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Ocean Crest Alliance Founder Joe Ierna-SUP Radio Show

ocean crest alliance logoHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Joe Ierna, the founder of Ocean Crest Alliance.  I met Joe last year at the SUP’n Kids event in St. Pete.   Ocean Crest Alliance is about inspiring ocean awareness and education globally through community.  They work along side many groups with ocean initiatives with a goal of protecting 20% of oceans by 2020. Right now our oceans are critically unprotected with just over 1% being protected or managed.

Joe lives in the Bahamas and one of the initiatives Ocean Crest Alliance, Bahamas National Trust, and The Nature Conservancy are working on together is the Proposed Bahamas Marine Protected Area, specifically, Long Island Marine Management Area 480,000 acres +/-.  They have approached this with reaching out to the locals, working to protect the cultural heritage value of the community.  Education and communication is key for any change, especially for a sustainable planet.Long Island Bahamas

Deans Blue Hole BahamasJoe talks about the importance of creating Marine Managed Areas, that are enforced because one can have all kinds of rules on paper, but without enforcement it does not work.  His theory, education and enforcement equals marine conservation.  Also, he stresses, the approach for change needs to been done in a positive way.  The ocean is key to so many aspects of human life both inland and coastal.  It connects us all.  If the ocean isn’t healthy we all suffer.   The planet needs change now, and with the social media and online information systems we have right now, more people can spread the word and significant changes will happen. Again, we talk about how making small changes in our daily lives, educating, listening, and doing will make a difference.

Be sure to check out SUP’nKids this summer, it’s a wonderful event for families in beautiful St. Pete Florida!  Jo Jo Braddock and the Super Star Bailey Rosen along with the Ocean Crest Alliance Team, run this event, and are for sure fantastic examples of people being ocean advocates!Sponge Industry in the Bahamas

Enjoy the podcast now:

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