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Peter Tranter, Editor Of The Paddler Ezine-Sup Radio

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Join me today as I talk with Peter Tranter, the editor of the United Kingdom’s largest Paddle Sports Ezine Magazine ThePaddler.

On the Road with Leslie” last June to British Columbia following Bob Purdy’s first  World Paddle For the Planet Day is featured in the January issue as well as my interview with British adventurer, author and speaker Dave Cornthwaite.

Peter tells us his story of how he started in the magazine business as a designer then editor for Canoe Focus for some 20 years.  He tells us about what jump started him into his own company producing The Paddler along with several other publications.  Peter loves magazine design and states, “it’s hard to call it work” even though he is doing it all with the help of one person in advertising!  We also talk about photography, and how the magazine is working as a ezine.  He says they have an impressive readership of 14,000 with 5000 of that  being subscriptions, and  only being online for 5 months. He has hopes to do subscription only print magazines in the future.

The magazine primarily covers canoe and kayak, but as SUP in the UK is catching on, and their largest audiences being the USA and Canada the response to SUP articles has been greater than expected.  Peter and his family actually learned to SUP on Florida’s Siesta Key.  We also talk about the possibility of getting the Royal Family on stand up boards!




Enjoy this podcast and enjoy this fast growing ezine magazine!

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India Surf Festival In Full Swing!-SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich and I am so happy to tell you that the 2nd Annual India Surf Festival is happening this weekend!  I so wish I could have been there in person, but I know when the timing is right Sanjay, Chris and the rest of the crew and I will meet on the shores of Odisha!   The spirit in this place will spread to the world!  Namaste my friends.

Enjoy this video. I  is really cool! Click here

Shane Perrin Extreme SUP Racer For Organ & Tissue Donors-SUP Radio

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Join me today as I talk with Shane Perrin.  His story is remarkable!  Listen in as he tells of being told by a doctor, “pack your bags and get to the emergency room”.  Shane was on death’s doorstep, his mother donated her kidney and saves his life.  Shane got a second chance at life because of this donation.  He now has dedicated his life to “Living“.  In this podcast Shane talks about finding the sport of Stand Up Paddling, in the mid west of all places, back in 2008.  Finding Stand Up Paddling was a match made by the Universe,  “Super Human” abilities of endurance.  It appears he has mastered complete physical strength, and the ability to go where no others have gone yet on a SUP board. 






He stood  for 255 miles out of 260 miles in the Texas Water Safari race.  He paddles with very little sleep through the nights, keeping his nutrition in balance, he tells me his mind just takes over.

He is planning on doing the Everglades Challenge, March 2, 2013, which typically is raced by sail power.  This is a timed 8 day 300 mile race.  If he finishes he will be the first SUP’r to do so.  His goal is to raise money for the expedition, and anything above that he will purchase SUP’s for kids or adults that are on dialysis or have received a organ or tissue donations Bringing awareness for organ and tissue donations is his cause and bringing awareness to the sport that has given him a platform to do so is his passion.  To donate to his cause you can visit his Gofundme site and see some really great video as well.

Enjoy this podcast, and hear the crazy passion of a man that is driven to the extremes because as he says, “you just never know when it’s your time”. 


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Lisa Riney, Mother of Conservationist Justin Riney-Sup Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich, and today I had the honor of talking with Lisa Riney.  She not only is the mother of Expedition Florida 500’s Justin Riney, but an accomplished Venetian Plaster Painter!

Lisa Riney and son Justin Riney of Expedition Florida 500Expedition Florida 500

She is one of only 4 people in the world that actually paints with Venetian Plaster.  She discovered her art passion after the Hurricanes in 2004 in Florida which were devastating to the area they live in.  To help out she started painting houses as the contractors couldn’t find people to do the finishing.  With extra plaster, and not wanting to waste it, she started to discover her gift.  Lisa actually paints with the plaster, she describes it like trying to paint with chewing gum.



















To see more of Lisa’s work, visit her website at LisaRiney.com  And coming soon she is working on a series for Expedition Florida 500 that I am sure will be spectacular!






Lisa also tells us the Riney philosophy, and that is doing the things in life that make you happy.

Lisa and Bob Riney with their son Justin Riney of Expedition Florida 500

She talks about  raising Justin, and what he was like growing up, “he could swim before he could walk”, he loved the water!  She is so proud of Justin, and not surprised that he is doing this expedition.   Lisa knows Justin loves the outdoors and being in nature, and putting Florida’s history and natural resources on a worldwide stage truly is his passion.

We talk about her concerns as a mother of an adventurer, and the importance of placing him in God’s hands for safety.  She knows he is educated, prepared, and has great common sense for such a huge feat of his year long conservation paddle around the state of Florida.

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Enjoy the podcast now:

Expedition Florida 500 In The Panhandle-SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich, Justin Riney, Gabe Gray Trash pick up at Crooked Creek

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Enjoy this podcast with Justin Riney and Gabe Gray  in my studio after a morning of trash pick up and paddling on Crooked Creek here in Panama City Beach on day 15 of the year long journey through Florida.

Justin Riney SUP Radio Studio

We talk about the goal of the expedition, bringing awareness to as many people about being good stewards to our planet, her water, and her waterways.  Justin also tells us his story about making a choice to step off the ledge, out of a good steady job to pursue his path of giving back to the ocean communities.

Gabe Gray, Justin Riney and Buddy Kolovich in SUP Radio Studio

Justin credits his parents with giving him creativity, passion for life, and complete support to move forward with such an important project as Expedition Florida 500 and Mother Ocean.  Justin truly is leading by example.  I know you will enjoy this podcast and will feel his energy that will compel you to make a change in the way you live on the planet.






Gabe Gray joined Justin for the conservation training paddles last year that lead to the launch on January 1, 2013.  Gabe tells us how he connected with Justin, the bonding not only that makes them both call each other brother, but the bonding of his passion and concern for the state the planet is in.  Gabe talks about his background of being a hunting guide, and a professional bull rider, and now a conservationist and planet paddler.  Gabe owns and operates Walkin’ On Water Paddleboards in the community of Carillon Beach in Panama City Beach.  He provides eco tours of the areas natural springs, bayous and creeks.  Gabe is also a member of the South Walton Fire department.

To donate to Expedition Florida 500 and or to learn more about the journey follow them on facebook.
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Enjoy the podcast now:

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