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Hawaii’s Elite Racer Talia Gangini Paddling For Craft For A Cause~ SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Leslie Kolovich talks with Elite Racer from Hawaii Talia Gangini.  She is about to embark on another Paddle adventure for something she has a great passion for, Art.  Maliko Water Sports a 501C3 non-profit organization owned by her father is teaming up with Talia to raise money for a Scholarship Fund for Children under the age 18, who would normally not be able to afford to take art classes at the Hui No’eau.

This Session Brought to you by Coreban Paddle Boards

When Talia was 14 years old she took jewelry classes at the Hui No’eau which sparked a passion in jewelry design and enabled her to take her small business to a higher level.  Talia feels her passion for the water and for the arts go hand in hand with each other.  Her designs for jewelry and swimwear often come from her experiences while paddling.  Talia has been very busy since the last time she was on the show placing in the top of every elite race she has competed in, both in Hawaii and California.  She is kicking off the 2012 season with this paddle to raise money to give to children who don’t have an opportunity like she did to explore their creative sides.  She will paddle Maui to Lanai, then to Molokai, all together about a 42 mile paddle.  You can make a donation per mile or make a flat donation by visiting the Facebook page to support the scholarship Fund.

Enjoy the Podcast Now:


SUP Shack Santa Cruz California~Sup Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich talks with owner of SUP Shack Santa Cruz, Trudie Ransom and UK Elite Racer, Jay Manning who spent the winter in Santa Cruz training, helping teach and do demos at the SUP Shack. Trudie is from Brighton,UK and moved to Santa Cruz 15 years ago. She has always been a water person and felt it was a form of relaxation being on or near the water.  So when 4 years ago some friends asked her if she would like to try SUP, she like everyone who tries the sport fell in love with it. Santa Cruz is just South of San Francisco. The Santa Cruz Harbor is right on the Monterey Bay which is sheltered from some of the swells that come in on the pacific. Perfect for SUPing. When paddling here one can see sea lions, otters, and paddle down to Capitola to the kelp forests for bird watching. The Sup Shack does lessons, rentals, sales and has started a Boga Yoga Class. Trudie says she has clients from age 7 to 72. The SUP Experience in Santa Cruz is wonderful for the entire family. Trudie’s daughter Lexi Butler talks about working with her mom at the SUP Shack and why she loves Stand Up Paddling so much. Jay Manning is already planning to return to Santa Cruz next winter. He leaves next week back to the UK, but is proud to say he has a tan and will be way ahead of other UK paddlers as he was able to train through the winter. Check out the Sup Shack Santa Cruz Facebook Page for more information.

Listen to the podcast for more interesting information about SUP Shack Santa Cruz:

Stand Up Paddling Help For Rheumatoid Arthritis~SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Leslie Kolovich talks with Linda Brown, Founder of Paddle The Mittenin Livingston County Michigan about being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis this past January. She tells us how she got involved with SUP.  Living in San Jose California in 2002 with a move to Santa Cruz California 2005, hooking up with the long board community and meeting Randy French and family (founder of Surftech) she saw the early days of SUP.  She moved back to Michigan and through friends on Facebook and a few connections she was able to open up her SUP Business.  Linda tells us how she discovered she had RA as she really had no idea what she was looking at when she started the symptoms. In August 2011 she experienced the death of her father which was very stressful for her and the whole family however, she thought she was handling things very well. Labor day weekend she took a class on Lake Michigan for Surf Rescue Training and her thumbs, shoulders then wrists started to hurt, a lot.

Linda's Swollen Fingers from RA

She thought she was coming down with the flu, and her mother thought it was “that paddling” that was causing the pain. It wasn’t until she couldn’t open up the door on the door knob that made her realize she needed to see the doctor. She believes the stress that was in her life was the trigger for her RA.   She believes with her treatments, a real clean diet, and Stand Up Paddling will put the illness in remission and keep flare ups at bay.  She SUPs during the winter in the pool, which improves her physical energy, stress management, her flexibility and strength.












She does SUP Yoga regularly which goes with her regimen for RA.   She believes paddling always gives her more energy and loosens up her joints.  She wants to encourage people to listen to their body, and when you think something is not quite right get it checked!  Early detection is key, it saves lives.  Her father’s favorite  quote for all of us to live by, “I would rather wear out than rust out”.  

A little more info on RA:   Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is actually not an arthritis.  It is an autoimmune inflamatory disease that basically causes your body attack its own tissues, specifically at it’s joints.  It is a chronic disease and cannot be cured.  Early diagnosis and agressive treatment, along with staying active is known to help ward of the diseases long-term affects.

