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Making a World Class Effort in 2014-SUP Radio

Purdy Long StairsStanding Up For The Planet

A Weekly Blog by Bob Purdy~

“My old enemy, Stairs”!

“Reluctant Kung Fu Panda Master Po” authored one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies, “Kung Fu Panda 2”! Po is a somewhat famous, somewhat klutzy, somewhat out of shape, Panda Bear who somehow came to be a Master of Kung Fu in spite of himself and in the movie he manages to bring order to chaos!

Po’s real enemy was in a castle at the top of those stairs, which made his statement all the more funny in the movie! He captured the essence of apprehension perfectly in one simple statement, a statement which also included the perfect facial expression. It’s the kind of statement and expression that I associate with “New Year’s Resolutions”!

I forget the actual stat, however it is a very high number of “New Year’s Resolutions” that fail. Take weight loss for example, the majority of health and exercise programs will fail within the first two weeks, with what’s left of the rest failing shortly afterwards. Relationships are another “New Year’s Resolution” that often head for the pile of bones born of unreasonable expectations. Binge and purge, binge and purge is a cycle that we humans tend towards, and the formula rarely succeeds.

Part of the reason for the high failure rates is pressure to conform, society has arbitrarily picked New Years to make significant change, and ready or not we all tend to dive in! “My old enemy, stairs”. What if we could stack the odds in favor of success? Make a relevant choice, stick to it until it is achieved and incorporate it into our daily lives because it makes sense! What if we put the words “World Class” in front if whatever resolution we choose to make.

Purdy Short Stairs“World”, according to Webster’s is “The Earth and all the people and things on it” and “Class” means “The best of its kind”. The combination of “World and Class” creates an expression, “World Class”, used to define something that is “The best for Earth and all the people and things on it”. Would it make a difference if the resolution you want to make is “World Class”. This definition of “World Class” makes unobtanium obtainable to the masses, it’s not something that just a few rare people on the Planet are capable of. We are all capable of doing things that are “The best for Earth and all the people and things on it”!

Dieting and exercising are not only good for you, they are good for the Earth and everything on it! “World Class” relationships are a no brainer in my World, anything less is, well, less. 2014 has the potential to be an amazing year! As you stand at the bottom of the stairs with apprehension, just take that first step, that first “World Class” step and start your climb to an amazing year!…

Thank you all for an amazing 2013, looking forward to catching up with you in 2014!

Bob Purdy, Standup Paddle Surfing Elder in Training from “Paddle for the Planet”!

The Tree Of Hope A Tree Of Action-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet


Standing Up For The Planet

A Weekly blog by Bob Purdy






This is Kelowna’s “Tree of Hope”! It was created by a local developer a few years ago, and has become an iconic symbol of Christmas for us here in the Okanagan!

Kelowna's Tree of Hope

It stands about 8 stories tall, has approximately 25,000 lights, and has become a beacon of light for a few weeks each year. I prefer to call it the “Tree of Action” as donations for a variety of causes are accepted every year on behalf of the “Tree of Hope”! So many benefits to so many people, all because one person made a decision to share the “Spirit of Giving”!

Bob and Sharon Purdy




Sharon and I want to wish you all the best for Christmas, and “Paddle for the Planet” thanks you for an amazing year! We are blessed with your gifts of friendship, and will see you on the water soon! Mele Kalikimaka to you all!…

Winter Solstice A Reminder To Live With The Seasons-SUP Radio

Christian Wagley and Leslie Kolovich at Meet and Greet WPFTP 2013The Paddler’s Planet with Leslie Kolovich and Christian Wagley

Listen Now:

Winter solstice is a reminder to live with the seasons

By Christian Wagley


The season is changing as the winter solstice comes to the northern hemisphere on December 21, with the shortest day of the year helping to mark the natural ebb and flow of life on Earth. Join Leslie and Christian to learn more about how humans have celebrated the solstice over time, and how people and nature adjust to the winter season–this time on The Paddler’s Planet.Winter photo credit US Fish and Wildlife Service


The winter solstice for those of us north of the equator is the point at which the sun makes its farthest reach into the southern hemisphere, right along the Tropic of Capricorn—a line of latitude at 23.5 degrees south of the equator. If you stood along this line at 12 noon on December 21, you would cast no shadow as the sun is directly overhead.


So if the days now begin getting longer and the sun stronger, why does the weather continue to get colder into winter? It’s because of the presence of the oceans. Our oceans release heat very slowly, holding onto the heat built during the summer months and creating a lag in temperature that moderates our climate and makes life as we know it possible.Chart provided by NASA

 Early humans were intimately in-touch with the changing seasons, traditionally feasting in late fall and early winter, taking advantage of the large harvest and putting on weight to help them get through the lean times of winter. They also slowed down and took shelter to stay warm, creating a natural period of rest. Nature does the same—plants go dormant; animals put on more fur and even hibernate; fish swim to deeper, warmer waters.

