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It’s Late And The Ball Is About To Drop

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddle for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

It’s Late…

It’s Late. It’s Late and there is only one minute left before the ball drops on another year. A year that started with the promise of time passed so quickly I am left standing with my jaw wide open, wondering how much I have left undone, dumbfounded that I still have not created the World I envisioned so many years ago.

How did I get here, another year older, supposedly another year wiser, living a life that has been the accumulation of a story written on the fly? What have I learned in the past year, what experience have I gained? What contributions, if any, have I made during the last 365 days, or for that matter the accumulation of all my days?

It’s Late. It’s Late and there is only one minute left before I, we, decide what is to become of the next series of days, before we shape the World that is to come. Even as the thought forms, I am struck by the arrogance, to think that I might possibly have any influence in shaping this World in which I live, my World and the World at large. And yet, it is only bold thoughts that have ever changed anything in the World. The question remains, have these bold thoughts changed the World for the better?

And so, I am brought to this place, this place in time where I am unable to escape truth. This place where truth finds me, like it or not, this place that I have successfully ignored, until now, one minute before midnight. This place where my dreams return to haunt me, one minute before the ball drops on another year. This place on Earth where time begs me to face truth and resolve to crawl one step closer to it. This place where time catches up with me, one minute before midnight at the end of yet another calendar year.

I am tortured with the luxury of time, aware that it is meant to be used wisely, unable to comprehend what that might look like. I resolve to do better, and within days of committing, find myself lost in the convention that has become the life I am living. Is this the year I will break convention, discover who I am, live into the potential I was born with? Is this the year I will hear the Ocean and understand messages whispered in the wind? Is this the year I will open my eyes to see what has been there all along? Is this the year I will pay attention to the flight of the Eagle, the song of the Whale, the fragrance of the Forest, the kiss of the Sun, the taste of all things Naturally Grown? Is this the year I will finally examine the complexity of feelings I have lost, of feelings that beg for attention? Time will tell.

It’s Late, the last minute has arrived. Our choices are still our choices. Is it possible to change in the last minute? Will we choose to be paralysed with the overwhelming consequences of our creations, or motivated to try something different? Will we resolve to bring the resolutions we make into being, or will we cave to the hopelessness that permeates our being when we let it? It’s Late, the last minute has arrived, seemingly without being invited. Time goes by so quickly, what will we do now to make sure we don’t drop the ball?…

Happy New Year!…



What Gift Will You Give To The World?

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddle for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

Christmas is the perfect time to ‘Change the Way we live on the Planet”! However one celebrates Christmas, or doesn’t, the best of our human “Spirit” seems to bubble to the surface every year about this time! This is one time of the year that we tend to think and feel outside of ourselves. One of the manifestations of that sentiment is gift giving which has become a staple of Christmas. Gift giving, at its core, reflects our human desire to connect with one another. Gift giving, especially at this time of year, in all its glorious and terrifying splendor, reflects our human desire to serve. Gift giving, in all its forms, is awesome!

What gift, or gifts, will you give to the World this year?Peace Within Good Will To The Earth-

Here is what I propose…

“Find peace within, good will towards Earth”!…

To find peace within, one must first slow down. Slow down and breathe. Slow down, breathe and relax. Peace within is not easy to find in today’s crazy World, still it is worth the effort! One of the most popular Christmas songs is “Silent Night” and for good reason! Silence is where peace can be found, and once found, can be returned to again and again. Peace is awesome, so many great things live there. Infinite possibilities and potential come from peace, including the possibility of “Peace on Earth”. Can we have “Peace on Earth” without finding peace within ourselves? Can we have “Good will towards man” without finding peace within ourselves? Can we have “Good will towards man” without the compassion that flows from inner peace, the compassion that gives us permission to share kindness with all things on Earth?