Enjoy the Podcast Now:  

Stand UP Paddlers Healthy Habits, Supplements~SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich and Kristin Thomas talk with the co- founders of Original Nutritionals, Logan Gelbrich and Chris Coscino about the importance of supplements specifically Fish Oil. Logan, former catcher for the University of San Diego and then drafted to the Padre’s in 2008.  Logan is very involved in crossfit training, and surprisingly enough he doesn’t take too many supplements.  He believes in food based nutrition.  However, he uses fish oil.  Kristin Thomas goes back to her Swedish family roots of her grandfather that would take fish oil (cod liver oil) by the spoonful and claimed it cured his arthritis. Kristin uses Original Nutritionals Fish Oil which is pure and can be taken in a shot or mixed into a smoothie.  “Real Fuel and Food is Fuel For Performance” is their philosophy.  There is a universal need for fish oil.  In today’s modern society there are some unavoidable circumstances with an imbalance that nearly everyone is walking around with a huge influx of  Omega 6 an inflammatory fatty acid and low levels of Omega 3, with this comes diseases.  They believe that everyone is some sort of an athlete just because they have a body.  Fish Oil is essential, and it is not dangerous and as long as we are consuming diets with “tainted” food our bodies need it.  Taking fish oil comes down to compliance.   Take it in the way that you will be able to be compliant to, look at how it works for your lifestyle.  The reality of of our food manufacturing systems today, is the nutrition is not getting into it like it was 30 years ago. Chris and Logan are trying to pioneer new thinking as Food is Fuel.  You can check out their Top Ten Reasons to take Fish Oil on their website.  Science is very important and their website has great information about all the research regarding Fish Oil.

Kristin talks about her discussions with SUP Athletes Rob Rojas, Dan Gavere, and Terri Plunket and what they do before races and daily supplements.


Kristin Thomas West Coast Reporter AND ATHLETA Featured ATHLETE

Kristin Thomas

  1.      Fish Oils – Original Nutritional’s Omega3
  2.      Viamin C+ – Emergency C
  3.      Ionic Liquid Mineral Complex – Dr. Garland’s Life Transfusion

Dan Gavere

  1.     My daily routine at home – one scoop Vita Greens, H2O Overdrive “Hydrate” Jostaberry Grape, 1 scoop Chia Seed. 
  2.     On the Road – I try to take a good organic supplement or lots of Vita Greens and H2O overdrive
  3.      On race morning – I double that and add a few cups of coffee


Terri Plunkett 1.“L” Glutamine & Chromium Picolanate 

                                                        2.     Multis with Bs & Es

  1.     3. Energy & Recovery drinks

Rob Rojas

  1.     Metagenix Multis
  2.      H2O Overdrive
  3.      Spiz

Do you take anything to supplement your diet? If so, what’s your top three?

Join the conversation at supconnect.com under the ‘Stand Up Paddle Radio Show’ Group.


Enjoy The Podcast Now:


Margaret Littman Hopes To Stand Up Paddle In All 50 States~SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Leslie Kolovich talks with freelance writer and editor Margaret Littman about how SUP changed her life after 2 hours on the water. Margaret  states saying “SUP changed her life” seems so “Oprah like”, but there really isn’t any other way to put it, “SUP Changed my life!”   For more than 20 years she has written for an odd, yet interesting, cross-section of publications, including: Chicago magazine, LifetimeTV.com, Ladies’ Home JournalWine Enthusiast, Crain’s Chicago Business, Time Out Chicago, the Chicago Tribune, Marketing News, Pastry Art and Design, Executive TravelUniversity Business, The Tennessean, ForbesTraveler.com, Business2.0.com, Working Mother, Mademoiselle, Teen, Sky and many others.

Now that she has found Stand Up Paddling she has decided she wants to paddle in all 50 states and write about it.  She currently has paddled in 11 states with special experiences in all. She started off with a race, the Elite 6 mile race in Chattanooga Tennessee, the SUP Splash Series Championship.  This was her first race of any kind.  She felt driving all the way from Nashville she didn’t just want to do 2 miles so she signed up for six!  She finished in last place to a cheering Chattanooga SUP crowd!

 Traveling to 11 states she notes she particularly enjoyed Arkansas near Hot Springs. She describes the unique perspective of paddling the crystal clear lake on a Stand Up Board.  Born in Boise Idaho, paddling in her home town was a great experience with the contrast of lake and mountains.  She lived in Chicago for 17 years and has written about the city, and has written guides for travel within it.  She now lives in Nashville Tennessee and enjoys paddling the Cumberland water and through SUP has also gotten into dragon boat racing in that area.

Margaret enjoys meeting and interviewing people, and like many has found the SUP community unique and welcoming.  The next states she will paddle will likely start in Kentucky, then out West to Utah, Oregon and Washington.  She really hasn’t planned the route yet as she likes it to just happen organically.  Check out her articles at littmanwrites.com


Enjoy The Podcast Now

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