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Caribbean Report

Escape From Coffin Island 2011- Caribbean Sup Report

Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus

This Show was brought to you by MHL Boards

Join Leslie Kolovich and SUP Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus as they recap the 2nd Annual Escape From Coffin Island in Puerto Rico that was held last weekend.

Weather- low 80’s

Water Temp- 84
Wave height 15-25ft 

Spanish Word of the Day:”HOT.. “Caliente”

Downwinder turns to a “no winder”, hot, flat 8.5 mile paddle for the PR SUP Championship race!  53 elite racers including 17 women. Great energy on the Island Venture ferry that took all of the racers and their boards to the remote start line.  When we arrived everyone helped throw in the boards (literally) and lots of leaping, amped racers jumping in after!  Safety boats were epic including a 65′ Sport fish Hatteras that luckily no one drafted,  and many  other boats to help out.  We also had the feeder race of the Discovery of the Caribbean regattas series and and few of us were out paddling the sailboats in full sail.  Although conditions were flat, it was very hot.  With the less intimidating conditions than our normal prevailing wind and seas allowed 9 first timers to get a taste of an elite race.  Including 64 year old James Rawie, 60 year old Lynn Cobb and 60 year old Michael Serralles. We also had the younger end doing their first elite race 9 year Savannah Baus and 12 year old Bobby Flynn!

MHL Custom boards manufactured right here in PR had a strong podium showing taking a 1st and 2nd in the Unlimited class, 1st in the Men’s 14, 1st and 3rd in the Mens 12’6 and a 1st in the woman’s 12’6.

9 Stateside racers flew in for the event including Josh and Lori Vajda with Precision Paddles.  Mary Ann Boyer and Margareth Mini Cuhna also arriving full of energy and stoke taking 2nd and 3’rd in the Woman’s 12’6 class which had 10 ladies this year!.

Listen Now to hear more…..

The Ride to the Island

Paddle Royale Makes Difficult Penalty Decisions Plus 12yo Racer Bobby Flynn-Caribbean Report

Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus

Join Leslie Kolovich and Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus as they talk about the controversial Penalty decisions in Day one of the Caribbean Paddle Royale in Puerto Rico.

This Show was brought to you by MHL Boards


This by far is the most challenging race of the season as racers encountered every possible racing condition including flat water, breaking waves, large downwind swell, crosswind swell for those that rounded the permanent, NOAA WX bouy and a 4 mile flat upwind race to the finish for an epic 8 mile race.  The Open Race was a 3 mile course in the lagoon. Day two was sprint races with intense paddling because of the penalties of day one,  day two you had to be on your game for the combined points.  Candice and Heather were tied going into day two.  Anthony and Chase fell to 2nd.  Listen as Heather describes day two of sprint racing.

The Controversy:

Day one was very controversial due to some last minute changes to the course.  Because the swell was up, race coordinators were trying to decide the safety of the course by running outside or staying inside like last year.  They decided to run outside but added a course change to keep the paddlers and the safety boats well offshore so this would not put paddlers and boats in an unsafe situation with overhead waves breaking inside.  During the racers meeting this was CLEARLY stated, unfortunately not all the pro racers attended the meeting.  While outside, the waves were large and the buoy was set about 1/2 mile outside the course and hard to see if you were not looking for it, although it is a permanent weather, observation mark- LARGE and yellow.  8 out the 34 elite racers did not go around the mark and were penalized 20% of that score.  These included, Chase Kosterlitz, Elvin Maldonado, Chris Hill, Beto Colon, Anthony Vela, Packet Casey, Greg Carson and Candice Appleby (3 were locals).  Heather explains more of the details in the podcast.

Bottom Line Universal Rules for ALL Races

Spanish Word of the Day: Sportsmanship = espiritu competitivo

Leslie and Heather talk with 12 year old Bobby Flynn of Puerto Rico about his first title in this two day event. 31st overall and 1st Junior riding an MHL custom Grom,

Listen to the Podcast to hear Heather talk about what happened next…..

Sun Protection In Year Round Paddling Environments-Caribbean SUP Report

Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus

Join Leslie Kolovich and Heather Baus and special guests Sean Sweet and Brian Guadagno as we talk about the very important topic of Sun Protection.

This show is brought to us by  Raw Elements Physical Eco Protection Sunscreen

Sweet WaterWear




Caribbean Island Weather: Calm Mornings turning into breezy afternoon, giving options for the sup’rs paddling pallate!

Water and air temperatures remaining on ave around 84 F

Our Spanish word of the day is: “Sun Protection”  Proteccion solar.

