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It’s Time To Bring The Balance Of Power To Those Who Will Respect The Planet-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy


Our decision makers in Canada are out of control. Among other things, the feds have rewritten the law and policy books in their favor in order to fast track resource extraction without any consideration to the environment or society. Among other things, our province has decided that not only is trophy hunting Grizzly Bears acceptable, it is actually desirable in their view, and have increased the number of hunting tags they issue. These are only two in a long line of examples of democracy gone horribly wrong, and at this point I am ashamed to be Canadian. Our country has gone from being a true global leader to something that is no longer recognizable.

A couple of months ago I was at a conference hosted by one of the many organizations that are working to change this new reality. This particular group is already strategizing ways to ensure that our current decision makers will not survive our next elections in 2015. Our decision makers have responded by rewriting election policies to ensure that they are in fact re-elected. This see saw battle goes on while the Planet waits for us to show some sort of intelligence and compassion. Much like a magician who uses slight of hand to deflect attention away from the real stuff that makes a trick a trick, our decision makers engage us in trickery and deceit to further the success of personal and party agendas.Canadians Rally To "Take Back Our Coast" Standing Up for the Planet on SUP Radio

While at that conference I was asked if I had heard of “Triple Bottom Line Accounting”. I had not heard of that term, so I asked for an explanation. I was told that TBLA is not just an accounting system, it is a system of accountability. We have become fascinated with the economy, and our decision makers being masters of deception, continually deflect our attention away from truly important matters by keeping us focussed on matters that are financial. As a society, we have bought into this system, hook, line and sinker. With TBLAccounting, the financial consequences of a plan are important, however that is not the end run. Any decision made under the system of TBLA would also consider the effects of a plan to the environment and the society, globally, not just locally!

How different would the Planet be if all of our decision makers used TBLAccounting? Every decision made would need to satisfy environmental, social and economic guidelines. Those Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines the oil industry are trying to slide by us all would never see the light of day. TBLA would demonstrate that there is a huge financial benefit to a couple of very large corporations, a huge risk to the environment which would not be acceptable, and little to no benefit for society at large. Where the World is struggling with these decisions under the current system, it would be an easy decision with TBLAccounting. These oil projects could never possibly meet the requirements of TBLA, and therefore would never proceed.

The oil industry would have us believe that we could never survive without oil. A very large majority of society has bought into that argument, much like a drug addict buys into the theory that life is not worth living without drugs. It doesn’t take a lot of research to discover that not only is it possible to survive without drugs, it is possible to thrive! In the case of oil, there are already places on the Planet that are using alternative energies with a great deal of success, financially, economically and socially. In the case of the drug addict, I can tell you from personal experience that life is a whole lot better without drugs.Bob Purdy Standing Up for the Planet SUP Radio

I cannot think of a single decision that could not be made better if TBLA were used as the system of decision making in the future. Considering the effect of our plans environmentally, socially and economically all in one package just makes good sense. How much could we “Change the Way we live on the Planet” if we all adopted Triple Bottom Line Accounting today? Our decision makers will never adopt TBLA, it does not serve their agenda. I am going to suggest that we don’t wait for our decision makers to adopt Triple Bottom Line Accounting, I propose that each and every one of us use TBLA in our day to day lives. If we begin to use this system of accounting, I am thinking there is a really good chance we can find our Way out of the mess we have created!

Tomorrow when you go to buy your groceries, stop to think about the products you purchase, and ask some tough questions. Where did the product come from, how was it made? Who made the product, how did it arrive at the store? Is it a healthy choice for you? A healthy choice for the Planet? How does this product benefit my local community? Will the money that changes hands be kept in the local economy, or go to a fat cat corporation, lining someone’s pockets you don’t know, somewhere outside your local community? Does the purchase you are going to make satisfy all the requirements of “Triple Bottom Line Accounting”? I am going to suggest that if it doesn’t, you walk away from the chocolate bar! Or the soda pop! Or the Shark Fin soup!

It is time to bring the balance of power in the World to the People that will treat the Planet with respect. Dysfunctional decision makers and corporations can only exist if we are dysfunctional ourselves. If we step away from dysfunctional behavior, the decision makers and corporations of the future will have no choice but to follow. By making better decisions ourselves decision makers and corporations will have to make better decisions, or go the way of the Dinosaur…

World Paddle For The Planet***World Paddle For The Planet, September 13, 2014, Tofino, British Columbia. Join us!***


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Living Closer And Larger-SUP Radio


Christian Wagley writer of The Paddler's Planet on www.supradioshow.com

Christian Wagley

The Paddler’s Planet by Christian Wagley


Last weekend I hosted a group of friends at my home to celebrate my visiting mother’s 71st birthday. We all sat in the shade of my front porch, enjoying ample food and beverage as my front-yard garden took-in the warmth of the fading late afternoon sun.

