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Perry Solmonson Sound Paddler In Alaska-Sup Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today is Perry Solmonson owner of the Sound Paddler Kayak and SUP Center in Alaska.  We talk about his life in the great white north and the path that lead him to live there full time.  In high school he lived in California, rock climbing, ocean kayaking, backpacking, and a big accomplishment of climbing the NW face of Half Dome in Yosemite Valley.  He was the first to circumnavigate Prince William Sound in Alaska in a kayak back in 1988.  Perry loves the outdoors.

In this segment we also talk about Perry’s experience and thoughts on the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and how it changed so many lives in their small coastal communities.

When talking about Alaska I cannot help but talk about one of my most favorite events to watch, the Iditarod.  Perry tells us about his experiences doing 5 races, completing 2 in 2004 & 2005.  This race is 1049 miles, symbolically, as Alaska is the 49th state.  The race has historical roots, beginning   in 1973 as a celebration of the “serum run” of 1925 that saved the town of Nome Alaska from diptheria.




Just 2 seasons of Stand Up Paddling, Perry is the first certified SUP instructor in Alaska, certified level 2 through PaddleFitPro, he sees the growth, and the potential for the sport in Alaska.  His company, Sound Paddler has been running tours, and lessons for so long with kayaks, adding SUP was natural.  They have the logistics of planning excursion down to a science, making the endless sunshine of Alaskan summers the perfect place for Stand Up Paddling.

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Janet Moreland Plans To Paddle 2300 Plus Miles Of The Missouri River-SUP Radio Show

This is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today is Janet Moreland an avid outdoor enthusiast who plans to paddle her kayak from the headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana to St. Louis Missouri.  Speaking with Janet I instantly felt her passion for the outdoors and for life.  She is fearless, she is happy, she is living her dreams.  She has been canoeing and kayaking since the early 1990s, and when she discovered the Missouri River ran just outside of her town she immediately was drawn to it.





Her goal with this 3.5 month adventure on the river is to bring awareness to children and to the communities that live along it’s banks of the importance of keeping it clean. She works closely with The Missouri River Relief Program  which education, and awareness are key efforts.  Janet tells us how she decided to take on such a large dream, by meeting a key person, (Dave Miller, the author of the book the Complete Paddler) in a local diner, who planted a seed of confidence, and then 7 years later it was watered by another key person, (Norm Miller from Montana) who helped her make the decision, that grew her desire, and the details started to just get figured out. She is now ready to go to Montana on April 14th to attempt to be the first woman to paddle solo this stretch of the Missouri River.  She is going to make it!

She was a non traditional student at the age of 56, and just last December graduated from the University of Missouri.  She hopes to be a middle school teacher in the fall.  With student teaching this past year the kids have been able to follow along with her preparations for this expedition. She wants the kids to know that their dreams can come true.  She also is using the trip as a social science  lab.  Boy will she ever have great stories, and firsthand knowledge of the historical, ecological importance of this river, which by the way is the 4th largest river in the world!

Janet will be keeping a blog you can visit, loveyourbigmuddy.com

Her Motto:  Life is a journey. Live fast. Paddle slow.  We have some fun talking about this topic!

Janet, it was such an honor to talk with you today.  I know all those who hear this will be  inspire! ~Leslie



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Recap Surftech Shootout in Santa Cruz With Kristin Thomas-SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me from Laguna Beach California is Kristin Thomas who upon returning from a weekend in Iconic Santa Cruz California, tells us details of all the contests at the Surftech Shootout.  As you may recall from the past 2 contests, the Shootout in Santa Cruz now has a nickname, the “character builder” because of it’s unpredictable weather, and conditions, pushing even the best paddler to the limit.  However, this year Kristin says the weather was perfect and so were the waves!

In this podcast Kristin and I talk about the massive whack on the head our friend Terri Plunkett took from her board in the first SUP surf heat giving her 80 plus stitches.  Terri, in pure Aloha style gave her position up to another paddler as she could not continue, (only because the doctor told her not too), Terri would have gotten back on the water straight out of the ER. She is one tough SUP Surfer Woman!

Kristin paints the picture of this historical surf community.  Iconic surf break “Steamer Lane”, world famous boardwalk, and the soaring California cliffs make Santa Cruz a perfect destination for a SUP event.

Candice Appleby dominated in all contests.  She and Anthony Vela were also very proud to have their kids from their Performance Paddling Team, including Florida’s Bailey Rosen participate and do very well!

Here are the results:

Sup Surf Men: 1st Dave Boehne, 2nd Tommy Lloy, 3rd Brandon Rambo, 4th Chuck Glynn

Sup Surf Women:  

1st Candice Appleby, 2nd Diane Wenzel, 3rd Morgan Hoesterey, 4th Kimberly Gomez

Overall “Lone Ranger” Women:  1st Candice Appleby, 2nd Morgan Hoesterey, 3rd Brit Oliphant

Overall “Lone Ranger” Men:  1st Chuck Glynn, 2nd Matt Becker, 3rd Slater Trout

Elite Race Women:  1st Candice Appleby, 2nd Brit Oliphant, 3rd Morgan Hoesterey, 4th Allison Riddle, 5th Jen Fuller

Elite Race Men:  1st Slater Trout, 2nd Chuck Glynn, 3rd Matt Becker, 4th Anthony Vela, 5th Chance Fielder

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World Paddle For The Planet Event Information-SUP Radio Show

World Paddle For The Planet is

 Viva Florida 500a Viva Florida 500 event benefitting Justin Riney’s Expedition Florida 500, via Mother Ocean.