Which is the subject of tonight’s report: Listen Now…  

We have gorgeous year round paddling conditions here in the Caribbean but like anything to much of a good thing has its negative factor.  For paddling that negative is the accumulation to sun exposure with year round paddling condtions and a UV Index to go with it.  We all know early morning or late afternoon are the best times to stay out of the rays, but not all of us have that choice or discipline.  That’s why we protect our family with a combination of avoiding peak exposure, applying Raw Elements Chemical Free & Organic Sunscreen and covering up with Sweetwater performance apparel on race day, weekend outings or long training sessions.  On the line we have Sean Sweet from Hawaii to talk about how his gear keeps us in top racing form as well as protecting us from the sun.  We also have Brian Guadagno with Raw Elements to talk about sunscreen myths, application, benefits to our bodies and our ocean by using chemical free products.  Although Sean and Brian are not from Puerto Rico, their products are a part of my families everyday life and keeps us on the water and safely protected from the harmful effects of the sun.~Heather Baus

Your Caribbean dealer for both products is Aquatica Dive and surf shop located on the West side of Puerto Rico in beautiful Aguadilla.  For any other information please contact the Caribbean rep and Ambassador- Heather Baus a hbaus@msn.com

Raw Elements may be applied to babies, protects our reefs by not putting harmful chemicals into our oceans in heavily populated areas which is a contributing factor to the bleaching of our coral reefs.  The feel of this sunscreen is a little different and and remember by using this sunscreen it’s like eating your vegetables, not everyone likes veggies, but they are good for you and your body. – Heather Baus

For the “Escape from Coffin Island” PR SUP downwind Championship race Nov 6, we will be raffling off Sweet Water Wear, along with Maui Jim polarized sunglasses for your eye protection.  We will also have samples and info for Raw Elements Organic and Chemical free sunscreen.  Come by and check it out and the Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club in Ponce, PR.

Promo for Raw Elements while wearing Sweet

Escape from Coffin Island FB event site:


Paddle for The Cure St Thomas Island~Caribbean Report

Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus

Join Leslie Kolovich and Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus

as they discuss the amazing event held on St Thomas Island

with special guests organizers Carrie Freyn and Colin Butler.

Heather also tells us the Spanish Words for the day that go along with quit a flying board story! Panico!

Listen Now…..

Paddle for the Cure 2nd Annual

In Carrie Freyn’s own words~

Paddle for the Cure was started in honor of my Sister Sheila Watson.  She was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrigs disease 18 months ago.

ALS/Lou Gehrigs disease is a terminal illness with no known cause or cure.  Life expectancy is 2-3 years upon diagnosis.

The event benefits the ALS Association, a non- profit, which provides equipment, counseling, for patients and family. The Assoc also provides funding and advocacy for research.  In the last 18 months my Sister has lost the ability to speak, eat, swallow and walk.  The Association has provided her with a motorized wheelchair, a type to voice speaking device, support groups and medical care.  They are an invaluable resource for patients and they’re families.

Paddle for A Cure Crew

Our fist Paddle for the Cure was last year, September 2012.  We had about 25 paddlers and raised about $3000.00.  This year we had 100 paddlers and raised $27, 500.

Paddlers started at either Hull Bay and paddled to Megan’s and back or just Megan’s to Hull.  It’s about 7 miles roundtrip.

The morning started at 6AM, we started setting up and a light rain came, when the rain stopped we had a beautiful double rainbow!  We had a 2 ft. chop and about 10-15 mile an hour wind.  A turtle came up and said good luck about 30 feet into the paddle.  When I came onto the beach at Megan’s I couldn’t believe the crowd of people waiting, everyone was applauding each paddler as they came in from Hull.  When the last paddler from Hull arrived, we all gathered for a group photo.  Finally, we all took off from Megan’s.  The wind was behind us and it was a great ride.  As I rounded the point into Hull I saw Colin on his board, taking pictures of the paddlers, there were about 4 people on boards and a big turtle came up in the middle and just sort of hung out.

2nd Annual Paddle for a Cure St Thomas

Back at Hull Bay we had a BBQ put on by Scott and his wife and kids games by Uncle Ray and the VI Skim board team.  We gave away a sweet board, ( an 11ft 32” Carina Ha, donated by Fat Turtle, from Jaime Torres of Vela Uno, PR), to the Paddler who raised the most donations.  We also raffled another board, donated at cost by WI surf Co.  Coral World donated a Swim with the seals, several passes and a sea trek for a family.  Admiralty Dives donated a dive.

Our sponsors were Buzz Radio, Coral World, Direct Data Capture and Billy Dee’s Special Tees.  Colin Butler of Blue Water Safaris donated his SUP boards and Walk on Water donated kayaks.  Shore support was Brian Leighton, Bob Mikulenka, Augustine Holder, Linda Maclean and several more!  Dorene Carle was our press rep.

Jaime Torres Co owner of Velauno Paddle boarding, Puerto Rico

Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus

Heather Baus talks with Leslie Kolovich about the perfect weather in the Caribbean and great waves!

The Spanish Word for the Day: Tiempo (means time) By the way Puerto Rico is in the Atlantic Time Zone, they don’t change, we do! (insider joke)

Jaime Torres

Heather introduces Jaime Torres as he was the man who introduced her to SUPing.  He has provided first SUP experiences not just for Heather, but many islanders and visitors to the area.  He organized the first race in Puerto Rico, provides night paddling in Culebra for the Heneiken regatta, has taken many to paddle the Bioluminescent Bay through the mangroves in Luquillo. Jaime was one of the first if not the first person on SUP boards in Puerto Rico.  He has a passion for the sport and is very much a part of the growth of the sport in the Caribbean.  Listen as he talks with Leslie Kolovich and Heather Baus about the incredible places to paddle, the top notch race Paddle Royal he coordinates with big prize money, beautiful accommodations and water conditions,  which makes for the perfect winter get-a-way for us Northerners.

Listen Now…

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