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World Paddle For The Planet To Raise Funds For Clayoquot Action-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

There are some amazing people “Standing up for the Planet”, and after meeting them through social media and email, I finally got to meet two more of them during last weekend’s trip to Tofino. Tofino is the site of this yearsWorld Paddle for the Planet Day” on September 13th, and I made the announcement a few weeks ago that we will be fundraising for “Clayoquot Action”. I connected with Bonny Glambeck and Dan Lewis through Catherine Bruwhiler from Tofino Paddle Surf who is a good friend, and is also helping us to navigate the Tofino waters, literally and figuratively for WPFTPDay. When I asked Cat who we should raise funds for, there was absolutely no hesitation on her part, Dan and Bonny from “Clayoquot Action”! Cat gave me their contact info, and right from our very first conversation I knew this was the right organization for us to raise funds for this year!!

We had a few conversations prior to my trip last weekend, and arranged to meet the day I arrived. No surprise, Dan and Bonny greeted me with open arms and hearts! We ended up chatting for about 4 hours, some of that over dinner, and were it not for the fog rolling in we might still be there “Talking Story”! Only in Tofino can this happen! Dan and Bonny live in a boat accessible only part of Tofino and kayaks are their modes of transport. Their office is in the south end of Tofino, so to get there they paddle from their home, then walk several blocks to their office. They always have one eye on the weather, it can change quickly in Tofino, and missing the window of weather is the difference between getting home or not.

Their story is amazing! Like so many who are “Standing up for the Planet”, they do a whole lot with very little in the way of resources! This is their mission, taken right from their website, “Clayoquot Action is a Tofino-based conservation organization committed to protecting the biocultural diversity of Clayoquot Sound. Our goals are accomplished through public education, citizen research and monitoring, and advocacy. Clayoquot Action stands for democratic rights, indigenous rights and the rights of Mother Earth”. http://clayoquotaction.org/mission/ Their vision, also taken from their website, “It’s time to create a new story about the role that humans play on Earth, a story that shifts societal values from getting bigger to getting better, and promotes community and cooperation above competitive individualism. Humans must exercise our qualities of high intelligence, forward planning and moral judgment to create a cooperative and sustainable future for all”. It’s no wonder we have such a strong connection with each other!Bonny Glambeck and Dan Lewis Founders of Clayoquat Action Designated Charity for World Paddle For The Planet Day 2014-SUP Radio

“Bonny and Dan are lifelong activists, residing in Tofino for 25 years. They are seasoned kayakers, having paddled much of the BC coast and trained hundreds of guides. Knowledgeable naturalists, they have worked in the bush of Clayoquot Sound as salmon and amphibian researchers. When Bonny & Dan moved to Tofino they joined and helped build the fledgling temperate rainforest movement. Their work culminated with the mass protests of Clayoquot Summer 1993, which were the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history and one of their proudest accomplishments. The couple is renowned for delivering entertaining and inspiring slide shows based on their kayaking experiences, moving audiences from laughter to tears as they deliver a powerful and hopeful conservation message. They have traveled internationally to meet with corporate buyers of BC wood products. With the risks posed by salmon farming in Clayoquot Sound, and the possibility of mining becoming a real threat, Dan and Bonny walked away from their company, Rainforest Kayak Adventures, to dedicate their energies to conservation volunteerism, founding Clayoquot Action in 2013”.

Bonny and Dan took a huge risk in giving up their jobs to devote their time to “Clayoquot Action”. To say they are passionate is about as grand an understatement as one could ever make. Every Tuesday evening during the summer they present a multimedia journey of the landscape, wildlife and culture of Clayoquot Sound to educate all who would come. The presentation called “Clayoquot, Sound of Freedom” is free, as in no money charged, nada, nothing, zip! Their activist selves are at it again, this time with the practice of Salmon Farming. A Norwegian company has applied for licensing for 2 new open net Salmon Farms, and Bonny and Dan know all too well what this will mean for Clayoquot Sound and Wild Salmon populations.

