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Namwayut “We Are All One” SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle

Standing Up For The Planet by Bob Purdy


Namwayut (“We are all One”)

I have paddled my Standup PaddleSurfer every day since January 1, 2011 to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”. As I sit and write this, that works out to 1,212 Days in a row. Why? Why, would I subject myself to every condition you can imagine, every emotion you can possibly think of and then some, every day of the year for more than three years now?

It’s very simple really! “Paddle for the Planet” exists to build an inclusive and connected community for all Life on the Planet, period. “Paddle for the Planet” is my effort to make sure we have a Planet worth handing off to future generations.

So, what does that mean, building an inclusive and connected community? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines inclusive as open to everyone, not limited to certain people, and connected as joined or linked together.Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet SUP Radio Show

What does inclusive mean to you? Does it mean that men and women are on equal footing? Does it mean that people of all colors have the same right to fair and respectful treatment? Does it mean that a religious person and an atheist can drink from the same well? Does it mean that the homeless person down the street can enter the houses of the privileged? Does it mean that bully’s and victims can share the same space? Does it mean that any person can go anywhere they want, anytime they want, anywhere in the World? Are people today inclusive?

What does it mean to be connected? Is connection just a tribal thing, like minded groups banding together to project a philosophy or opinion on the World? Is it possible for a person to be connected to a rock? Is a Salmon joined or linked to a Bear? Are the Sun, Moon and Stars connected? How about math and astrology, psychics and scientists?

We humans have become accustomed to using labels to describe everything in the World we can perceive. We have further projected duality onto these labels. Good or bad, happy or sad, superior or inferior, wealthy or poor, jock or nerd, white collar or blue collar, my way or the highway, left or right? Left or right can be a direction, or a political bent, we humans love to make things complicated. We humans have also become accustomed to attaching judgement to our labels.

The more we attach labels to everything, the more distant we become from Nature. We pride ourselves around the World with creating borders to give birth to nationality, pride and privilege. I have yet to see a hurricane recognize a border. We pride ourselves with “managing” Natural resources, and yet the Colorado River does not reach its estuary anymore. We even allow ourselves the illusion of conquering space as illustrated by the massive amounts of space junk floating around in the atmosphere. Is a Tsunami selective about what “country’s” shores it will hit? A flood will happily drown a child, a tree, a building or a pet. Nature is definitely inclusive.

Like it or not, everything is connected. It is our disconnection that creates challenges and problems. Our World view is upside down. We have forgotten that we are part of, not in control of Nature. Building an inclusive and connected community to me, means that we recognize our fragile connection to everything on the Planet. When we go to the store to buy vegetable oil, we are connected to the forests of Borneo, and the Orangutan that are being killed to supply that vegetable oil. When we let our vehicles sit and idle, we are connected to every step of the process that provides that fuel. When we allow our decision makers greed and corruption, we support the degradation that is sure to follow.

Bob Purdy, "Build Inclusive, Connected Communities For All Life On The Planet"One last duality that we like to bandy about is, positive or negative. As much as I dislike labels, these are two that will shape the World for future generations, and our place in it. Building an inclusive and connected community to me, means taking steps today to ensure the human race, and all life on the Planet survives into the future. We are having a serious negative effect on the Planet today, and as a result have placed all life in harm’s way. We have already managed to extinct a wide variety of life and all the connections that went with them. Our obsession with making and saving money is literally killing the Planet, and that is a negative. We are sucking the Natural resources out of the Earth at an unsustainable rate, and destroying many connections to the Natural World in the process.

It is time to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”, to build an inclusive and connected community for all Life on the Planet! It is time to elevate “Mother Earth” to the top of all our decision making processes and consider the effects of our actions to all of Nature. It is time to think about the consequences of our actions. Where does the water in the plastic bottle come from, how is the bottle made, and how will it be disposed of? Thinking in that way builds an inclusive and connected community for all Life on the Planet! Change one negative to a positive today and start a wave of Change! Witness the ripple effect of Change by changing just one thing. That ripple effect will have you searching for more things to Change. That ripple effect will catch the attention of your circle and they will potentially begin their own “Wave of Change”! No waiting for government to do the right thing, or for corporations to figure out that money is not the end run.

