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Hurricanes And The Environment The Paddler’s Planet-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich and Christian Wagley for The Paddler's PlanetToday on The Paddler’s Planet, Christian and Leslie discuss a variety of topics related to HurricanesJune 1st is the official start of Hurricane season, and with a more active prediction for the season we wanted to give you as much information as possible in this segment.Hurricane





Hurricanes are the Planets way of redistributing heat away from the equator.  Christian explains this in much more detail in the podcast and shares with us how our  beaches and ecosystems benefit from these storms.  We talk about how tropical storms and hurricanes create new environments leaving nothing unexploited.  In nature,  something always moves in and benefits from these changes.  Shorebirds, are a good example, they thrive on the large wide open sandy areas left after a storm surge.

Hurricane WindWe discuss how humans can live in harmony with mother nature. Hurricanes have been happening for thousands of years as a way of creating renewal and keeping the earth’s temperatures balanced.  When people started building in flood zones, and building structures not meant to withstand known forces of nature in pathways of hurricanes, it is easy to see that we humans created a problem.  For nature, hurricanes are not a problem.  What can you do?  Build on higher ground, build structures that are stronger, know the flood zone before you build or buy, and if you live in a known flood zone make sure you are prepared to evacuate.  The RedCross has great information on how to prepare for hurricane season.  For those of us living along the coasts in possible pathways of hurricanes, we must educate ourselves, prepare for all situations and be a good neighbor when disaster strikes.
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Mark Jennings-Bates Rally4Life/SUP4Life-SUP Radio Show

Mark Jennings-BatesHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich, and joining me today is an amazing Philanthropic  adventurer  Mark Jennings-Bates, Peter Dodenhoff of CoolSurf SUP in Kelowna British Columbia.  Mark is well known around the world for racing cars, flying para gliders off mountain tops, running ultra marathons and now is planning a new challenge a 250+ km stand up paddle around Okanagan Lake in British Coumbia.Rally 4 Life







His foundation is called Rally4Life with a goal of raising 4 million dollars to help those in countries who do not have clean water.

He met Peter Dodenhoff an entrepreneur and paddle board enthusiast in Kelowna B.C.  and subsequently created a concept to help support Mark’s charity endeavors and 5 SUP4Life events are now planned for this summer .

SUP4LifePeter Dodenhoff Lake Okanagan










Both Mark and Peter are committed to making a difference, raising funds to build wells in impoverished countries.  Just one well could provide for 1,500 people for life with clean drinking water.

For more information on how you can get involved with Mark’s charity and SUP4Life events you can visit http://rally4life.org/sup4life-fundraiser  or contact cool surf@shaw.ca

Enjoy the podcast now:

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Memorial Day Tribute To The Late Lt. Roy Gates-SUP Radio Show

Lt. Roy GatesToday I am posting a wonderful little interview that I had the privilege of doing with the late Roy Gates per his request.  He wanted to tell his story, mainly about his thoughts about moving into a nursing home knowing this would be where his story from this lifetime would end.  I was the Activity Director and had the joy of getting to know him, and to help make the transition into long term care.  When we did this interview we had intended to continue with more, as Roy had more life experiences than most, but as time went on this 40 minutes is all we have recorded, that I am thankful for.

Roy was a paratrooper serving in WWII in Easy Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th parachute infantry regiment of the 101st Airborne.  This group was made famous by the award winning HBO production of The Band of Brothers.  Roy was an original Band of Brothers.




In this podcast we talk about wartime, and the highs and the lows of life after the war.  He’s very open and candid, and I think he did this to help others. He had passion for life, he had passion for people, I don’t think there ever was a person who didn’t enjoy spending time with him.  He passed away Feb 7, 2013 at the age of 91. To read more about Roy, Marcus Brotherton wrote a wonderful Memoriam.

Leslie Kolovich and Roy Gates 2012


Roy has a very special place in my heart.  He was the key person who told me to “FLY”, live my life, get outside of the 4 walls and clock punching and do what I was meant to be doing!  For this I am forever grateful.  I feel his spirit with me always. It’s good to hear his voice again in this podcast.  I had only known him when doing this interview just a few months, but was able to spend almost 2 years with him before he passed from this life.  I count myself honored.








Enjoy the podcast now:

The Paddler’s Planet With Christian Wagley-SUP Radio Show

Christian Wagley


Hey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and I’m excited to introduce to you our new weekly show called The Paddler’s Planet.  I’m even more excited to introduce to you my co-host for this show, Christian Wagley.  Christian has a masters degree in biology focusing on coastal zone studies, and as a avid sea kayaker he paddles with a very observant eye.  He is an expert on many environmental issues, and through this show will share his knowledge on many issues that we as paddlers can assist scientists and other environmental advocates by being firsthand observers.  As paddlers there is no doubt we are passionate for our waterways.  It is our goal through this show to help all of us understand the vital role we each play in protecting our planet and how each of us can really make a difference.


Leslie Kolovich and Christian Wagley for The Paddler's PlanetWe want to hear from you our listeners about what you are seeing in your waterways, questions you would like us to address, or topics you would like us to discuss.  Email us as supradioshow@gmail.com

Enjoy the Podcast Now:

Also I am now writing a monthly column  also called The Paddler’s Planet in The Paddler Ezine

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Norm Hann Totally Committed To The Environment, Documentary “Stand”-SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today is one of my favorite Planet Paddlers, Norm Hann.  Norm and I have a wonderful conversation about his latest documentary called “Stand” brought to you by the QuickSilver Foundtion.  This is the 2nd film and expedition through the Haida Gwaii off of British Columbia, a 220 mile paddle to raise awareness of what is at risk with a proposed oil tanker route.

We also talk about the importance of being connected with our environment, raising our youth to love and protect it, and getting back to simple, getting off the grid, and communicating with our voices.




Norm grew up in Ontario with parents and grandparents that helped him appreciate nature.  In this podcast Norm recalls  summers as a child with his parents taking him to his grandfather’s cabin to fish and explore the great outdoors.  These experiences gave him such a great base for his passion for the planet.

It is our challenge to all to get connected to the environment, make sure our youth have the opportunity to be outdoors and experience all it has to offer.  Norm is an outstanding person, a role model for all of the world.

You can help support the Great Bear Rainforest and in turn the planet.  One person starts a wave, and  as said by our mutual friend, Bob Purdy, “collectively we can send a Wave of Change to the World!”

For More photos visit my Tumblr

Enjoy the podcast Now:

Thank you to my sponsor of today’s segment Precision Paddleboards

This show originally was posted December 4, 2012.  Norm is bringing this film to World Paddle For The Planet in October here in Panama City Beach Florida!  Join us!Precision Paddleboards


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