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Balancing The Heart

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich, producer/host of SUP Radio Show

As many of you know it will be 1 year this May that I had an Atrial Ablation procedure on my heart. Three weeks ago I had an A-Fib episode, which sent me to the ER. Thankfully my heart had no damage, and the cardiologist told me having only one event in a year he considers the procedure successful. But for me feeling my heart go into what feels like a heart attack is more than a bit scary, and not something I want even once. I’ve read about the deep emotions people who have had bypass surgeries go through, and I’ve witnessed it with family members. I truly think anytime our heart is thrown out of balance it affects our psyches deeply. I know for me physically, I tire easily unable to go as fast as I want, emotionally I am more sensitive and introspective which leads me to my spirit.

Impermanence was the topic my friends and I spoke about as we were out on our Sunday morning paddle. Rains from the heavens join one body; runoff from forests run into it; overflow from creeks, bayous, rivers all join in mixing together creating a body we call by one name. Water. But nonetheless, it is in constant change. We have created temples to house holy things, solace and ritual, and these ancient temples have stood strong and solid for thousands of lifetimes. We devotedly go to our own temples believing they are perhaps one thing that will not change in life. We become reliant on routine, and believe that holy places are permanent, when in fact the only thing that is permanent is the Holy that dwells within us, but even this is in motion, and I believe that motion lies within our heart.

I’ve noticed in times of tragedy my senses are shocked with visuals, spoken and written words, I feel pain from sorrow and pain from anger. But as I go through this with the rest of the world, when I pay attention I realize what is most needed, and for me I need to tap into the Holiness within and let the light shine. Impermanence. Change. Motion. These are of natural order. I am grateful for my heart. It is command central of my body and spirit. When the world cries out because of imbalance of justice or natural order our hearts feel it, and together through concentrated intentions we can use our heart energy to send comfort, peace, and healing.

Peace and Love~Leslie Kolovich


May 7th 6-8pm central time- I will be hosting a sacred drumming circle. To bring peace within, which in turn flows outward to all humankind and to our planet. I am hoping to webcast this event so those who cannot be with us can join in visually. For information email supradioshow@gmail.com

The art for this blog is called, Heart Angel and is an original Leslie Kolovich pastel. Available in print only.

Remembering Dr. Bob Risner-SUP Radio

September 27, 2009, Jordanelle Reservoir, Park City Utah. First interview with Dr. Bob and Betsy Risner.

Listen Now:


It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon in the Wasatch Mountains when I first met Bob and Besty Risner.  I had traveled to Salt Lake from Florida to attend my volleyball reunion at the University of Utah.  The Sport of Stand Up Paddling was on the verge of explosion inland USA to lakes and rivers.  The Stand Up Paddle Radio Show had been producing weekly shows since the beginning of Summer talking to people from every corner of the globe who had found this new, but ancient activity we now called sport.

I met up with Utah Paddle Surfing’s founder Rebekka Stone.  She was bringing the sport to the Great Salt Lake.  She was in the know for all the Utahns who were becoming passionate for Stand Up Paddling.

Leslie Kolovich and Bob Risner Lake Jordanelle Park City Utah 2009

Leslie Kolovich and Bob Risner Lake Jordanelle Park City Utah 2009

She gave me a list of names I should contact including Bob and Besty Risner. She said this couple found the sport 10 weeks ago and had been paddling everyday since and were training to compete in the 2nd Annual Battle of The Paddle in Dana Point California, oh and, they were in their late 50s! I knew I needed to meet them.


One phone call and a paddle was scheduled on the Jordanelle Reservoir with this dynamic couple.  As soon as I stepped out to meet them you could feel the high energy of Dr. Bob!  He wears bright colors, orange and red it matches his energy of passion. The air was crisp, the water cold the altitude 7000 plus feet.  They took care of this thin blooded girl from Florida and only made me do 6 miles.  Dr. Bob and Betsy were kind to me, made me feel like family as they did with everyone they met who shared a love for the outdoors and especially paddling.


In this podcast interview you will hear the complete excitement of this new sport coming from Bob and Betsy, especially Bob. His story and life philosophy of living every moment within something you are passionate about resonates deeply today.

This interview was before everyone outside of California and Hawaii knew anything about the sport. We had just discovered that the Battle of the Paddle was the Super Bowl of racing in the ocean, and Dan Gavere was the first person to run white water on a stand up board, and that there were such things as race boards and differences in designs and manufacturers.

In this interview you hear pure passion from Bob. It was a lifestyle he and Betsy had found and wanted to promote to get people outdoors on the water.  Bob and Betsy, originally from Ohio, moved to Utah, discovered a Stand Up Board in of all places a mountain sporting goods shop, and bought 2 on the spot. Bob describes his first outing as “disastrous with unexpected encounters with the water”, but he continued to find his balance and speed on the lake which he and Betsy paddled daily for at least 8 miles.

Bob Risner in the 30A Radio Studio with Leslie Kolovich 2010

Bob Risner in the 30A Radio Studio with Leslie Kolovich 2010

And after just 10 weeks he and Betsy took it all the way to the highest level of competition in the ocean in Dana Point California for the 2009 Battle in both races. They were all in.  They became part of the thread in the tightly woven SUP community from the West coast to the East coast. Fierce competitors with the friendliest after parties around! There are so many memories of the early days that include Bob and Betsy and I am forever grateful for them.


With Bob’s unexpected passing this week it makes us take pause, and listen carefully to his words about living your passions. Bob lived every moment no doubt, could he have slowed down? I think not. In fact if one believes in reincarnation, Bob is already choosing his next adventure, if not, Bob is most likely having a conversation with the one in charge about redesigning angel wings for more speed and efficiency.


