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Killer Mullet VS Paddleboarder-SUP Radio

I was going through some old photos and videos today and found one of my most harrowing adventures!  August 29, 2010. **Warning** If you are on heart medicine like I am make sure you have taken it before viewing. This video may be suitable for all ages, prepare to laugh at me, with me, for me. Whatever. This was a fun day and I’m glad I lived through it. What a close call with nature!~Leslie


Scott Mestrezat Stand Up Paddling The Missouri River-SUP Radio

Scott Mestrezat Paddles The Missouri RiverHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Scott Mestrezat from the Missouri River which he has been paddling his stand up paddle board he built himself.  He’s been on the river now since June 7th and at the time of this interview he had paddled for 1,000 miles, leaving him 1,400 more to go to complete the river.  The Muddy Moose is the name he gave his 14′ wooden board made from a kit which to him seemed to be the right fit for his solo expedition on the Missouri River.

Scott talks about why he decided to paddle the Missouri, and gives advise to those who have the desire for adventure like this.  Scott has no real river experience, but when he found SUP he knew it would be a great opportunity for adventure.  He is averaging about 24 miles a day, and expects the entire paddle will take him 100 days.  He is a fantastic photographer and has been keeping a blog  you will surely enjoy.

Scott Mestrezat Built his own board

Scott’s board, The Muddy Moose


Enjoy The Podcast Now:

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Ben Friberg First Stand Up Paddler Cuba To US -SUP Radio

Hey there! This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Ben Friberg just days after completing his mission of stand up paddling from Cuba to Key West, Florida making him the first to accomplish this.  He completed the 118 mile paddle in 28 hours and 10 minutes.  Listen as Ben tells his experience from start to finish unedited while sitting on his porch back home in Tennessee.

Enjoy the podcast now:

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes

Oceanographic Analysis For Cuba To Key West Paddle-SUP Radio

Hey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me this morning is Mitchell Roffer of Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service.  He and his company are providing the analysis of the Gulf Stream between Havana and Key West.  Mitchell has worked with Captain Bob Olin before when swimmer Chloe McCardel attempted to swim this route.  Mitchell talks about several variables Ben will facing especially being on a stand up paddle board.  He details for us the uncertain eddies, the powerful Gulf Stream and the effects of a possible tropical wave.  However, as of this morning Monday July 29th Ben’s mission looks to have favorable weather.  Mitchell’s team will provide hourly analysis for Ben’s boat crew.

Forecast For Cuba to Key West 7-28-13


You can track Ben on www.cubasup.com

Listen to the podcast now:


Ben Friberg Plans To SUP Cuba To Key West-SUP Radio

Hey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is extreme endurance paddler Ben Friberg.  It’s been one year since he paddled for a world record 238 miles in 24 hours down the Yukon. He now is heading out the door of his home in Chattanooga Tennessee to attempt to be the first Stand Up Paddler to paddle from Cuba to Key West.  He has been on the phone daily for quite sometime with support boat captain, Bob Olin watching the weather closely, as possible tropical systems could effect the paddle. The paddle is 90 miles as the crow flies, which Ben could do in his sleep, however, there are so many variables to this paddle, hurricanes, trade winds, currents, and fluctuating Gulf Stream which will make it the most difficult 90 miles Ben will have ever done.  Ben calls this paddle an “obstacle course with Mother Nature“.  He hopes he can complete the 90 miles in 24 hours, but is preparing mentally for 40 hours straight.

Ben has a team of 4  joining him as support on the boat. Once they get to Cuba on Sunday the 28th or Monday the 29th they have a 3 day window of time to find the best weather to start the paddle.   You can follow the mission on his website www.cubasup.com 

Ben Friberg Endurance Paddler

Ben training on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga.

Enjoy the podcast for more detail on this journey with Ben.


You can listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes


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