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UnderToe Mexico Stand Up Paddle Boarding School~SUP Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with co-owner of UnderToe Mexico Stand Up Paddle, Carolyn Thomas.  Hear the story of how two Texas friends in the corporate world changed their lives, sold everything, moved to a beautiful remote area of Mexico, Majahual in the Yucatan,  and started a Stand Up Paddle business.  Now they are running a week long exclusive stand up paddling “boarding school”No One Else in Mexico is offering anything like this.  The area offers some of the most beautiful flat water in the world.  An all exclusive package,( except airfare) Book your flight to Cancun the resort will pick you up from there.  The package includes, paddling for beginners to intermediate with professional instructors to introduce you to SUP basics or help you improve your skill you already have.  The paddling starts in the Lagoon of 7 colors, estuary paddling, excursions to the Mayan ruins, paddling in the Caribbean, spa treatments, staying at a beautiful luxury eco resort at Laguna Bacalar, wonderful food, snorkeling or diving in the 2nd largest reef in the world, and you can always have some wonderful time just to sit under a palm tree with your toes in the sand or lye in a hammock.  This is something you’ll want to do every year.  This is a place to be off the grid, only connect to nature no wifi!   The First “Boarding School” is April 15-21st then again in June.   This is a SUP trip you won’t want to miss out on.  Enjoy!  To book your trip visit Undertoe Mexico Stand Up Paddle

Mother Ocean & Expedition Florida 500~SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Leslie Kolovich talks with Founder of Mother Ocean and Expedition Florida 500 Justin Riney.  Justin launched Mother Ocean just this past January 2012.   Growing up in Florida Justin spent a lot of time in the ocean doing ocean sports which has given him a genuine passion for the water. Mother Ocean is a network of ocean advocates. Justin is working with a great group of people including Dave Cornthwaite, Kristian Gustavson, Lauren Peterson, and Noelle Kozak. The vision is to create, inspire and empower ocean advocates worldwide. They all have their individual initiatives that will help network, and connect the dots  helping each other grow to do good things with their organizations. Mother Ocean now has a partnership with Quiksilver Waterman, Tahoe SUP, and the launch of Expedition Florida 500 January 1 2013. Justin is a new ambassador and team rider for both Quiksilver and Tahoe SUP. He will be riding a new signature series of Tahoe SUP boards in development for 2013. Justin calls his board a “beefy” board that has the components of Tahoe’s fastest race board, but is made for carrying all the gear for the expedition. He will be starting off in Pensacola Florida and doing the entire coast around the state of Florida. Then he will move inland and do as many of the lakes, rivers and bayous as he can. All of his work is centered around ocean advocacy, coastal and waterway stewardship, and the preservation of our marine and freshwater ecosystems. You can check the expedition out on his Facebook page, get involved, be an advocate for Mother Ocean and follow Expedition Florida 500. He also is doing this in commemoration of Florida’s 500th anniversary. Justin has the support from the State of Florida’s DEP and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as well as Governor Rick Scott.

Enjoy the Podcast Now:  

Cape Ann SUP “Night Board”~ SUP Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Leslie Kolovich and Josh Vajda talk with Tyler Knight from Cape Ann SUP in Gloucster Massachusetts.  Cape Ann SUP is primarily a Stand Up Paddling  touring and a teaching company, however, his “Night Sup” made it’s way to youtube causing quit a buzz. Tyler talks about how he came up with the idea to put lights on SUP boards. Basically, he and his friends wanted more time to be able to paddle in the shorter North East season. So he heads to his shop and comes up with a design to integrate LED lights into boards.

Photo by Kris Kimball

Photo by Kris Kimball

The light system is not a rope light from the Box Store.

They researched, and tested many ideas before launching the first “Night SUP” at Surf Expo last January in Orlando.

Tyler says he has yet to have any failure with the system even with all kinds of testing of submersion in salt water.  When Locals first saw the boards lit up on the night waters of Gloucster they thought they were experiencing a  UFO sighting!   Lights on SUP boards offers a totally unique night experience.   Being able to see where you are going, what you are paddling over, and most important being able to be seen by other watercraft.









Enjoy the podcast Now….

Bob Blair Founder of Speedboard USA~SUP Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Leslie Kolovich talks with Bob Blair founder of Speedboard USA, about their recent partnership with Zurn Yacht Design and  high performance SUP boards. Speedboard USA designs and builds all their SUP Board in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Massachusetts has a long proud boat building tradition. Bob built his first canoe when he was 14 years old and has a variety of experience from white water paddling, to flat water racing. He is a professional mariner, and has been in the fiberglass boat manufacturing business for just under 10 years. He looks at the SUP business from the performance sports and fitness side of things. The partnership with Zurn Yacht Design brings technology with computer modeling to look closely at hull forms to dial in exactly what performance athletes will need when speed is the issue. Doug Zurn’s hallmark is super efficient hull shapes. Speedboard USA Paddler Will RichNew England, and the East coast  area has a lot of Olympic Paddlers, which they are talking with to find out what they need to have the competitive edge. Record pace in Bob’s opinion is all going to happen in the unlimited class. Bob talks about the “glide” being everything, the energy that is between strokes makes a difference. Speedboard USA has boards from 14′-20′. Look for some more really amazing things from Speedboard USA in the near future. ‘The bar will be raised, get ready!”


Enjoy the podcast now:   

SUP Teams, Groups & Meet Ups~ Sup Radio Show

Precision Paddleboards

This segment is brought to you by Precision Paddleboards

Leslie Kolovich and Kristin Thomas talk about the popular movement in the SUP Community of the organization of formal and informal teams, groups and meet ups. People who find SUP understand it’s a cool individual sport.  However, stand up paddling is the perfect sport for teams.  When we think teams in the racing world, we think individuals being sponsored by board manufactures, clothing, paddle companies and so on.  However, even individuals with different sponsors are becoming a “team” by also being sponsored by a Shop. For example, SUP Radio Show sponsor Precision Paddleboards in Ft Lauderdale sponsors several racers who ride several different boards.  Groups are being formed geographically through similar interests such as touring, fitness, adventure.  Linda Thompson from Pensacola Florida has created a group called Sup’nGirls “fantastic, energetic people who have a common passion and enjoyment for stand up paddling” .  They have groups across the USA and Canada that meet on a regular basis.  Members have the opportunities for discounts for clothing, gear, weekend getaways and more.  Momma C out in Dana Point California has started up a Ladies Night sprint session bringing all levels of ladies out to Baby Beach to learn how to get faster.  Her inspiration was the “Old Dana Cove Crew” a group of traditional paddlers getting together to workout.  Momma wants her local girls to do well!  There is a group in SoCal called Sup Chicks that meet, train, vacation and have a whole lot of fun.  The Sup community in just about every state  has formed “meet-ups” at local lakes, rivers and bays.

Enjoy the podcast for more information about teams, groups and meet-ups:


If you have a group, team or meet-up where you live we would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment below…

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