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Mike Whitty Singer-Songwriter-SUP Radio

Claire BannermanOur Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

30A Songwriters Festival

Listen Now:

Leslie Kolovich joins Claire Bannerman with guest Mike Whitty.  Mike was a participant of the 5th annual 2014 30A Songwriters Festival that was held last weekend here at the beautiful beaches of South Walton Florida.


This podcast is a great conversation with personal stories about a fantastic weekend of exhilarating music!

Mike Whitty in the SUP Radio Studio

Mike has performed in this festival since it’s inception. He and his wife now call the beaches of South Walton home, and is becoming part of the fabric along County Highway 30A. Mike talks about his passion for writing music, and plays live in the studio a couple of songs that were inspired from life at the beach.

Check out more of his music on ReverbNation

Jeep Rosenberg Singer-Songwriter And So Much More-SUP Radio

Soulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich

30A Songwriters Festival

Listen Now:

Jeep Rosenberg and Leslie KolovichJoining me today is Jeep Rosenberg. He is a published poet,  brilliant songwriter, musician, and teacher. He has participated in the 30A Songwriters festival since it began 5 years ago.  I caught up with him on the last day of the festival at a songwriting workshop that he taught. He’s good with words, I mean real good! Published in the American Poetry Review, and recently ranked #10 among Americana Artists in the NYC metro area by the Reverbnation charting service.Jeep Rosenberg

Jeep has a global life rich with experiences which his poetry and music reflect. His paths have woven their way onto sheet music naturally.  We have a wonderful conversation about his life growing up in South Carolina writing short stories then poetry and music from the age of 15. He plays track number 4 off of  his cd called Silver Bluff Estates. Track 4 is We’re in the wolrd’s worst places for the world’s best reasons. Jeep tells the story behind this song.

This interview finishes up with Jeep singing one of his original songs live in the studio. It was a true pleasure to have Jeep Rosenberg in the studio today!  For more information about Jeep, his accomplishments, music and more visit his website www.jeeprosenberg.com

Jeep Rosenberg in the SUP Radio Studio


Kazoots World Beat Indie Style-SUP Radio

Soulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich

30A Songwriters Festival

Listen Now:

Inez Barlatier

Joining me in the studio today is Inez Barlatier and Jayan Bertrand. Together they produce some of the most breathtaking, smooth, powerful world groove sound like no other. Jayan Bertrand They call themselves Kazoots. Both of them just in their twenties have an old soul wisdom with their songwriting.  Both Jayan and Inez feel they have a responsibility as songwriters, and as they continue to grow and learn they hope to be a important voice for injustices in the world.  They are well on their way to be positive leaders. A mix between Tracy Chapman and Nora Jones, Inez’s voice is simply incredible! Inez’s sister Michnique joins on the percussion for the last song on the podcast for a masterful sound! I was very impressed with these artists and look forward to following their careers!

Check them out at kazoots.bandcamp.com


Chris Michaud Singer-Songwriter-SUP Radio

Soulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich

30A Songwriters Festival 2014

Listen Now:

Chris Michaud and Leslie Kolovich SUP Radio Studio

Joining me today in the studio is Chris Michaud here as a participant in the 30A Songwriters Festival. Chris grew up in New Hampshire where he tells us how he would write lyrics on the brown paper that covered texts books, words just flowed.  He is passionate for writing music which took him to Boston where he played his original songs on every open mic in the area.  Later he moved to Delray Florida where he resides now.  He has a daytime job which “keeps the lights on”, but his dream is to write music for others.  He has written over 30 songs and has recorded 5 originals.

It was great meeting Chris, and I know you will enjoy following his career.  Check him out www.chrismeesho@bandcamp.com 



Willie C. Sugarcapps At 30A Songwriters Festival-SUP Radio

Soulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich 

30A Songwriters Festival

Listen Now:


Willie C. Sugarcapps in the SUP Radio StudioJoining me in the studio today for an absolutely high-energy, jam and conversation with the band called Willie C. Sugarcapps!  This band consists of 5 award winning individual artists including Savana Lee, Anthony Crawford (who make up the famous Sugarcane Jane), the amazing Will Kimbrough, the incomparable Grayson Capps and incredible Corky Hughes, a true collaboration of talent and soul!  The studio was rockin’! Check out the schedule for their individual performances as well as the group on www.30asongwritersfestival.com


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