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Soulful Uplifting People

We are a circle within a circle

September’s Healing Drum Circle begins with a grounding meditation chanting along with Kate West’s Circle Within A Circle reminding us we are one, we all are connected. This mantra is strong with our drum circle, and together we place focused intention for healing, peace, love, and compassion for the world. This powerful drum circle’s rhythms and sounds flow even when at times it seems like pure chaos. The Healing Drum Circle meets once a month. This session was recorded live, we hope you feel and enjoy the energy that will most certainly come through. You can find us on Facebook.

Peace, Love and Drumming. 

Drum Meditation

Checking in with the Universal heart rhythm in a drum meditation.Let the sound from your soul sing out, let the motion move through your body falling into the natural rhythm of nature. Connecting, balancing and grounding, a very good way to start the day.

Heart Transformation Drum Circle

Hey there, I’m Leslie Kolovich and it’s good to be back especially with this wonderful group of drummers. We gathered just days before Valentine’s Day with a heart transformation focus. We started by giving gratitude to our hearts for sustaining our lives, and for holding love through all the emotions life gives. We recognize the importance of loving ourselves in order for true love to flow outwardly. We chanted a continuous OM which took us deeper inside for this transformational evening. Enjoy the ebb and flow of drumming, with magical ¬†togetherness with rhythms and then the seemingly falling apart, but in the end together making a very powerful sound vibration that the soul recognizes.

Sounds From Super Moon Drum Circle

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich, producer/host of SUP Radio Show

Hey there I’m Leslie Kolovich enjoy this short audio clip of our Healing Drum Circle on the beach during the Super Moon Eclipse September 27. 2015.

It was uncertain if we would even get a glimpse of this moon event as forecasters called for rain and clouds coming in from a tropical disturbance off shore. We watched the weather channel as the percentages of rain kept changing for our start time. By 4:00 there was only a 15% chance of rain, the decision was made, to the beach we would go.¬† Twenty people showed up for this drum circle all eager to feel the possibilities of what this event could bring. The rhythm of the Gulf combined with our drumming set the stage for the entrance of this super moon. We chanted, we listened, we had our feet in the sand, it was a beautiful night. The moon gave us only a handful of peeks holding our curiosity and faith. At the end of a 3 hour session all but 4 drummers had left, the beach was quiet with the sound of just a single drum.¬† The moon who seemed quite comfortable nestled in the clouds, must have been pleased, because it was as if she commanded the clouds to separate for us to see her in the powerful position of full eclipse! I’ve heard from some of the drummers who left that they also saw that moment on their way home.

Peace, Love and Drumming~Leslie

Our Drum Circle meets every 2nd Thursday of the Month 6-8pm central time.

The Power Of Words And Music

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich, producer/host of SUP Radio Show

Soulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich






Enjoy the podcast now:


Today’s podcast I share my thoughts of the power of words in the music we listen to and sing along with. I was inspired by the video of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Michael Franti a singer-songwriter, philanthropist and humanitarian. The Dalai Lama reminded Michael to continue to send joyfulness, inspiration, love and affection with words out for the world. This sparked in me an understanding of responsibility and opportunity to send good energy into the collective consciousness of the world with the words I say, sing or listen to.

Live a purposeful life, love it with all your heart and remember love, peace and compassion is always something the world needs more of.

Leslie Kolovich~

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