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 The Stand Up Paddle Radio Show has been an integral part of the SUP Explosion since July 2009, with creator and host Leslie Kolovich giving the sport a unifying “voice”.  An avid Stand Up Paddler herself, Leslie’s interviews are about the stories behind the paddler, the stories behind those who love the water, the stories of all of us who care about humankind and the planet we live on. Enjoy blogs, videos and podcasts from contributing writers who are equally passionate about paddling and our environment. Leslie calls them Planet Paddlers, whom together & individually are Standing Up for the Planet!

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  • Hey!
    Just wanted to give you guys a shout out and tell you that this is an awesome radio show! I just discovered it on the web. My hubby, 3 girls ( Haylee 4, Sydney 2 1/2 and Finley 1) fell in love with paddleboarding last year and we decided to open our own paddle board shop in SWFL! Sweet Water Paddle Sports ( check us out on FB) I love when people come in to the shop for the first time, they are HOOKED after their experience. We just started renting out the BOTE fishing boards and it has been a huge hit. My 4 year old can already balance by herself on the board.

    Paddleboarding is on a rapid take off in our area and I am so excited about getting people out on the water that we have started fundraisers with local youth traveling teams. Hopefully we can host a youth SUP race in the future!

    Have a sweet day~
    Danielle Masiero

    • leslie:

      Thank you so much! So glad you found us! Sounds like you guys have a really great thing going on down in Sweet Water! Keep up the stoke and again thanks for listening!
      Leslie Kolovich

  • Hello i am 120 dub i am dj im going to play in The puri Surfing Festival, i see the radio is taking part of the festival. I want to see if you want some material or some live set for the radio so people can listen in pre the festival to the music. or any interview…thanks


  • hi guys is it ok if i put a link on my paddle board website to your radio site.
    sunjam paddle boards

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