Our hearts go out to Betsy knowing the pain of this loss to her.  Let the peace from the water be with you, and the love of your community hold you and know the passion and energy Bob carried can never be gone.


With love, respect, and great gratitude~ Leslie Kolovich


Ginger Sinton Rare Coastal Dune Lakes, Author, Photographer-SUP Radio

GingerSintonHello from beautiful South Walton County Florida also known as SoWal!  I’m Leslie Kolovich and this podcast  is for and about the people who are passionate about the the area’s most beautiful waterways.  Joining me today is Georgia native Ginger Sinton.  She, like many who visit SoWal and experience scenic highway 30-A fall in love with the stunning beauty of our 15 coastal dune lakes.  This love affair happened to be with an professional writer and photographer who was compelled to self-publish a book.

In this podcast Ginger tells us about her photography of the 112 page coffee table book.  For example, winter is her favorite time of year for capturing the unreal colors and light over a coastal lake.  If you live here or spend time in the winter here often you will see cars pulled over on the bridges at sunset, or cars slowing down as they approach with iPhones sticking out the window always capturing something spectacular! Rare Coastal Dune Lakes by Ginger Sinton

Educating and informing visitors and locals alike was important to her when she wrote this book. Her research and history of the lakes is weaved with personal stories of vacationing along the beautiful stretch of 30A.   The lakes are precious to our area, and not just only to our area, but to the world.  Her book showcases the lakes and helps to raise awareness of their unique and fragile ecosystems.   She hopes that people will be moved to stand up and protect them.




You can purchase a copy of Ginger’s book at Amazon, www.dunelakespress.com, The Hidden Lantern, Sundog Books, the Blue Giraffe, Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet,  and Nest 30A.

She also will be at World Paddle For The Planet October 11th doing a book signing at the eco-festival noon-6pm downtown Carillon Beach.

Coastal Dune Lake In Walton County Florida


Enjoy the podcast now:

Show Sponsor SoWal.com


You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes


SoWal.com, “Beach like a local”

Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance Dr. Sarah Schindele-SUP Radio Show

CBA LogoHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Dr. Sarah Schindele with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance.

Dr. Sarah Schindele has worked with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance (CBA) since 2005. She manages CBA’s volunteer water quality monitoring program and coastal dune lakes initiatives; this work includes CBA’s maintenance control program for invasive exotic plants in the dune lakes watersheds. Recently, Sarah has worked closely with the Master Gardeners of Walton County to develop a Native Plant Demonstration Garden and Trail at the South Walton Campus of Northwest Florida State College, along with related outreach materials. She supports CBA’s restoration and education programs, as well as other varied research efforts in the Choctawhatchee watershed. Sarah is a certified Florida Master Naturalist (coastal, uplands, and freshwater wetlands).Educational Class for 3rd Graders


In this podcast Sarah tells us the history of the CBA beginning back in 1996 when representatives from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection(FDEP) other state, federal and local government agencies; environmental organizations; and members of the business community met with concerned citizens and elected officials at Northwest Florida State College to discuss environmental quality and economic development. The sharing of concerns from participants along with the discussion on philosophies of ecosystem management from the FDEP and Eglin AFB sparked a partnership for sustainable development that is now called the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance of Northwest Florida State College (CBA).


Reef Restoration Cedar Beach CoveWe also talk about the several programs that the CBA provides:

Public awareness, public involvement, and collaboration, water monitoring of our coastal dune lakes and bay, restoration, and educational programs with a curriculum about our local natural resources in K-12 creating a community of good stewards of our resources.  Research is a key aspect of the CBA assisting with the scientific research projects to collect information to better understand the natural resources within the Choctawhatchee Basin.Water Monitoring

For more information and to get involved  visit www.basinalliance.org
The CBA will be a part of World Paddle For The Planet  be sure to stop by their expo tent on Friday October 11, 2012 starting at noon.  You can also find them on the water for the 24 hour paddle!  Team CBA!




Enjoy the Podcast Now:

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes

Show Sponsor SoWal.comI’d like to thank our sponsor for today’s show, SoWal.com.  Celebrating the joy of the beach!  Sharing insider info & experiences only South Walton can offer.  “Beach like a local”.

Yoga Elements For World Paddle For The Planet Festival-SUP Radio

Yoga Elements LauraLynn Jansen OwnerHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is LauraLynn Jansen owner and teacher at Yoga Elements in Carillon Beach, Florida, host village for World Paddle For The Planet.  SUP Yoga With LauraLynn Jansen Yoga Elements

LauraLynn will be hosting 2 Yoga classes for our festival all at no charge.


You and me kiddo    3-3:45pm at Yoga Elements Friday October 11th, 2013

A yoga practice for a kid and their favorite adult. This particular class to be held as part of the World Paddle for the Planet festivities has been especially formulated for youth interested in water, water creatures, and  standup paddle boarding.The habits we cultivate as youth can be a benchmark for our whole life. Young folks can acquire physical and physiological benefits such as toned muscles, upright posture, a balanced nervous system, and free and healthy breathing patterns through the practice of yoga. This class will assist your child to start on the right path physically while also offering cues for mental grounding and awareness.A wonderful chance to bond with your child.Adult (18 and up) must be accompanied by a young person (suggested age range is 5-9) to attend class.Yoga Elements Owner LauraLynn Jansen

SUP Yoga / RESERVATION REQUIRED: held on Lake Carillon meet at Yoga Elements Friday October 11th, 2013, 7-8:30am 

You and Me Kiddo Yoga

LauraLynn and her co-teacher Lilly For You And Me Kiddo Yoga Class

Enjoy The Podcast Now:

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes



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