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Archive for August 2012

First Annual SUP Invitational Special Olympics Florida~SUP Radio Show

Special Olympic Athlete Jennifer Averette

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich, and I had the honor of talking with Special Olympic coach Ruth Holland and two of her athletes Jennifer Averette and Linnea Edwards from Key West Florida. These three ladies are so inspirational! Ruth talks about the upcoming First Annul SUP Invitational Special Olympics event scheduled for October 14, 2012 in Key West Florida.  This Stand Up Paddle Event is designed to provide ALL qualifying Special Olympic Athletes in the State of Florida an opportunity to compete with each other according to Florida Special Olympic SUP guidelines.

I was totally touched by the passion and enthusiasm  both of these athletes have for the sport of Stand Up Paddle. You will enjoy listening to this heartfelt conversation with Ruth who has spent countless hours helping to organize this event.  Like any worthwhile program that is run by volunteers, they need your assistance!

Special Olympic Athlete Linnea Edwards

If you can help in any way, sponsorships, donations for raffles, equipment for athletes, and as always money is greatly appreciated.  In this podcast, you will hear how much this program means to these athletes!  Please visit specialolympicsmonroe.org for more details and to make a donation to the program.






Enjoy the podcast now:


Sup Radio Show thanks our sponsors for this segment:  Precision Paddleboards, Sup Wheelsand Surf BlueRidge Sup

Precision Paddleboards 


Simone Kiedaisch Costa Maya Yoga~SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich and joining me for today’s podcast is Simone Kiedaisch from Germany.  She is the owner of Costa Maya Yoga.  We are honored to have her as our Yogi  for our upcoming Laguna de Siete Colores Mayan Sup Retreat. In this podcast Simone talks about how she found Yoga and meditation while vacationing in Mexico some 25 years ago.  Yoga, since has become a very important part of her life.




She is certified BYV and Yoga Alliance, and trained in Vinyasa and OTM leadership.  She has trained with numerous notable teachers including, Brian West, Young Ho Kim, Karo Wagner, Gaby Haiber, Ronald Steiner and Desiree Rumbaugh. 








I found Simone to be so wonderful to talk with, connecting with her immediately, and I know those attending the retreat will too.  We both talk about the special environment of Laguna Bacular, with it’s Mayan energy as the perfect setting for a spiritual retreat.  Simone says,” one can feel the energy as soon as you get there”.   I so look forward to meeting you on this incredible retreat!  We have the best with Simone!

For More details on how to join us for this retreat visit  Laguna de Siete Colores Mayan Sup Retreat

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.


Enjoy the podcast now:>

Round Da Island Tour Series in St Simon Georgia, Sea Island 15 mile SUP~SUP Radio Show

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.  Join me as I talk with two amazing women, Lori Green Hurley and Jenn Steff about their experience completing the 15 mile paddle around Sea Island last weekend.  The conditions at times were gnarly, with ocean waves as high as 8′. This event started out with 20 participants ranging from experienced paddlers to paddlers who just started this summer. The average age participating(what Im stoked about) 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s!  This event is not a race, it’s more of a team effort, with opportunity for everyone to complete milestones of distance

Demery Bishop of Port St Joe Florida is 65 years old and a big supporter of the sport and this event, completed the total 15 miles. Annie Harper and Myra Galbreath both just started paddling at the beginning of the summer and accomplished mileage they never thought they could Jenn Steff talks about this event as being a huge deal for her!  She has been experiencing some health issues over the summer and has not trained, but her friend “Yoda” as she calls Lori Green Hurley, inspired her, pushed her and helped her accomplish all 15 miles.  Jenn had never done more than 6 miles Lori is an experienced paddler, and in fact completed the circumnavigation of St Simons Island last year, about 36 miles. Both Jenn and Lori talk about how stand up paddling has made a difference in all aspects of their lives.




I am always touched with the stories of friendships that inspire us to push through rough water, to be able to feel the satisfaction of doing things we never thought we couldGreat job to all those who put their board in the water for this event! 


 WhiteCap Paddleboarding

for Sponsoring this segment.

Enjoy the Podcast Now:

Laguna de Siete Colores Mayan SUP Retreat~Sup Radio Show

Photo by Captain Ron Steinau

Hey there this is Leslie Kolovich.   This podcast Carolyn Thomas from UnderToe Mexico Stand Up Paddlejoins me to talk about the amazing retreat she and I have planned for December 9-15th, 2012 for women, on the beautiful waters of Laguna Bacalar in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  We describe the itinerary for this spiritual Mayan adventure from the powdery white sands, the 7 colors of blue clear water,  jungle paddling in estuaries, Mayan ruin hikes, spa treatments, yoga, meditation, shiatsu and much, much more.  This is a one of a kind stand up paddle experience opportunity.  Carolyn also tells about the Mayan people who will guide us and share their culture with a blessing for the new beginning for 2013.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

Enjoy this informational podcast now::


Space is limited to just 20.  To register for the retreat please visit undertoemexico.com  

Visit us on facebook

Bob Purdy Paddles For The Planet 600 Days Today 8/22/12 ~Sup Radio Show

If you don’t think Bob Purdy is serious about his passion for the planet, well how about this?   He has been paddling everyday since January 2011, 600 days! Thats right, and in British Columbia which means, snow, ice, rain and heat!   Bob is a Planet Hero in my book!  He goes out with the only intention to “be the change he wants to see in the world”.  He’s not up on soapboxes preaching hell, fire and damnation to those who don’t think like he does.   He just goes out and paddles and lives the way believes!  A Living example.  He Gives hope and understanding to the dire situation our planet is in.  The answer is simple in his mind, together we can make a difference.  If we could send a SUP Wave of Change throughout the world, the tides could truly shift!  Please take a listen to previous shows with Bob, I hope you will be inspired, in fact, I know you will be inspired!  Thank you Bob Purdy for Standing Up with Kind, Courage and Passion for our Planet!~Leslie Kolovich

"Together We Can Make A Difference"


Starting with:

Bob Purdy Nears 365 Days Of Paddling For The Planet


Bob Purdy Completes 365 Days of Paddling For The Planet AND Will Start Again!


SupWave Of Change,World Paddle For The Planet Day Bob Purdy


Bob Purdy Recaps World Paddle For The Planet Day


Search under Bob Purdy for videos of the 80 mile World Paddle For The Planet Day here on SUP Radio Show!


As always we want to thank our sponsors whom make it possible for these and many more shows!  Precision Paddleboards of Ft Lauderdale Florida, Surf Blueridge SUP in beautiful North Georgia!


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