It is a huge honor for “World Paddle for the Planet Day” to be raising funds for Bonny and Dan this year, keep an eye on our WPFTPDay facebook page to find out how you can donate.

https://www.facebook.com/WorldPaddleForThePlanetDay You can also donate any time directly to their website, http://clayoquotaction.org/

World Paddle For The PlanetThere are so many who are “Standing up for the Planet”, and I have to thank another one of those people, Leslie Kolovich from the SUP Radio Show for the opportunity to introduce two more who are “Making a Difference” and “Changing the Way we live on the Planet”! Let’s raise a bunch of money for Bonny and Dan and “Clayoquot Action” to help them look after one of the most pristine places on the Planet!…


Coastal Dune Lakes Jewels Of 30A-SUP Radio Show

Enjoy episode 4 from the passionate Producer/cinematographer Elam Stoltzfus and team from Live Oak Production Group. Focusing and educating about the rare coastal dune lakes in Walton County, Florida.

Two of the 15 dune lakes in Walton County are in the Topsail Hill Preserve State Park with another that butts up against it’s border. This is the State Preserve that has a proposal to put a 1650 foot board walk through the  middle of the eastern portion of the park for beach access for a private community. There is a public workshop July 30, at 6PM at the South Walton Annex on highway 331. Be there, let your voice be heard and remind our county commissioner that we must protect these jewels from thieves.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Needs Community Voices-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Founder/Producer SUP RadioStanding Up for the Planet with Leslie Kolovich

Enjoy the Podcast now:


Today I speak with Celeste Cobena a longtime environmental activist in the South Walton County area.  Her message is to inform the community of South Walton and anyone who cares about preserving our State Parks about a proposal to put a 1650 foot boardwalk for beach access in the middle of the eastern portion of Topsail Preserve State Park. There is a public hearing July 30, 2014 at 6:00pm at the South Walton Annex on highway 331.

Topsail Preserve is one of Florida’s last pristine beaches untouched by development and home to 2 of the 15 rare coastal dune lakes in Walton County.  Celeste provides history of Topsail Preserve and explains what she understands the proposal to be.  The main message is we must stand up for our State Parks and conservation lands. If we don’t, the jewels we all love the most will be gone.  Education is key, and understanding the importance of our ecosystems and natural habitats one begins to understand preserving land actually benefits our very existence.

Please let your voice be heard Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Topsail Preserve State Park is more than just a jewel to the state of Florida, it should be a National Treasure!

Beautiful Dunes At Topsail Preserve State Park-SUP Radio

Topsail Preserve is one of the last beaches without development in the state of Florida.

I welcome any and all comments~Leslie Kolovich

Here is a link to the Topsail Unit management plan






Create A Vibrant And Healthy Planet-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

Is what you are doing right now creating a vibrant and healthy Planet?

If what you are doing right now is not creating a healthy and vibrant Planet maybe it is time to do something else!

“Mother Earth” is rapidly descending into an unhealthy state and we, the people, are the driving force at the root of the cause. If you sit quietly for a time, without interruption from the distractions of today’s World, and just observe wherever you happen to be, chances are you will get a read on the health of where you are. Forget the global stuff you see and hear on the news. Sit where you live, and just pay attention to your surroundings. Listen to the sounds around you. Look at the sky, the land, the water, the streetscape, the place you call home, wherever you end up sitting, just quietly observe. What do you hear? What smells are there? Are there other people around? Do they look vibrant and healthy to you? Sit quietly for at least ten minutes, then pay attention to your feelings at the end of your quiet time. Do you feel vibrant and healthy yourself? Are your surroundings healthy and vibrant?Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy, Create a vibrant healthy planet. SUP Radio

If the answer is yes, keep doing whatever it is you are doing, the World needs more fully alive, fully engaged people. If the answer is no, then I have a challenge for you. Do one thing that makes you feel vibrant and healthy! Do it today, vibrant and healthy people are not procrastinators. Can’t think of anything? Walk up to the next person you see and give them a great big genuine smile! Take a bus to work, and while you’re riding, talk to the person next to you. Go for an hour without buying, or doing anything that is toxic to “Mother Earth”. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Have a healthy meal. Play hooky for the afternoon. If what you are doing right now is not creating a healthy and vibrant Planet, go and do something else that will create a vibrant and healthy Planet!