Stonehenge photo by Stonehengetours.com

As many of us look to live in better harmony with the planet, slowing down for the winter and respecting the natural flow of life and energy is a great way to help get there. Celebrate the solstice this Saturday and honor the changing seasons along with our plant and animal friends—it’s the natural and easy way to live–this week on The Paddler’s Planet.


Melody Bogle Plein Air Artist-SUP Radio Show

Our Coastal Art Scene with Claire Bannerman

Listen Now:

Claire Bannerman at the 30A Radio Studio with John Rosenberg and Jennifer SteeleHello I’m Claire  Bannerman. Joining me in the studio today is Melody Bogle here to talk about her recent opening showcasing her incredible plein air art.  The show is called, Coastal DestinationsThe Carmel Sea and The Emerald Coast, at the Hidden Lantern Art Gallery in Rosemary Beach, Florida.Melody Bogle Plein Air Artist





Melody Bogle, plein air artist, grew up on a farm in rural Alabama and moved to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Walton County Florida before these beautiful beaches had been discovered by the rest of the world.

Her professional career was with the FAA as an air traffic controller at Chicago ARTCC and in Memphis.

Melody studied with David Lefell, Albert Handel, Maggie Price, Barbara Flowers, Carolyn Anderson, Roger Dale Brown and Anatoly Deverin, painting still, life, figures and plein air, in oils and pastels.  Many of them are present day Masters.  She particularly enjoys working with pastels. She describes her excitement of seeing pure true, vivid colors in a box of wonderful pastels.  Melody has been President of the Pastel Society of North Florida and has won awards in National Shows.
Melody Bogle Coastal Destinations Art Opening
Melody Bogle likes to paint “still and quiet places”. This is why plein air style fits with her so well. Plein air is a French word meaning, “in open air“. She teaches weekly pastel art classes at Bayou Arts Center in Santa Rosa Beach for the Cultural Arts Alliance here in Walton County.
Melody Bogle Fine Art – melodybogle.com
Coastal Destinations – will run thru February 16th, 2014

Share Aloha And Talk Story This Christmas Holiday-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The PlanetStanding Up For The Planet

A Weekly Blog by Bob Purdy~



Some words just grab you! Aloha is one of those words for me! It is one of those words with multiple meanings. Aloha can be used to say hello. Aloha can be used to say goodbye. Over the years I have discovered that there is much more meaning to Aloha!

Wei or Wai depending on where in the territory you live also means hello and goodbye in the Syilx language of the Okanagan Nation where I live. Actually it doesn’t mean that, more correctly it gets used for that. I discovered that the Syilx people, like many indigenous cultures don’t really have a word for hello or goodbye! I also discovered that Aloha is much the same. I love a good mystery so I dug a bit deeper.


I found out that Aloha indeed has multiple meanings. I have found many interpretations in my research and the one I absolutely love is “The joyful sharing of life in the present moment”! An elder in Hawaii shared that with me, and Aloha has had a deep and powerful meaning for me ever since!

How different would the World be if we all took the time to experience “The joyful sharing of life in the present moment”? How different would the World be if we shared the “Spirit” of Aloha?

Let’s explore this a bit! “Sharing”, according to Webster’s means to “partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others” and “to tell (thoughts, feelings, or experiences) with others. “Life” is an interesting word to try and give meaning to. One of Webster’s attempts is “the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body. Fairly clinical, however I do believe it is accurate! For the actively cerebral out there “joyful” is “experiencing, causing, or showing joy: HAPPY! Interesting that 2 out of the three definitions include the word “experience”.  I interpret all these definitions to mean “Experiencing what it is to be Fully Alive”.

How many of us are Fully Alive today? How many of us “Enjoy others”? How many are truly HAPPY?

How can a person spread and share the “Spirit” of Aloha? The Planet needs people to be “Fully Alive” more than at any other time in history. We have lost our connection to the Planet, and to each other. My favorite Way to share Aloha is “Talking Story”. In this busy World we have created, we don’t often take time to “Talk Story”. I’m not talking about the fluff that passes for conversation today, I’m talking real conversation that goes below the surface of “Hi how are you”, and then walking off without really hearing the reply. I’m talking real conversation that reveals something about the person you are talking to. I’m talking real conversation that might lead to a solution of the myriad of challenges we are facing in the World today. I’m talking about real conversation, maybe with a few laughs thrown in.

Want to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”? “Talk Story” with someone over the Christmas Holidays! Share Aloha with each other! Want to “Change the Way we live on the Planet” this Christmas? Stop and think about what the Planet is giving up to provide all those presents under the tree. Share Aloha with the Planet! Want to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”? Share your “Fully Alive” self. Share Aloha!

Aloha from “Paddle for the Planet”!…

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