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Archive for April 2012

Rob Rojas Featured On National Geographic Channel’s Wild Justice~SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Join Leslie Kolovich as she catches up with Elite Super Star Rob Rojas.

This segment brought to you in part by Surf Blue Ridge

Rob is a Fish and Game Warden in Southern California during the day and the National Geographic Channel will be featuring him in an episode of “Wild Justice” April 29 and May 20th 9pm pacific time.

Rob Rojas

Rob talks about his experiences filming the episode  while on the job.  Rob also talks about his passion for doing SUP Events for good causes including his first paddle back in ’06 benefitting victims of hurricane Katrina, and his 24 hour paddle for Love 146 an organization that serves to combat child sex trafficking around the world.

Rob Rojas Racing

Rob also was the winner in the  2011 O’Neill NY Sea Paddle benefitting Autism.  Rob talks about the upcoming  Paddle For Humanity race April 28th in Dana Point California, and the Key West Classic in which he will return to defend his win from last year.  As race season gets momentum he’s got his schedule planned all leading to The Battle of The Paddle in the fall.  Rob has a really cool website too!  Check it out whatzsupdog.com 


Enjoy The Podcast Now:

H2 IndO With Slater Trout And Dave Boehne~ SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich talks with Infinity Team Riders Slater Trout and Dave Boehne who participated in the incredible trip to Indonesia along with 5 others of the world’s best SUP Surfers including Dave Kalama, Chuck Patterson, Jamie Mitchell, Talia Gangini, and Conner Baxter.

Photographer Jason Kenworthy

Photographer Kevin Voegtlin

The film is called H2Indo with film maker Brent Deal.  Dave Boehne(co-owner of Infinity surf) talks about how the whole concept came about to SUP Surf the famous surf breaks of Indo.  Slater tells us how he felt when he was asked to go on this trip.

Chuck Patterson & Dave Boehne

Dave and Slater talk about some of their most memorable moments on this once in a lifetime adventure with this group of paddlers.

Of course being on a private boat for 12 days you get to know the people you are with pretty well.  Slater tells us about the eating habits of the crew, and the drama that happens on the boat.  You will never guess what it was over!  The film is a great visual story of this unique group not only in some of the best waves around, but also gives the viewer personal insight from each paddler.

The guys talk about their experience with the opportunity of being the first Stand Up Paddlers on the Indo breaksListen to the Podcast Now:


Nayad Hybrid Athletic Swim/Sportswear Perfect For SUP~SUP Radio Show

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with Jennie Green the owner/designer of a new line of hybrid athletic swim/sportswear.  Her company is called Nayad Swimgym.  Jennie tells us her story of making a big life change after 09-11-11 living in New York City, financially hitting rock bottom, and an opportunity to sail away to the US Virgin Islands to start over.  In her own words:  “I created this swim line  because, in my very and active fit forties, I was past the point of the Roxy or Billabong style string bikini, yet nowhere near those things they make for “mature” women with so many wires and pads in them that you end up feeling like a piece of poultry.  I wanted a swimsuit in which I could move, any way I wanted to, without having to worry that it was going to fall off or jab me in the ribs.  In fact, when I’m working my body, I really don’t want to think about what I’m wearing at all! I am not a designer and until a few months ago, I did not know how to thread a sewing machine.  This whole thing was driven by my own need for a product that simply did not exist, and my assumption that (especially given the rising popularity of SUP fitness among women in the 35-60 range) there had to be many more like me.”  Jennie has made a custom fit swimsuit for Leslie hear what she has to say about the experience of having a swimsuit made to fit!  You can order your custom fit swimsuits from Jennie or she also has off the rack ready to wear too!
Enjoy The Podcast Now:



On The Road To Apalach Outfitters~Leslie Kolovich

Leslie Kolovich hit the road to Florida’s forgotten coast, Apalachicola Florida for some SUP Fishing.  But, before hitting the water she stopped at the really cool outdoor shop Apalach Outfitters in downtown Apalachicola!  This store has everything you need for your outdoor adventures in the beautiful Apalach area. Clothing, shoes, gear, fishing poles, hats, just about everything you need for outdoor and water activities.  They also have  SUP Boards selling the YOLO brand boards.

Apalachicola is known for it’s fishing and oysters since around 1900.  The Apalach Outfitters is owned and operated by Sharon and Tom Morgan.  A Big Thank you to you both for your hospitality and guidance to your town!  When you take a trip to this beautiful fishing town make sure to stop by this great outdoor shop!  Tom and Sharon got ya covered!

29 Avenue E, Apalachicola, Florida
1030 to 530 Monday through Saturday
12 o’clock to 5:30 Sunday

Enjoy the video now! 


Carlos Macias Plastic Free Ocean Advocate & Inventor of Environet~SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Join Leslie Kolovich and Josh Vajda as they talk with Ft Lauderdale paddler Carlos Macias about his passion for keeping our water clean!

This segment brought to you in part by Surf Blue Ridge

Carlos has been involved with Plastic Free Ocean since 2009 . He became completely disgusted to see the amount of plastic trash coming from his local waterway in Miami. He started picking up trash from his SUP board by bending and grabbing and felt there had to be a way to make it easier to pick up trash.  He now has perfected a net that fits on your paddle, and doesn’t interfere with paddling (patten pending)!  He calls it the Environet.

Carlos Macias Environets, & 80lbs of trash

Carlos Macias Environets, & 80lbs of trash from the ocean

He has decided he wants to collect 1 ton of trash out of the water where he lives, and will not cut his hair or shave his beard until he does.

Carlos is growing his hair/beard until he collects 1 ton of trash!

He hopes to connect with the inner city kids who don’t have the opportunity to be on the water and let them SUP for free if they pick up trash while paddling, helping them take ownership and pride in keeping the water clean.  Lets do our part as watermen and women and pick up trash from our waterways, set examples for caring about our oceans and waterways.

Josh Vajda also shares some big news about his company Precision Paddleboards entering into a Strategic Alliance with Brownie’s Marine, a leader in the dive industry, integrating the SUP lifestyle into the Brownie’s Adventure Centers.  

Enjoy The Podcast Now:

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