You can start today by Changing just one thing! You can build an inclusive and connected community for all Life on the Planet today by Changing just one thing! At this point the choice is still ours to make, if we act now we can stop the bleeding. It is time to come together to create a World worth handing off to future generations!… Namwayut!…

***World Paddle For The Planet September 13th, Tofino, British Columbia***



Killer Mullet VS Paddleboarder-SUP Radio

I was going through some old photos and videos today and found one of my most harrowing adventures!  August 29, 2010. **Warning** If you are on heart medicine like I am make sure you have taken it before viewing. This video may be suitable for all ages, prepare to laugh at me, with me, for me. Whatever. This was a fun day and I’m glad I lived through it. What a close call with nature!~Leslie


Find Beauty Wherever You Are-SUP Radio

Christian Wagley writer of The Paddler's Planet on www.supradioshow.comThe Paddler’s Planet by Christian Wagley

I’ve spent the past few days camping along the shores of a remote bay in North Florida, enjoying the sights, sounds, and pace of rural life. As I stretch my legs out to capture the setting sun of another fine day, I can appreciate and offer thanks for all that is before me.

For me, it’s all a reminder that as happy as I am here, I can be just as happy wherever I go, city or country, bayside or poolside.The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP Radio


Sheltered beneath the porch of the fish camp office, I watch pelicans preen themselves from atop dock pilings a few feet away, then scramble into the water to beg for handouts from a fisherman cleaning his catch. Gulls call constantly overhead, and my eyes squint each time I look up at the bay waters sparkling before me.


There’s a healthy smell in the air that affirms the productivity of this little bay. Fish, decaying marsh grass and seagrass, and the salt air, combine to calm my mind and bring back warm memories. Every place that has smelled like this, throughout my life, has brought me pleasant experiences–especially childhood trips to the beach with my mother.


The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP RadioBetween paddling trips, I sit in my chair along the shoreline and enjoy the primal draw of the water. I watch and listen as the rythyms of the little bay take shape before me.


Small waves from the afternoon breeze lap at the shore. Tides go in and out, exposing the mudflats where all shapes of life swim, burrow, and crawl. Then, the early evening sun enlivens the marsh in a bath of warm light.


Nestled in my tent at night brings me close to the rythyms of people, too. Millions of shrimp burrow down in the mud bottom during the day, but move to the top of the seagrass overnight. Not one to let an opportunity go untapped, our human appetite leads us to follow their daily rhythms.


Beginning an hour or so into the darkness comes a procession of small shrimp boats, seven in all I counted from my tent as their motors gurgle through the shallows in passing. The boats return in the middle of the night to share their bounty. The light, the waves, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the passing boats all help me to feel the pulse of the bay.The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP Radio


While we tend to romanticize the rural life, opening my senses to this world before me leads me to a place so wonderful that it needs no embellishment. In two days I will be back in my home in the walkable little downtown where I live, and I will find just as much to romanticize there.


There is great beauty most anywhere we go in this world, though its form varies from place to place. Look for that beauty expecting to find it and you will most likely will, whether on a paddle in the most remote place or sitting at a sidewalk café along a vibrant city street.



A Mountain On My Path-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio ShowSoulful Uplifting People by Leslie Kolovich

Listen now:

Well here I sit in my usual spot on my couch. The universe seems to have dropped a mountain in front of my path with health issues that are absolutely weird! Enjoy this podcast as I talk about the messages we often ignore as we cruise along our paths in life. The Universe sent me a message I could not ignore. Mt Olympus in Salt Lake City, Ut. SUP Radio Show

Music by Forest Williams 

Our Mother, Earth-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle


Standing Up For The Planet by Bob Purdy


I am at a loss for words. Why are we still doing what we are doing to “Mother Earth”?…

~~Bob Purdy

Bob Purdy Paddling For The Planet Alone


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