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Archive for December 2012

Michael Valenzuela Former Navy F/A-18 Pilot Inspiring SUP Story- Sup Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Enjoy this interview again, as I review some of my most inspirational stories of the past year.  Michael Valenzuela Former Navy F/A-18 Pilot.  Original air date Dec 15, 2011.

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with Michael Valenzuela as he tells his story of how he broke his back in an accident while getting out of his jet, which eventually lead to him loosing the ability to use his legs. This is an inspiring story of perseverance, loss and recovery. “SUP’ing Save my life both physically and spiritually”~Michael Valenzuela

About Michael in his own words:  I was born in Modesto CA and lived in California until I was five.  I lived in Maine with my mom until I was 16.  Every summer for eleven years I would come back out to California to visit my Dad and his family.



I went to the a small prep school for a semester after high school to gain acceptance into the naval academy. While there I studied History, ran 55m,100m and 200m sprints in track and power-lifted.

I sailed two summers and instructed sailing after graduation before I went to Pensacola to begin flight school.  I started training 30 years and two days after my dad started flight school.  Flight school lasted 2 1/2 years and I recieved my wings on Friday the 13th, October 2000.  I flew F/A-18s out of Lemoore California.

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Singer/Songwriter Dannica Lowery Avid Paddler and Planet Protector-SUP Radio Show

Photo by Shelly Swanger

Jason Chumley Photography

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Dannica Lowery.  She is an amazing singer songerwriter, paddler and planet protector!  In this podcast we talk about her Native American Heritage, her songwriting and her connection to her tribe of Mvskoke Creek.  Dannica is also studying Alternative Medicine at Everglades University and plans on getting a masters in botany, working in native, herbal and energy healing.

Dannica is an avid paddler, both Sup and Kayak.  She loves being on the water and is very passionate about protecting the environment.  We talk about living on the Gulf Coast, and the threats of offshore oil drilling.

Dannica has participated in the 30A Songwriters Festival here in South Walton Florida for the past 2 years.  She also has a new album coming out March 7, 2013.   You can check this out by clicking here

I know you will enjoy this conversation with Dannica.  For more photos check out my Tumblr

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Most Inspirational Interview: Michele Baldwin Completes The Ganga River~SUP Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

**Please listen again to one of my most inspirational interviews ever.  Michele Baldwin passed on to the next life on Feb, 5, 2012.  Her   message lives on.  Michele touched the lives of many, she certainly touched mine.  Get out there, live your life!  What are you waiting for? ~Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she speaks with Michele Baldwin now that she is home from India.  Michele talks about the incredible meetings she had with the Indian Medical Community, being interviewed by India’s top reporters, and being front page of Indian Newspapers with her story and cause.  She made a difference.  It was more than a 700 mile paddle, that in itself is huge accomplishment.  This Expedition was successful in helping to save lives of Indian women with a simple test.  Her story reaches not only the women of India, but the women of the world!  Learn more about HPV/Cervical Cancer.  See your doctor now, schedule your annual PAP test, don’t put it off and educate yourself about the HPV vaccination. Make  A Donation To The Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer

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