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Archive for July 2012

New SUP Kids On The Water~ Sup Radio

Leslie Kolovich with Morgan and Cameron Taylor

Morgan and Taylor Talking Sup Stories

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with  sisters, 7 year old Cameron Taylor and 10 year old Morgan Taylor about their first experience Stand up paddling during their summer visit to “Mema’s house”, also known as Camp Mema!  Leslie had the opportunity to teach Cameron and Morgan on the beautiful calm water of Lake Powell in Inlet Beach Florida The morning started out early and the “girls” had the lake to themselves. Cameron and Morgan love water and were so excited to try a new way to interact with in it!  Cameron proclaimed she was the fish of the family, and ran immediately to it with a  big jump into the warm Florida water!  It wasn’t more than a blink of an eye and these two girls were paddling with good form and without any assistance.  Huge smiles and laughter were also part of the hour lesson!  Leslie couldn’t have been more thrilled to have these two girls visit the studio after the session for this wonderful podcast!  

Great form!


Enjoy the excitement from these two sweet little girls as they talk about what they learned on the water that day.  A Big Thank You to “Mema” for providing summer memories that will last forever!

Apalachicola River Expedition Completed Justin Riney and Gabe Gray SUP Radio

Enjoy this video interview  with Justin Riney immediately upon his finish of the 107 mile Stand Up Paddle Expedition on the Apalachicola River in the Panhandle of  Florida.  This expedition is in partnership with Mother Ocean and  Expedition Florida 500 Leslie Kolovich and a contingent of friends and supporters including the Mayor of Apalachicola, the Director of the Apalachicola Chamber of CommerceRachel Porter from the Florida Dept. of State, and the Apalachicola Riverkeepers cheered them in from their 7 day journey on this amazing river.

Sup’n Kids Ocean Crest Experience A Huge Success Sup Radio

Bailey Rosen and Leslie Kolovich getting ready for Sup'n Kids Event

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with 16 year old  Bailey Rosen and 13 year old Madison Massey about their experience at the Sup’n Kids Ocean Crest Experience.

Both kids talked about how much fun they had during this Sup and Eco weekend held in St. Pete Beach Florida.  The whole concept was to get kids involved with Stand Up Paddling while educating them about the importance of living in a way that will protect our earth, all her creatures and all that sustains life.

"Lighting" Madison Massey wins the Elite race at Sup'n Kids event

Kids and families were introduced to a wonderful team of eco-minded people, the stand up paddle community.  A huge thank you to all the sponsors, and the volunteers who made a difference in many lives this weekend.  It truly was about the kids, the spirit of the event was so positive.  You will hear it in the voices of Bailey and Madison as they talk about the event in this podcast.

Sup'n Kids Enjoying the day!

Jo Jo Braddock the event coordinator joins Leslie in the podcast as well and gives us a great overview of all those involved in creating such an amazing event!  To see some great photos of this event you can visit Jim Tizzano Photography on Facebook.

Enjoy the podcast now:

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National Marine Fisheries Service Dr John Carlson Sawfish Research SUP Radio

Dr Carlson on Andros Island along with Nat Geo Photographer

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with Dr. John Carlson from Panama City, Florida who is a research biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service.  He talks about his recent expedition to Andros Island in the Bahamas where they are researching, locating and tagging sawfish.

Tagged Sawfish

John talks about the importance of this program, and what the scientists are finding and looking for with their research.  In this podcast John also talks about the project they have in the Florida Everglades in which the researcher is using SUP boards to locate the sawfish in the shallow waters.  John also is passionate about sharks and in this podcast talks about the research they are doing along the coastal areas, especially here in Florida.

A Scalloped Hammerhead in Florida

For more information on the research John’s team is doing visit Panama City National Marine Fisheries.

Enjoy this podcast Now: 

Thank you to SUP Wheels for Sponsoring this Segment

George Ramos And The Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships Sup Radio

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with Rob Farrow M2O event producer  about this event which is steeped in history including paddleboarding pioneer, George Ramos.  This is the 16th year for the M2O and George Ramos has never missed one, one of only 5 guys to do so.  He was one of the first to cross the Molokai channel on a paddleboard back in 1996.  George is a fixture on the North Shore of Oahu, and truly a great waterman.  They named a race in his honor on the North Shore called the “George Race” that Mahina Chillingsworth and the folks at Da Hui put on this past June…over 400 paddlers came out…

George was diagnosed with cancer last year and the community is rallying to raise money to help offset some of his medical expenses.  If you would like to donate to this cause http://www.active.com/donate/GeorgeRamos    “Live Like George” is the slogan the community has chosen.  The Paddle Community is part of a larger global family connected by one ocean, and without people like George who share  passion for the sport and for the ocean we’d all be stuck in our little silos in our little part of the world.

In this podcast Rob tells the stories of the 20/30 club in which guys could paddle 30 miles and surf 20 foot waves.  Member, George Ramos.  Rob also talks about the history of the event, the conditions of the channel in which 1.2 billion gallons of water run through per hour.  Making it one of the most perfect venues for the ultimate downwinder.  The M2O is a bucket list paddle for many, but once one completes one, it seems they come back and do it again.  The event started out as traditional paddle boarding.   Rob tells the story of how SUP made it’s way into the event and now is just about a 50/50 split with traditional and sup.

Enjoy this podcast now:>

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