Near the end of the gathering one of my friends came to me and said: “You know, this is what people around here used to do.” He talked about how his family did more of this when he was growing-up–simple gatherings of friends over good food and good conversation—and how enjoyable it is. And that got me thinking more about those simpler ways, not in pursuit of nostalgia, but for better living more in harmony with the planet. It sure seems like we have simple get-togethers with friends less often than did previous generations. Just a few decades ago Americans had less disposable income to eat at restaurants, or to pay for gas to travel out-of-town or even across town.

A Simpler Way The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP Radio

There was no Internet or three hundred cable TV channels to distract, either. For all of these reasons the simple joy of being at or close-to-home with friends was a bigger part of life, as people gathered for home meals, picnics, and with fellow members at fraternal organizations.The arrival of cheap gasoline and big highways enticed us to travel farther away rather than to stay local, and to add complication and haste to our lives. Instead of healthier food made fresh at home, we bought restaurant food often of lower quality.

High-speed travel, mass-produced food, and running around trying to do more and more in less time–all of this takes us away from a closer relationship with the Earth. Instead of seeking to go elsewhere, we can create pleasant spaces in our homes, yards, and neighborhoods, and come-together there rather than using more fossil fuels to travel to far-off places.

Homegrown food. The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP RadioThat’s what we did for my mother’s birthday. We had more time for good conversation and laughs because we weren’t driving way across town, and proximity to the garden brought its own benefits. We cut sprigs of mint from the front yard to scent our iced tea. I also picked fresh plums from my pair of trees and brought an overflowing bowl to the porch for all to share.

And we sat outside where we could enjoy the open air and the calming green of the garden. I’ve long noticed that if the surroundings are pleasant, we give much less notice to extremes of heat or cold that would otherwise bother us in lesser surroundings. That means we can get by with less need for supplemental heat or air conditioning.Home, Christian Wagley & The Paddler's Planet SUP Radio

The simpler way, and the better place to go for planetary and personal health, is close-to-home. It’s the front porch, out in the yard, and in the neighborhood park. Staying local with good friends may seem like living smaller. Clearly, though, connecting with our friends in a pleasant environment, enjoying good conversation, all the while using fewer natural resources—that really is living larger.


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Mother Earth The Biggest Underdog-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy


Strange! We recognize, and often cheer for the underdog. Witness the sports fan who can appreciate a come from behind “Hail Mary” in the last few seconds of a football game. Or, a game winning goal in the dying seconds of a hockey game. Or, an end run in a golf game by an unknown player to unseat a well-known player. Rocky. Etc. etc. We willingly pay the participants of these games millions of dollars for the feel good high that comes from watching someone defy the odds. Vicarious living at its pinnacle!

Even more Strange! Mother Earth is currently the biggest underdog we have ever seen, yet very few people are pulling for her. We appear to have an inability to recognize her as an underdog. Not only are we not pulling for her, we seemingly take pleasure in the circumstances that have led to her status as the biggest underdog in history. She has willingly and freely given us life, air, water, land, trees, food, animals, fish, etc, etc, without expectation. Need trees to build with, our plan, just clear cut a forest, and Mother Earth lets us. Need sea food, we cleverly design apparatus that will harvest an entire ocean until there is nothing left, and Mother Earth lets us. Oil, let’s suck every last drop out of the ground, again Mother Earth obliges us, etc. etc.Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet-SUP Radio Show

Beyond Strange! We say we are the most intelligent life on the Planet. A part of our intelligence gives us the ability to recognize. For example, we have the intelligence to recognize parasites, and what they do. Parasites will attach themselves to a host and feed until there is nothing left to feed on, a process that kills the host, and along with it the parasite that feeds on it. Apparently, in spite of our intelligence, we don’t have the good sense to recognize that as a species, we are demonstrating parasite like behavior. One might argue that a parasite feeds solely to survive, without consideration for their host. They don’t appear to have the intelligence to know that they are killing the very host they need to survive. What does it say about our species, a species that is aware our actions are killing our host, that we carry on feeding anyways? Makes a person wonder if we are anywhere near the most intelligent species on Earth?

Our fearless leader, Leslie Kolovich from the Sup Radio Show, has been struggling with her health recently, challenges with her heart. This past week she went through a surgical procedure that we are all hoping will send her down the road to health again. I watched an outpouring of love and caring for Leslie as she shared her experiences with us all in a very personal and public way. A phrase that came up time and again was “Take Care”. I am pretty sure we all mean it when we say “Take Care”. I am not sure if we truly take the time to consider what we are saying when we say it. It occurs to me that we sometimes say things out of social convention, rather than intentional purpose, kind of like a common greeting. Hey Ralph, long time no see, how you doing? Great to see you too Bob, pretty good, have to run now, great talking to you! Ok, take care. One can substitute any names you can think of, this is a conversation that happens a lot around the Globe.

