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Richard Stum Paddles Across The Great Salt Lake~SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Some really cool airtime today with my guest 58 year old Richard Stum, the first to cross Utah’s Great Salt Lake on a stand up paddle board on October the 9th, 2012. This was a 28 mile paddle going west to east.  Richard is an avid outdoorsman, doing mountaineering, ice climbing, back country skiing, ultra running which is long distance mountain running, and due to a climbing injury in 09 he  switched over to ultracycling or randonneuring.  As you can see he’s a total cardio junkie.


When Richard first tried  SUP last fall, he strapped a cardio monitor on to see if it could really get his heart rate up.  Results?  It did!  He is now very much a SUP addict, and is now planning longer paddles.  He is looking into paddling the north to south route of the Great Salt Lake which would be approximately 75miles.  Richard owns and manages eoGEAR which specializes in accessories for endurance cycling , and carry and tie down straps for SUP Boards.

Today’s Show Sponsors,  eoGEAR, & Precision Paddleboards

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Enjoy the Podcast Now

Opening and closing music by the tremendous Candy Dulfer off her album Funked Up, song called Be Cool

Surfing Yogis USA & India Surf Festival~Sup Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me this morning is Chris Miller Founder of Surfing Yogis USA.  Chris’s story is so wonderful!  He tells of being in a corporate, fast paced, number crunching life.  Sound familiar to anyone?  Chris had several profoundly powerful experiences on the water surfing, and tells his story of feeling a calling to explore spiritual life. Does this ring true for anyone?  I think it does!   Chris left the corporate world to study comparative religion, and is about to finish with a masters degree.  His studies take him to where the most profound philosophy of religion began, India.  He meets a Yogi there who takes him surfing, shows him the beauty of India, and show Chris his truest heart.  Sampu Samantaray the Yogi he speaks about has a vision that SUP and Surfing, and all water related sports can benefit his country in so many ways. This is where Chris and friends got on board to help, thus Surfing Yogis USA was born.  Sampu created the first ever India Surf Festival last year, and is planning the 2nd one this coming January 2013.

Ultimate Goal: Build an eco-friendly surf and SUP shaping bay – first of its kind – in India, for the benefit of all Indians interested in water sports.

Project is focusing on supplying boards in India for projects like Chilika Lagoon to save the dolphins from boat strikes.

We also want more Indians, especially those in the city, to have access to surfing and SUP to connect them with their environment to raise their ecological consciousness.

India has countless environmental organizations, ours is unique because something magical happens when Indians see SUP and surfing – it draws crowds of hundreds of people sometimes – and it starts an important dialogue between us, the visitors, and them, the inhabitants.

There is a large shortage of boards in India, we want to give them the tools to make these boards in a sustainable and local fashion.

Anyone who wants to experience the tremendous beauty of India ought to join us for the India Surf Festival Jan 25-27 in the Konark Balukhand Ecological Sanctuary just North of Orissa’s coastal town of Purī. It’s a magical place.

Thank you to my Sponsor of this segment Precision Paddleboards
Precision Paddleboards
Enjoy The Podcast Now:

Chantelle Kshyk Completes 90 Day SUP Challenge~Sup Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Joining me today for a little airtime is Chantelle Kshyk from Kelowna, British Columbia.  She tells us her story of  finding stand up paddling, and like so many who jump on a board for the first time, finds a new passion!  She decided she would do a 90 day challenge as a part of a television series about losing weight.  Here’s the scoop.

The Contest:
– Competing in the Challenge Showdown Throwdown, she’s in the TOP 100 Finalist out of 3,000 people across North America
Ben Silverman is one of Hollywood’s most influential media producers. A former NBC president responsible for shows like The Office and The Biggest Loser, he’ll be scouting out his next stars during the Challenge SHOWdown! Here is her channel with 20 videos about her journey, experiencing SUP and much more:www.teamcandc.com . Now that she is in the finals, she has only till October 26th, 2012 at 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET to Rally VOTES on her channel (10).
Enjoy this podcast and vote for Chantelle!


30 Minutes Of Airtime Shiatsu Practitioner, Sharon Purdy

Today on 30 minutes of airtime I talk with Sharon Purdy from British Columbia Canada.  She is a Certified Traditional Shiatsu Practioner. Shiatsu is Japanese for “Finger Pressure”.  It consists of finger and palm pressure, stretches, energy and breath work.  Sharon tells us about her relationship to this very ancient form of healing that promotes relaxation, pain relief, and much more.











Enjoy the podcast now:

BOP Stand Up Paddler Ruth Monahan-Smith Breast Cancer Survivor~Sup Radio

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Today’s show is with another inspiring woman, Ruth Monahan-Smith.  She tells us her story of battling her diagnosis of breast cancer, to paddling in the Battle of The Paddle!  Ruth lives in the SanDiego area, and has been paddling for 3 years or so.  She tells me about how her paddle friends were with her when she got the horrible call from her doctor telling her she had breast cancer last January 2011.  Ruth tells us how paddling really was a source of healing for her.  She would pick herself up by the boot straps between chemo illness and get to the water.  She said, “I knew if I could just get to the water, it would make me feel better”.


I hear in so many stories how paddling seems to help the healing process for our physical and our emotional needs.  Ruth has been able to enter in SUP races that most would think she was crazy to do so, specifically The Gerry Lopez, Rainbow Sandals Battle of The Paddle.  She and her paddle friends took all summer to learn to surf so she could come in for the beach finish not on her knees.  Ruth describes her feelings participating and the accomplishment of finishing it with only a few good dings on the board.

Her message to all women who may be getting that phone call right now is, Never Give Up, get good support around you to help you through the good and the bad days that surely do come,  and it’s never too late to learn to surf!  Ruth is nearing 50 years old, and paddled in the most difficult SUP race on the planet!  Ruth is doing things she never thought she would, or could.  She is off to “Another Dam Race” in Parker Arizona in November a 10.5 miler in which she knows she will do better than she did last year!

Enjoy this podcast!  You can feel her energy and passion for living!


Opening and closing music by the tremendous Candy Dulfer off her album Funked Up, song called Be Cool

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