What if every one of us did a little something today to create a vibrant and healthy Planet, would it be a different World we would create? How different would the World be if we all did a little more than a little something to create a vibrant and healthy Planet? What would the World be like if every decision every one of us made, and every action we took was invested into creating a vibrant and healthy Planet? Sounds like the makings of a great community to me! Personally, I would really like to live in that World!


World Paddle For The PlanetWorld Paddle for the Planet September 13, Tofino, British Columbia.

 Together we can send a Wave of Change across the globe! Check out our website for more information on how you can get involved in your community! www.worldpaddlefortheplanet.com



Taking Action On Climate Change-SUP Radio

Christian Wagley writer of The Paddler's Planet on www.supradioshow.com

Christian Wagley

The Paddler’s Planet by Christian Wagley


We all share this wonderful blue planet, and all the big global environmental issues of our time eventually translate down to the local level. This is where we can better see and touch these issues, where they are more tangible to us in our daily lives.

Such is the case with global climate change—coming soon to a community near you….Or actually coming directly to your community, no matter where you live on planet Earth.

Taking Action on Climate Change The Paddler's Planet-Christian Wagley


And while it’s hard for us to get our hands around climate change at the planetary level, in our own communities we can grab hold and work toward solutions. That’s been the case in my community the past few weeks, as we work to get our City Council in Pensacola, FL to approve creation of a task force to study climate change, learn how it will impact our town, and decide what to do about it.


The case that climate change is happening and is mostly caused by human activities is real and  overwhelming. Every year scientists report more and more evidence of the changes and more certainty of the need for action to help limit the worst impacts and adapt our communities to those changes that are inevitable.


Taking Action on Climate Change The Paddler's Planet by Christian WagleyPaddlers and others who love our oceans and rivers are concerned about climate impacts such as less oxygen in the water, more disease-causing organisms in warmer waters, ocean acidification and its impacts on animals like corals that make hard shells, and many other changes. But large-scale action in the U.S. is being thwarted by a deliberate campaign to sow doubt led by those with a financial interest in the status quo of continuing to burn fossil fuels.


The oil, coal, and gas-industrial complex are the cigarette makers of today. Just as cigarette companies spread doubt about the harms of cigarettes and successfully held-off regulation for decades, so are the fossil fuel companies of today funding doubt. The planet’s temperatures are not rising, or the changes are natural, they’ll say, knowing well the emptiness of their words and that they can only slow down but not stop the tide of humanity calling for action.Taking Action on Climate Change The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP Radio

Where I live in Northwest Florida hardly an elected official has ever publicly uttered the words climate change. At least that was the case until this past week. We worked with a forward-thinking member of our City Council to place creation of a climate task force on the Council’s agenda. Since then the entire community is talking about the proposal, and we’re pleasantly finding lots of support for action.

No matter where you live, climate change will impact your community. If you and your network of paddlers, friends, and concerned citizens aren’t already discussing this issue and holding meetings on solutions, then get started.

If you don’t already have one, form a group and start having meetings with monthly speakers talking about climate change. Since climate issues reach into nearly every aspect of both the human and natural world, it’s not difficult to find those who can speak to it.

For our local group we’ve hosted elected officials, foresters, toxicologists, economists, bicycling advocates, activists, and many others. Talking about the issues may seem like delaying action to some, but it’s a necessary first step for educating the public and building community support.

Climate change is here, it’s real, and the solutions are local. Get-together and create the change in your community, wherever you are.


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