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Paddle For Life Bringing The World Together-SUP Radio Show

British Prime Minister David Cameron and David TrainHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me from Fladbury England is David Train.  David is the founder of Paddle For Life a philosophy which stems from the ancient Chinese sport of Dragon Boat racing.  David tells us his story about being asked by his village Rector to build a few canoes to keep children out of trouble.  At first his answer was, “no”, but the Rector said to him, “what about your duty to society?”  David built the boats.  This is where it all starts for him.  A canoe club was formed for the children of the village, which has had a 100 competitive racers emerge, in fact Olympic champions in which he coached in 4 Olympics for England.

David Train Paddle For Life

Over 3,000 children took part in the relay.

David tells us the connection of the Chinese Dragon Boats and the circumstances that put him into finding a way to get a message to America.  It is the ancient story the Dragon Boats carry that gave him the idea to create a boat that everyone could paddle, and send a message to the world.  His journey started 20 years ago, and the Bell boat was created.  The Bell boat is similar to having 2 OC4 boats connected, making it easy for anyone to paddle.  The theory, get more people on the water, it worked! David tells how he has been able to  take his boats and paddles around the globe getting world leaders to sign paddles committing to help solve climate change problems. He hopes to voyage from Frankfurt, Germany to Bonn and the United Nations centre for Climate Change and sustainability. Having a huge Regatta of paddlers with flags of different countries and paddles for leaders to sign.  David believes“we can change the world through our children”, and paddling together with the message, “Saving Our Home on Our Blue Planet- with a Paddle for Life”, can and will make a difference.

Bell Boat Presentation in Weifang China

 David has a long list of people he has gotten to sign including Tony Blair, William Hague, foreign secretary, Alex Salmond, first minister for Scotland and many other British leaders, together with people and children from Worcestershire.  He has also been to  Wisconsin, USA and 2 senators, and the Governor’s signatures on the paddle.  He has challenged me to get President Obama’s signature, while he trys to get the Queen of England.  It can happen.  David is on the right path, and has made huge progress with world leaders. He talks about his experience in China which was very positive.   He believes it’s because his Bell boat is made in honor of their Dragon Boat traditions.  It was more than a pleasure speaking with David.  I know you will be inspired to help get your local, and State leaders on board with Paddle For Life!

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Paddle For Life Philosophy Documentary Film-SUP Radio Show

Enjoy this powerful documentary film showcasing David Train from the United Kingdom and his philosophy of Paddle For Life, and vision to get the world on board to solve climate change.  I had the privilege of interviewing him today, the podcast interview to follow tomorrow.


Raw Foods Make For A Healthy Breakfast Jenny Kalmbach-SUP Radio Show

SUP Fuel

SUP Fuel, Mind, Body, and Soul

Hey there! This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me is elite racer Jenny Kalmbach. She shares her favorite Oatmeal recipe given to her from her aunt, she affectionately calls it Aunt Mimi’s Raw Oatmeal.

Enjoy this simple, hearty, healthy recipe to fuel you through a long paddle, racing or just heading out the door to punch the clock for the 8- 5 workday.

Jenny Kalmbach’s Oatmeal Day Starter

1/2 c raw oats
1/2 c water and 3/4 c water
1 ripe banana
1 Tbls walnuts or almonds
1 tsp honey
1/2 tsp vanilla
handful of dates

Pour 1/2 c water over oats. Let soak for 5 minutes. Blend 3/4 c water, banana, nuts, honey and vanilla until smooth (this is the “nut milk”). Pour over soaked oatmeal. Top with extra dried fruit and nuts.
Don’t forget to top with a dash of cinnamon a very good spice for our body.

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Original air date August 2011

Ocean Crest Alliance Founder Joe Ierna-SUP Radio Show

ocean crest alliance logoHey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Joe Ierna, the founder of Ocean Crest Alliance.  I met Joe last year at the SUP’n Kids event in St. Pete.   Ocean Crest Alliance is about inspiring ocean awareness and education globally through community.  They work along side many groups with ocean initiatives with a goal of protecting 20% of oceans by 2020. Right now our oceans are critically unprotected with just over 1% being protected or managed.

Joe lives in the Bahamas and one of the initiatives Ocean Crest Alliance, Bahamas National Trust, and The Nature Conservancy are working on together is the Proposed Bahamas Marine Protected Area, specifically, Long Island Marine Management Area 480,000 acres +/-.  They have approached this with reaching out to the locals, working to protect the cultural heritage value of the community.  Education and communication is key for any change, especially for a sustainable planet.Long Island Bahamas

Deans Blue Hole BahamasJoe talks about the importance of creating Marine Managed Areas, that are enforced because one can have all kinds of rules on paper, but without enforcement it does not work.  His theory, education and enforcement equals marine conservation.  Also, he stresses, the approach for change needs to been done in a positive way.  The ocean is key to so many aspects of human life both inland and coastal.  It connects us all.  If the ocean isn’t healthy we all suffer.   The planet needs change now, and with the social media and online information systems we have right now, more people can spread the word and significant changes will happen. Again, we talk about how making small changes in our daily lives, educating, listening, and doing will make a difference.

Be sure to check out SUP’nKids this summer, it’s a wonderful event for families in beautiful St. Pete Florida!  Jo Jo Braddock and the Super Star Bailey Rosen along with the Ocean Crest Alliance Team, run this event, and are for sure fantastic examples of people being ocean advocates!Sponge Industry in the Bahamas

Enjoy the podcast now:

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Stuart Murray First Stand Up Paddler To Cross New Zealand-SUP Radio Show

Stuart Murray co-founder of SUPLoveHey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today from New Zealand is Stuart Murray, co-founder of the board brand SupLove.  He just completed a paddle from the west to east coast of New Zealand, following the historical portage routes of circa 1398 A.D. Map of Stuart Murray's New Zealand Crossing


He believes he is the first to Stand Up Paddle this route.  Stuart and I talk about the inspiration that compelled him to take on this challenge.  His father died last January, and while traveling by plane back to New Zealand, the place he grew up, he was wondering what he could do that would be special in the memory of his father.  He looks out of the airplane window and sees the beautiful harbor  below him and realizes he should paddle across and dedicate it to his father.Stuart Murray crosses New Zealand

This waterway holds such important history, and tradition to the country, and to Stuart personally being the place he spent so much time as a boy with his father.  Stuart talks about his feelings on this 2 day journey of navigation.  It was not so much of a distance accomplishment as it was a waterman skills challenge.  Being able to navigate the tides, and strong currents, portaging across land with the board was key.  Stuart did not use a touring board or a race board, he did this on a 11’2 Adventurer.  We talk about his creation of Adventure Concept Paddling, discovering beautiful spots to paddle, and his passion for conservation of our oceans.  His experiences with this crossing were meaningful to him, he felt the presence of his father, which he feels “put the good word in with God for good weather”.  Expect a documentary film in the very near future.  It was wonderful to talk with Stuart, I know you will enjoy this interview.Stuart Murray in Mangroves


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