This is my Christmas wish! May you find your peace within this Christmas! May you enjoy your inner peace as we head into 2015! May you share your “Spirit” and inner peace with the World that really needs you right now! May you take the best of your “Spirit” into 2015 and beyond!…

“Joy to the World” and “Mele Kalikimaka” from “Paddle for the Planet”!…



Environmentalist And Activist For The Planet

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

I have been paddling every day to “Change the Way we live on the Planet” for nearly four years now. When I first started it was a challenge to fit a daily paddle into the rest of my life. As time went on things like attending events, speaking engagements and interviews started to find their way into my schedule. At this point the paddles are a breeze, and compose by far the smallest amount of the time I commit to “Paddle for the Planet”.

Somewhere along the way I have been labeled an environmentalist, and activist. Often these labels are used in a non-flattering sort of way, which I find very interesting. I actually had a prominent politician tell me one time that he wished we environmentalists would just go away, and he followed that sentiment up with, “In fact, I am going to get in my car and drive an extra 50 miles home so that global warming will come quicker, I hate cold weather”.

Last time I checked we all need air to breathe in order to survive, the cleaner the better. Ditto for water, we would not last long without water. And food. There are very few absolute truths in the World, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a person on the Planet who would argue this one. We all need air, water and food to survive! If there is, these absolute truths are easy to prove, just plug your nose and see how long you can go without air, stop putting water into your body and see what happens, or how long you would survive without food.

If air, water and food are accepted as absolutes in order to survive, then it would follow that we need a healthy environment that supports clean air, clean water, and fertile land to produce food. Wouldn’t that make every one of us an environmentalist, as in we all need to make sure we have clean air, clean water, and fertile land? Wouldn’t that make us all activists, taking whatever steps necessary to make sure we have clean air, clean water and fertile land for ourselves, and for future generations? You would think, right?

Unfortunately many of us are disconnected from this basic fact of survival. We willingly sacrifice clean air, clean water and fertile land to the money culture we have created. When I came aboard this Planet there were about a billion people, now some 60 years later, there are nearly nine billion. Every single one of us needs air, water and land to survive. Somehow we have placed our need for stuff above the basic need for air, water and land. With the number of people here now we are placing demands on the environment that the environment cannot cope with. The environment that gives us all life is beginning to buckle, sometimes in spectacular ways.

Christmas is nearly upon us, and our need for stuff really gets heightened at this time of year. This is a time of year to give! How about instead of stuff we give a gift to “Mother Earth”? How about we make a commitment to scale back and cut “Mother Earth” a break? How about we commit to park our cars for half a day a week, or turn our thermostats down a couple of degrees to help clean up the air? How about we look below the surface of the water in our neighborhoods to see how healthy our water really is? Or isn’t. How about we plant a tree to replace one of the trees we clear cut that ended up building our house? How about we all become environmentalists and stop to consider the effect of our decisions and actions to the environment before we move ahead? At the very least, how about we say thank you to “Mother Earth” for selflessly giving us everything we need to survive here?

I am profoundly grateful to be called an environmentalist and an activist. Life is a precious gift, and I am grateful every day for mine. All life is sacred, and I am grateful for this interconnected web that I share time and space with. “Mother Earth” plays host to us all, and I commit to carrying on as an environmentalist and activist, care to join me?



Singer-Songwriter Drew Tillman

Hey there I wanted to repost this interview I did with Drew Tillman back on September 12, 2014, the day after I first heard him perform in The Listening Living Room at Grayt Coffee House.   I’m thrilled that I am now doing Leslie Kolovich Live and Drew is returning to The Living Room tonight (12-9-14)!  The show will be brought to you via webcast on www.hounddogradio.net 6pm central time til 9:00, but in the meantime, have a listen as Drew tells us a little about the inspiration behind his songs of which he plays two I’m sure you will enjoy. If your lucky enough to be at the beach tonight, join us at Grayt Coffee House in The Listening Living Room, Chef Blake has created a wonderful dinner menu, and Drew Tillman is in the house, need I say more? It’s going to be a fantastic night!
Enjoy the Podcast now: :

Space The Final Frontier-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddle for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

Space. What comes to mind when you pause to reflect on the word Space? The Cosmos, Stars, Planets, Galaxies, Black Holes, the color Black, Asteroids, Comets? Space in that context is a vast place full of infinite possibilities and potential.

