radio

Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer SteeleYour Global Art Showcase with Claire Bannerman~

Listen now:  


Hello this is Claire Bannerman.  My guest is Colleen Duffley. Colleen is Creative Director of Colleen Duffley Productions and Studio b the beach.


An experienced international photographer, Colleen Duffley opened Studio b at Alys Beach as an art venue. Colleen created the Mobile Art Chandelier called “Light Impressions”, a celebration of iPhone Photography showcasing the curated works of 40 photographers from around the world on 40 iPads.  “Light Impression”s  will be on tour at Art Basel, Miami this December.

Studio b brought together the best in the fields of photography, art, literature, fashion, design, music and the culinary arts with ongoing educational process for all artists and students along Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast.
“Light Impressions” is available in book form called “Light Impressions on tour” as a pure art form – far more about the creativity than about expensive gear or intricate techniques.
Claire Bannerman and Colleen Duffley



Interview With The Iconic Claire Bannerman-SUP Radio

Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer SteeleHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and I am honored to announce a new program for SUP Radio called, “Your Global Art Showcase with Claire Bannerman“.  Today I have the privilege to interview Claire in the studio.  Claire’s artful eye has been to just about every corner of the globe with the US Department of State as she and her late husband were part of the Diplomatic Security Service.  In this podcast Claire talks about her days in New York, Iran, Laos and Washington D.C.  studying art, visiting and working in fine art museums and becoming completely immersed with passion for the arts.  She has represented artists and has been the curator of many shows in places of Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and Shahs.

 She calls home  right here along the Beaches of South Walton, the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida.   One cannot talk about the local art scene without Claire’s name emerging somewhere.  In my opinion, if your an artist and Claire Bannerman comments or asks you to be on her show, you will for sure have great success.  From Tallahassee to Pensacola Claire’s eye and hand for art has been a large part of the growing art movement in the panhandle.  Claire’s iconic voice has been heard on the local NPR radio station with a show called, “Art Talk” then to our local community radio station, 30A Radio with a show called, “Our Coastal Art Scene” which I am honored to say I was a part of bringing her to the mic in this quaint little studio back in 2008.  Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer Steele

Claire’s art connections around the world will bring this new show a flair like no other.  Ms. Claire Bannerman is the perfect fit for our Soulful, Uplifting Programming.

Enjoy the podcast now:

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes


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