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Bob Purdy Hits Day 700 Of Consecutive Paddling For The Planet

700 Days! 700 Days of paddling every day to “Change the Way we live on
the Planet”! 700 Days! 700 Canadian Days of paddling every day all
over B.C.! 700 Days! 700 Days all season long, Summer, Winter, Fall,
Spring! 700 Days!  In all kinds of weather, snow, rain, sun, wind,
waves, cold, hot! 700 Days!  Bob Purdy is an amazing, strong, passionate human being!  I’m honored to call him friend!

On Day 700 Bob will paddle at Cedar Ave Park, 6:30 a.m. in Kelowna
before he goes to work. He will also celebrate Day 700 with a paddle on
Day 701, Saturday, December 1, 2012, 12 noon at Rotary Beach in
Kelowna! 700 Days! Wahoo!…

In his own words:  

I am very grateful for all the coverage you have given to “Paddle for
the Planet” during the last 700 days! People tell me all the time they
think I am a bit weird for paddling every day, I tell them I can’t
imagine not paddling every day! Besides there is work to be done to
“Change the Way we live on the Planet”!…

Thanks again!…Bob Purdy, “Standup Paddle Surfing, Elder in
Training”, Paddle for the Planet 250-215-0241
“World Paddle for the Planet Day” coming, October 10-13, 2013!

More photos on my Tumblr

Liz Wardley To Challenge The Atlantic Ocean On Her OC1-Sup Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich and joining me for today’s show is Liz Wardley in Brittany France.

Photo of Liz Wardley by Barbara Bernard

She is an incredible extreme endurance athlete who wants to challenge the Atlantic Ocean by crossing it on her custom outrigger canoe.  Liz has a long resume as a professional in offshore racing.  As Vice World Champion on Hobie Cat 16 in 1998, she won the crewed Sydney-Hobart in 1999, which followed her first lap around the world racing the Volvo Ocean Race in 2001 as bow and helm aboard the Amer Sport 2.  She started a career in solo offshore sailing when she moved from Australia to France.

Just 2 years ago she found Outrigger paddling to be her water sport of choice.  In this podcast Liz tells us about using Stand Up Paddle to train for Outrigger.  She talks about doing her first SUP race in the 11 City Tour in Holland!  Yes, this girl likes to jump into all things challenging!  She loves adventure!  Crossing the Atlantic solo on a outrigger canoe will be a first in the world.  Liz is passionate about doing this challenge, and is trying to raise enough money to make this dream come true!  Liz is a true waterwoman who loves and cares deeply about the ocean, in fact, she has been given the name “Girl of the Ocean”.   A True Planet Paddler.   You can be a part of her adventure, by donating to the expedition, please visit her website, Impossible is Not Liz. 

If by chance Liz doesn’t raise the money needed for a launch this January she will keep at it until the money is raised, and launch when the tradewinds are in her favor. This is a dream that will come true for her.  For more photos check out my Tumblr

Enjoy the Podcast Now:

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Precision Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddle Race in Paris France-SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today from France is Didier Lafitte organizer of the 3rd Annual Nautic SUP Paris Crossing.  The event will be held December 9, 2012 and is expected to Europe’s largest SUP race with 200 plus racers from 15 Nations. This event is part of the Nautic Boat Show which has an indoor pool that will be used as part of the SUP event for sprint races.






Didier has been running a surf and windsurfing school since the 1980s.  He discovered SUP in 2007, bought some boards and now teaches SUP, and organizes several SUP race events around France.  He lives in the beautiful town of  Saint-Denis-d’Oleron on the Atlantic ocean where he describes as great for SUP Surfing as well as easy touring.  The race in it’s 3rd year is very scenic and passes many iconic historical buildings including the Eiffel Tower.  Plenty of great French wine along the way, that is, for the leisure paddlers, the professionals will wait until after the race.  It is sure to be an event to remember.  Thank you  Didier for joining me today!

Check out my Tumblr for more photos


Enjoy the podcast now [powerpress url =”http://www.supradioshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ParisFinal-Mixdown-1.mp3″]

Stand Up Paddle Industry Association Information-SUP Radio Show

First Meeting for SUP IA

 Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich and joining me today is Kristin Thomas, the acting director of the newly formed Stand Up Paddle Industry Association.  Kristin tells us how this association is different from other trade associations, and why Stand Up Paddle Businesses should consider joining.  The Mission of the Association is to serve the entire standup paddle industry by providing a professional framework for unity, communication, education, and research, as well as to become the conscience and voice of the industry by promoting responsible and sustainable growth, and best practices initiatives for the betterment of the sport and the industry as a whole. For more information on how to join you can visit www.supindustry.org or email them at info@supindustry.org

Kristin Thomas Acting Director For SUP Industry Association

Kristin also participated in the WPA Championship in Cabo at the beginning of the month, and talks about this destination weekend event.  It was said by many to be one of the most challenging races to date.  Mexico’s beautiful beaches, warm water, and the wonderful host resort in Cabo, makes this a “ must do event for next year” two thumbs up from Kristin.

For more photos check out my Tumblr








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Precision Paddleboards


Enjoy the podcast Now

2013 World Paddle For The Planet Day Scheduled For Panama City Beach Florida~Sup Radio

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich!  Im super stoked to have Bob Purdy of Paddle For The Planet with me today to announce World Paddle For The Planet Day October 10-13, 2013!  Lake Powell, a rare coastal dune lake in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida will be the site for the event.

We are inviting paddlers from around the planet  to paddle for the change they would like to see in 2013!  Join us in our host community, beautiful Carillon Beach, which sits right next to the lake.  There are wonderful Beach homes you can rent or a fantastic Inn, with every amenity one could want.  Thank you Carillon Beach for your support of this amazing planet event!

Bob will paddle for 24 hours straight beginning at noon on October 12th!  We are encouraging people to join Bob for this paddle, in several ways, join us on Lake Powell and paddle all 24 hours, or create a relay team, come paddle for an hour or create an event in your town on this day  to help us send a “SUP Wave of Change around the World”!  We don’t care what you paddle as long as it is human powered.  Kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, we just want as many people on the water as possible!

In addition to the 24 hour paddle, Bob and I have created a summit of the World’s top “Planet Paddlers” and “Planet Changers”.  These are people who are really making a difference and influencing change in the World. The summit will create a forum to discuss ways to come together and send a stronger message of change to benefit the Planet. Many of these amazing people have projects that are inspirational and will be showcased during the expo to be held the same weekend! Come and get inspired!

There will be a Shark Day with lots of really cool people and exhibits. Live music, kids and family friendly events, Tai Chi with Bob, SUP Yoga with LauraLynn at Yoga ElementsWalkin’ On Water Paddle Boardsand of course you can paddle with Bob on his Daily Paddle before the big event.


There is so much that will happen on these 4 days you wont want to miss one!

For more details as they unfold follow us on Facebook on Paddle For The Planet or The Stand Up Paddle Radio Show.


Enjoy The Podcast Now



If you are interested in getting involved in any way let us know!  All proceeds will benefit the David Suzuki Foundation!


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