Hey there!  This is Leslie Kolovich. I am very excited to tell you about an event that I am proud to be a part of, and I think you will be too.




We are pleased to present World Paddle For The Planet to benefit Mother Ocean, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the worldwide need to conserve and preserve our oceans and inland waterways.

On January 1, 2011, Canadian Bob Purdy began a stand up paddling journey to promote his mission of creating a wave of change in the way we live on this planet.  He has paddled every single day since then, rain or shine.  In June of 2012, Bob paddled the entire 80-mile length of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, which took more than 19 hours consecutively.  He named that day World Paddle For The Planet Day.  Many paddlers around the world joined this effort in their own home waters, helping further the SUP Wave of Change for the Planet.

This year, World Paddle For The Planet Day will be held in Panama City Beach, Florida, on October 12, 2013, as part of a 4-day festival including music, art, film, paddling and eco/educational-expo for all ages including a family World Paddle event on Lake Carillon (2 hour event).  Planet Paddlers Justin Riney  (Expedition Florida 500, and founder of Mother Ocean), Norm Hann (Standup4GreatBear), Dave Cornthwaite (Expedition 1000, and Say Yes More)  will be joining us.  We will have the opportunity not only to view their documentary films, but participate in a round table discussion on “being the change we want to see” with these Planet Paddlers.   This all of this leads up to our 24-hour paddle which is open to all paddle- crafts to paddle any segment or all 24 hours.

The event will be held in the beautiful community of Carillon Beach, on Lake Powell, the largest of the rare coastal dune lakes dotting the coastline of Bay and Walton Counties in Northwest Florida.  We are working closely with the Lake Powell Community Alliance which works tirelessly to preserve this treasured lake.

24 hour Paddle Team Sponsorship

If you cannot join us in Panama City Beach Please register your team with us

and organize a paddle wherever you are, help us raise money for mother ocean.org and be a part of a Global Movement!

$350 per team of up to 10

24 hour Paddle Guidelines

Mobile App to Register
Search your App Store
For This Icon.

*Teams to have at least one member on the water for all 24 hours

*Teams responsible for own food, water and trash disposal

*Must have PFD on paddle craft

*Must wear leash dusk to dawn

*Have lights for the night paddlers, headlamp, board lights, glow sticks or all of the above

*Teams responsible for their own PFDs, Boards, and Paddles

*SUP Boards, Paddles and PFDs will be available to rent, but must be reserved ahead of time.  All proceeds of Rentals going to benefit Mother Ocean

*First 25 teams registered will be able to use one of the Night Light Boards provided by Night Sup

Family World Paddle

This is a 2 hour event on the smaller, Lake Carillon for families.

*$50.00 per family

*1 hour before sunset and 1 hour after

*First 25 families to register will have the opportunity to use Night Sups

*All children must wear pfd, adults must have pfd

Stay Tuned for more  details about exciting events!

More information including sponsorships, lodging, and schedule, go to www.supradioshow.com/wpftp.

To Register for this event visit go to active.com. Our official website is www.worldpaddlefortheplanet.com.

The beautiful coastal dune Lake Powell, Panama City Beach, Florida

Coffee Talk With Dave Cornthwaite In Spain-SUP Radio Show


Dave Cornthwaite meets the Kolovich clan on his Bikecar Journey 2012

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Enjoy this impromptu interview with Dave Cornthwaite as I caught up with him through Skype at a coffee shop in Spain.  Dave is writing a new book called “Life In The Slow Lane“, all about his experience riding the Bikecar from Memphis Tennessee to Miami Florida.  In fact, he said he was just writing a segment about me!  Yes, I did rescue Dave, provided him shelter, a bit of food and introduced him to my dogs and cat (that’s a pretty big deal!) as he was passing through the Panama City Beach area, so I suppose a sentence or two is warranted (wink).

Dave also chats about what he has learned from all the experiences so far from Expedition 1000 Project.  He is preparing for his 8th expedition which will be going 3000 miles in 9 weeks on a EliptiGo through Europe.  The EliptiGo was invented by Brain Brown and Bryce Whiting in response to severe knee injuries.  The device allows you to run without all the pounding on the knees and joints.   Dave says this adventure will be Forest Gump like, and is encouraging people to join him along the way.

Dave’s message is clear.  Adventure is important in life.  It doesn’t have to be massive, just something brand new to your daily routine, and preferably something to help you get physically fit.

If you recall, Dave also swam 1000 miles down the Missouri River which to this date has been his most challenging expedition. He has a wonderful short film you must take a look at swim1000film.com  It’s a fantastic piece that captures what he went through on the Missouri.

Chatting with Dave, about you know, daily adventurer stuff, growing beards, what your hair looks like after the adventure, finding a date, riding a Bikecar 1000 miles, then swimming 1000 miles, oh ya paddling the Mississippi River from source to Gulf, laughing and smiling, truly caring about people, wanting to spread the sense of “Yes You Can!” message to as many people as possible, is a great way to start out my day!  Was that a run on sentence or what?  If you haven’t followed Dave yet, you should and here’s how you can, Facebook  or twitter @DaveCorn.   I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, he is my most favorite crazy, inspirational, redheaded Missouri River filled bearded (just added that one) adventurer!  If you get a chance to meet Dave it will be brilliant without a doubt!

Enjoy the Podcast Now:


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