What about personal Space, that invisible sphere of comfort between a person and the rest of the World? The exploration of personal Space may indeed be the final frontier. Proxemics is the scientific word used to describe and explain “Personal Space”. Proxemics refers to the distance between people as they interact. Proxemics recognizes four spheres of “Personal Space”, intimate, personal, social and public. A high level of comfort with a person will get that person closer to your actual self.

This is where it gets interesting. A high level of comfort with a person will get that person closer to your actual self. Loud, obnoxious people will be kept at a distance. People who are not known to you will be kept at a distance, at least at first. Members of the opposite sex will be given the key to closeness based on the laws of attraction. Proxemics postulates that more distance will be kept in social and public situations. Interestingly, Proxemics lists the spheres as 6 to 18 inches for intimate, 1.5 to 4 feet for personal, 4 to 12 feet for social and 12 to 25 feet for public. No wonder intimacy is so hard to achieve, there is no category based on actual touch. How social can a person get from 4 to 12 feet?

Space is indeed the final frontier. The Space we put between each other is inversely proportional to our own personal level of comfort, the less comfortable we feel, the more Space we will put between ourselves and the object of our discomfort. What would happen if we raised our own personal level of comfort, thereby creating a more open invitation for people to get close to us? Proxemics suggests we would let family get closer to us than strangers. What is it that prevents us from welcoming a stranger into our Space at the same level as a family member? Could it be conditioning based on fear, “Don’t talk to strangers”? Could it be innate, based on survival of the fittest, “Don’t trust anything, it might eat you”? Could it be familiarity with the known and comfortable, after all we grew up with our families, and we don’t know this stranger? Caution getting to know strangers is probably wise, could we not do it in closer proximity than 4 to 12 feet? Unless the stranger is carrying a weapon, in which case our internal radar would most likely give off a warning, then it might be wise to head for the hills!

The Space we put between each other is inversely proportional to our own personal level of comfort. In our exploration of Space, the question has to be asked, do we really want to get all that close to people? If the answer is yes, then it appears it might be worth increasing our personal levels of comfort. Instead of creating Space, distancing ourselves from others, this scenario would require the shrinking of Space, welcoming others to us. Instead of creating distance from others we might be able to connect to others simply by increasing our own personal levels of comfort. How cool would that be? Instead of putting up another wall or creating another mask, we could simply be ourselves.

Could it be that Space is key to our personal levels of comfort, a long lost secret to the act of getting along with others? If connection is the key to getting along with others, shrinking the Space between us, what of the connections within our own selves? We humans have brains and hearts, could it be that our challenges and struggles are directly related to the Space that separates our minds from our hearts? If so, the greater the disconnect between mind and heart, the more space between these two, the greater our personal challenges? I have seen happy, well rounded people in my lifetime, and I have also seen unhappy, miserable people. The difference me thinks is the connection between mind and heart. As we shrink the Space between our minds and hearts, it appears to me that an actual and true self is given permission to present itself. As we increase the Space between our minds and hearts, it appears to me that a false self, living behind walls and masks rears its own set of consequences.

Can we create Space? If not create it, maybe control it? What if we all actively created a Space where a person who is not fully themselves might feel comfortable enough to take steps to find their real selves? What if we all developed a level of tolerance that recognized the Space that a person currently occupies, regardless of what that looks like? What would the Planet look like if we acknowledge that we all live in Space, a Space called Earth? What would the Planet look like if we all accepted our individual right to be here, and recognized our responsibility to take care it? What would Mother Earth look like in that Space, that vast place full of infinite possibilities and potential?

We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto! Space, the Final Frontier!…



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