Paddle For The Planet Bob Purdy and Son Chad- SUP Radio“Take Care” is a phrase I do not take lightly. For me that phrase comes from a deep place. When I say “Take Care” I will do anything to help a person achieve the sentiment. For example, if a person takes the time to talk to me about their health, especially when there are challenges, together we will explore cause/effect and solutions. If a person is overweight, and they are wanting to take action to improve their health, my life experience allows me to offer options that might assist them in their journey. One thing I know for sure, is that in order to regain a healthy state, change will be required. Achieving that state of health will take action and effort, changing diet, starting exercise, etc. etc. Total lifestyle change is required to have success with a project of this magnitude. For my part in the “Taking Care” I feel a responsibility to offer whatever life experience, knowledge and support I have that might be helpful. I will offer unconditional support to a person who has the courage to take action and go through the changes that will transform them into something better. ‘Taking Care” is not a phrase to me, it is a process. The act of “Taking Care” is not limited to myself. “Taking Care” involves people, places, things and actions outside of myself. It involves recognizing the state of all life that I am fortunate enough to share this Planet with, and ensuring that health is an option for all life on the Planet.

Abuse of any kind is torture for me. Watching someone eat unhealthy food is torture for me. Watching Mother Earth take the abuse we heap on her is torture for me. The subject matter that passes for news in todays World is torture for me. Knowing that physical, mental, emotional, spiritual abuse is ongoing every day is torture for me. Poverty, homelessness and starvation is torture for me. Species extinction is torture for me. Etc. etc. We have a lot we could be “Taking Care of” in today’s World. I’m thinking that if we all “Take Care” today we can “Change the Way we live on the Planet”! From the depths of my Soul, will you “Take Care” today?…


World Paddle For The Planet***World Paddle for the Planet September 13, 2014 Tofino, British Columbia***




Who Am I? SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

Who am I?

I am a “Two Legged”. I am part Caucasian. I am part African American. I am part Chinese. I am part Native American. I am part Japanese. I am part Eskimo. I am part East Indian. I am part Maori. I am part Hawaii’n. I am part Male. I am part Female. I am part Monkey. I am part Whale. I am part Salmon. I am part Eagle. I am part Bear. I am part Loon. I am part Gazelle. I am part Frog. I am part Dolphin. I am part Lion. I am part Snake. I am part Pelican. I am part Elephant.Bob Purdy and Leslie Kolovich Standing Up for the Planet SUP Radio I am part Tree.


I am part Bullrush. I am part Flower. I am part Weed. I am part Seaweed. I am part Crab. I am part Shark. I am part Octopus. I am part Rock. I am part River.

I am part Ocean. I am part Lake. I am part Mountain. I am part Valley. I am part Asparagus. I am part Carrot. I am part Potato. I am part Broccoli. I am part Cricket. I am part Ant.

I am part Mosquito. I am part Bumble Bee. I am part Praying Mantis. I am part Spider. I am part Dr. Seuss. I am part Wicked Witch of the West. I am part Chaos. I am part Order. I am part Wild. I am part Tame. I am part Star Dust. I am part Dirt.

I am pure light and I am total darkness. I am everything, and I am nothing. I am not stuck in traffic, I am part of the traffic. I am the same, yet I am different…


In my World:

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy-SUP RadioIn my World “Mother Earth” is home. In my World everyone, and everything are my Relations. In my World our footprints are light and our footprints are invisible. In my World community is inclusive. In my World Life moves in time with Nature. In my World the Air is pure and fresh.

In my World the Sky is blue. In my World Water is clear and clean. In my World Land use is sustainable use. In my World there is compassion for all Life. In my World there are no borders. In my World there are no nations.

In my World there are no wars. In my World people live sustainably. In my World people are cooperative. In my World there is no place for poverty. In my World drugs are nonexistent. In my World there is no law, people know the right thing to do. In my world there are no weapons, there is nothing to protect. In my World differences are celebrated.

In my World no one is superior. In my World gratitude is practiced daily. In my World there is no theft, there is nothing to steal. In my World battlegrounds of old are now Playgrounds. In my World all people are fully alive and engaged. In my World I am a teeny, tiny part of a huge and intricate web of life. In my World, I am you and you are me…

My World is a work in progress…

***World Paddle for the Planet September 13, 2014 Tofino, British Columbia*** 


Guided Meditation With Leslie Kolovich-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio ShowFriday Morning with Leslie Kolovich

I am about to have a heart CT scan this morning, so I am working on breathing and relaxing my mind. I decided to record a mindfulness meditation called Awareness of Breath by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  I wonder if this could be the first guided meditation done to folk music? So find a quiet place for 9.5 minutes and let yourself simply be. Peace, Love and Calm Heart~Leslie Kolovich

Enjoy the podcast now:

Music by Forest Williams


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