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Singer/Songwriter Gabe Gomez-SUP Radio

Gabe GomezHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Gabe Gomez.  He is a singer/songwriter with a sound that takes you to a warm beach with friends gathered around a fire after a great day of surfing.  His album, “In my island” has 11 original songs with him playing the Ukulele, and guitar.  Gabe talks about growing up surrounded with music playing all the time.  His father was a huge fan of the Beatles and both parents are Columbian so the vibrant sounds of Latino music filled their house.  Gabe was born and raised in Miami beach another great place for music influence.  However, it was a trip to Hawaii that really influenced Gabe.  He truly saw and felt the colors of  island music and where he learned to play the ukulele which he has never put down since.

Gabe takes us on his journey of writing music starting out when he was a teenager and into rock and roll with an “angry at the world” feel.  Gabe says when he started to surf life changed for him, and his songwriting started to reflect this change.  He became more in touch with the environment and the humbleness that one has when out on the ocean.  He is very involved with his local Surf Rider foundation and feels education is key to the survival of our planet.  We talk about his family, his spirituality and perspective on life and the roll music plays in his career as a firefighter.  He starts his day out with all three, two little boys his wife a deep belief in God, and music playing wherever he goes.

Gabe Gomez Music


We have a discussion on social media, which is how we connected through the SUP Community chain.  He met Ned Johnson of SUP Orlando who knew Momma C. in Dana Point, California who knew me who gave me Gabe’s info.  Small, but very large world.  He also met the artist who created his album cover through social media, Jay Alders.  As Gabe writes on his credits, “educate, respect and love”.  Simple messages are always the best. You can find Gabe at www.gabegomezmusic.com or iTunes.   I know you will enjoy this podcast.













I know you will enjoy this podcast.  

You can listen on Stitcher Radio or iTunes as well.

Molokai To Oahu With Jeremy Riggs-SUP Radio

Jeremy Riggs Photo by Franck BerthuotHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me from Maui is Jeremy Riggs.  Jeremy has competed in the M2O race 5 times with this year’s event being his first solo finish taking 27th overall.  This is very good considering this iconic downwind race had little to no wind making it a total grind causing many to drop out.


Jeremy describes the conditions leading up to the race, about watching approaching tropical storm Flossie suck the trade winds right out of the coarse.  Jeremy also describes the issues he experienced from having to paddle on one side so long.  Extreme cramping in his arms, chest, and legs made it almost impossible to reach into his pockets for food, let alone reach his mouth to take on needed fuel.Jeremy Riggs M2O


This year’s event fans were hoping to see a 3-peat for Conner Baxter, but it wasn’t meant to be on this eerily quiet course last Sunday. Conner had just come off a win the week before at the Maui Paddle Championships and was looking good.  But it was the Aussies that had the the upper hand for this windless grudge match.  Travis Grant wins on the mens side and Terrene Black  for the women.

Jeremy Riggs Surfing Maui

Jeremy trains and coaches downwinders in Maui.  You can visit his website www.paddlewithriggs.com


Enjoy the podcast now:

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes

Oceanographic Analysis For Cuba To Key West Paddle-SUP Radio

Hey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me this morning is Mitchell Roffer of Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service.  He and his company are providing the analysis of the Gulf Stream between Havana and Key West.  Mitchell has worked with Captain Bob Olin before when swimmer Chloe McCardel attempted to swim this route.  Mitchell talks about several variables Ben will facing especially being on a stand up paddle board.  He details for us the uncertain eddies, the powerful Gulf Stream and the effects of a possible tropical wave.  However, as of this morning Monday July 29th Ben’s mission looks to have favorable weather.  Mitchell’s team will provide hourly analysis for Ben’s boat crew.

Forecast For Cuba to Key West 7-28-13


You can track Ben on www.cubasup.com

Listen to the podcast now:


Lionfish Invading the Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean, And Parts Of The Atlantic-The Paddler’s Planet

Report LionfishInvasive lionfish are eating their way through the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean, and their destructive ways offer a cautionary tale for our affluent and far-flung ways of living.  The lionfish is a marine fish that only grows to about a foot long, but it’s packing an outsized impact on our waterways. They’re native to the western Pacific and Indian Ocean, where they are very abundant on the many coral reefs of those tropical oceans. Their beauty and unusual shape has long made them a popular aquarium fish. But somewhere along the way a few folks released their fish into the ocean off Florida. The lionfish found plenty of food and eventually other lionfish, and as they bred the fish have spread north to North Carolina, south into the Caribbean, and west into the Gulf of Mexico.

Residents of Florida are familiar with many invasives, as the State has seen more problems with invading plants and animals than any other in the contiguous 48 states. There are fire ants that sting your toes, popcorn trees choking wetland areas, and huge pythons slithering through the Everglades. And not to mention the walking catfish.  All of these are fascinating and beautiful creatures in their own right. But dropping them down into an ecosystem that has never seen them before is a recipe for trouble.

In the case of lionfish, larger fish don’t recognize them as food. And the smaller fish  don’t flee from them the way they normally would from a predator. The result is an explosion of lionfish, which can push out native fish like snapper and grouper.

Invasive Lionfish photo credit NOAA

 As always, paddlers can contribute to the solution. We can be aware of our surroundings and note anything out-of-order, including strange marine life like the lionfish. And we can live locally as much as we can—eating local food, using local products, and doing less travel, as it’s our globe-hopping ways that have sent all these plants and animals—purposefully or not—into foreign places where they can cause great harm. Learn more about lionfish and invasive species, this week on The Paddler’s Planet.~Written by Christian Wagley, co-host.

Enjoy the Podcast now:

You can also listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes.

Ben Friberg Plans To SUP Cuba To Key West-SUP Radio

Hey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is extreme endurance paddler Ben Friberg.  It’s been one year since he paddled for a world record 238 miles in 24 hours down the Yukon. He now is heading out the door of his home in Chattanooga Tennessee to attempt to be the first Stand Up Paddler to paddle from Cuba to Key West.  He has been on the phone daily for quite sometime with support boat captain, Bob Olin watching the weather closely, as possible tropical systems could effect the paddle. The paddle is 90 miles as the crow flies, which Ben could do in his sleep, however, there are so many variables to this paddle, hurricanes, trade winds, currents, and fluctuating Gulf Stream which will make it the most difficult 90 miles Ben will have ever done.  Ben calls this paddle an “obstacle course with Mother Nature“.  He hopes he can complete the 90 miles in 24 hours, but is preparing mentally for 40 hours straight.

Ben has a team of 4  joining him as support on the boat. Once they get to Cuba on Sunday the 28th or Monday the 29th they have a 3 day window of time to find the best weather to start the paddle.   You can follow the mission on his website www.cubasup.com 

Ben Friberg Endurance Paddler

Ben training on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga.

Enjoy the podcast for more detail on this journey with Ben.


You can listen on Stitcher Radio and iTunes


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