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Recap Surftech Shootout in Santa Cruz With Kristin Thomas-SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me from Laguna Beach California is Kristin Thomas who upon returning from a weekend in Iconic Santa Cruz California, tells us details of all the contests at the Surftech Shootout.  As you may recall from the past 2 contests, the Shootout in Santa Cruz now has a nickname, the “character builder” because of it’s unpredictable weather, and conditions, pushing even the best paddler to the limit.  However, this year Kristin says the weather was perfect and so were the waves!

In this podcast Kristin and I talk about the massive whack on the head our friend Terri Plunkett took from her board in the first SUP surf heat giving her 80 plus stitches.  Terri, in pure Aloha style gave her position up to another paddler as she could not continue, (only because the doctor told her not too), Terri would have gotten back on the water straight out of the ER. She is one tough SUP Surfer Woman!

Kristin paints the picture of this historical surf community.  Iconic surf break “Steamer Lane”, world famous boardwalk, and the soaring California cliffs make Santa Cruz a perfect destination for a SUP event.

Candice Appleby dominated in all contests.  She and Anthony Vela were also very proud to have their kids from their Performance Paddling Team, including Florida’s Bailey Rosen participate and do very well!

Here are the results:

Sup Surf Men: 1st Dave Boehne, 2nd Tommy Lloy, 3rd Brandon Rambo, 4th Chuck Glynn

Sup Surf Women:  

1st Candice Appleby, 2nd Diane Wenzel, 3rd Morgan Hoesterey, 4th Kimberly Gomez

Overall “Lone Ranger” Women:  1st Candice Appleby, 2nd Morgan Hoesterey, 3rd Brit Oliphant

Overall “Lone Ranger” Men:  1st Chuck Glynn, 2nd Matt Becker, 3rd Slater Trout

Elite Race Women:  1st Candice Appleby, 2nd Brit Oliphant, 3rd Morgan Hoesterey, 4th Allison Riddle, 5th Jen Fuller

Elite Race Men:  1st Slater Trout, 2nd Chuck Glynn, 3rd Matt Becker, 4th Anthony Vela, 5th Chance Fielder

Enjoy the Podcast Now:

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Battle Of The Paddle Recap With Kristin Thomas~SUP Radio

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.

Kristin Thomas West Coast Reporter AND ATHLETA Featured ATHLETE

Today Kristin Thomas joins me for her inside the the big weekend recap of Gerry Lopez Rainbow Sandals Battle of The Paddle.  










Kristin starts of the show with tons of scoop about the, parties, the red carpet SUP awards, conditions, Saturday’s qualifiers, open race, the distance race with gnarly side swells and waves, the expected top ten in the men’s and women’s elite and the ever so important who caught the right wave at the right time, the effects of making the difficult choice of not wearing a leash, and the off the record “no rule” for no drafting in this race.   She also tells us about the Guiness World Record Attempts with the race and a wave. With large crowds, mainstream media, the whole town of Dana Point seemed to be truly embracing the event with BOP Flags on all the light posts.











This year’s event really seemed to have more youth involved in all arenas, truly showing the growth of the sport.  The  future looks bright in the racing scene!  If you  had the courage, to put your board into this race for the 1st time or for the 5th time, it is with great respect I say, amazing job to ALL that competed in this Battle!

Enjoy the podcast now

The Battle Is Just Around The Corner~SUP Radio

Kristin Thomas West Coast Reporter AND ATHLETA Featured ATHLETE

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich Kristin Thomas from Laguna Beach California joins me today to talk about The  Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of The Paddle that kicks off Sept 29, 2012 However, athletes from around the world have already arrived in sunny Southern California to get their boards into the infamous waters at Doheny Beach.

This event is the Mack Daddy of all SUP events, elite racers train and save to make the journey to battle amongst the best of the best Kristin gives us an idea of what’s happening the week beforehand, and what to expect for the weekend.  The event is packed with tradition with the roots of stand up paddling in Hawaii, a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony takes place to start the races.  SUP Radio Show wishes all the best to event organizers, volunteers, and athletes!  It’s sure to be another memorable event!  You can follow the event as it is happening on the Rainbow Sandals Battle of The Paddle Website.

Thank you to my sponsor of this show, SUP Wheels


Enjoy the podcast now

SUP Alliance Update With Kristin Thomas-Sup Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Leslie Kolovich and Kristin Thomas discuss the mission of SUP Alliance, and the issues and concerns they are currently addressing.

Kristin Thomas West Coast Reporter AND ATHLETA Featured ATHLETE

Saftey is a huge concern at this time with recent SUP deaths relating to the use and non use of PFDs.  Educating y0urself about rules and laws regarding PFD use, and using common sense for personal safety are always very important.   Remember no one is stonger than Mother Nature, you can never over power her, always think about safety first.   Be respectful to yourself and those you speak to about how you feel on any issue regarding the rules and laws regarding PFDs.  Believe it or not your actions as a SUP’r reflect on the entire community.

Info on SUP Alliance:

The Standup Paddle Alliance  is the united voice for the right to standup paddle on the nation’s waterways.

As a Californian non-profit organization, our purpose is to promote  and support standup paddling in the United States and abroad by  providing a forum to exchange information, to provide educational  activities and materials, and assist communities and regulatory bodies  in support of standup paddling events, programs, public access and  regulatory representation

Enjoy this very informative and thought provoking podcast Now:

Super Foods And California SUP Racing~ Sup Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Leslie Kolovich and Kristin Thomas talk with special guest Nutritional Coach Scott Estrada.  This conversation is a continuation of the Paddlers Healthy Habitssegment from last month.

Kristin Thomas West Coast Reporter AND ATHLETA Featured ATHLETE

Scott is a co-founder of a company in Sacramento California called RiseSup and offers SUP lessons, tours, rentals and nutritional coaching.  Scott and Kristin give us an update of the growing SUP Race Scene in all parts of the State of California.  Scott, from the Northern part of the state notes the huge growth of SUP in the Bay area and Lake Tahoe on just about every shore.  The Tahoe scene has become very popular with people from the coasts making the drive up to the beautiful mountain lake. Kristin tells us now there are so many races in southern California she has to make choices to where she will be racing.  Scott gives us some great information about food following the thought that “we are what we eat“.  Food is fuel.  Scott has such good information about food go get your pen and paper to take notes.  Enjoy the po0dcast now 

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