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Archive for December 2011

Bob Purdy Completes 365 Days of Paddling For The Planet AND Will Start Again!~Sup Radio Show

Join Leslie Kolovich as she has the honor of interviewing Bob Purdy as he  completed his goal of paddling 365 in 2011!  Congrats!  But wait, he’s not stopping!  January 1, 2012 he puts the paddle back in the water for Paddle For the Planet 2012!  

 Here are some amazing facts and thoughts from Bob.

Hours Paddled- 425 plus 14 hours in the time bank= 439 total. Average- 1.2 hours per day. That’s water time spent paddling and doesn’t include travel to and from the beach, speaking engagements, special events or media events!

*Days Paddled–  365

*Strokes Paddled (approximately)- 79,000

*Distance Paddled (approximately)- 1300 miles

*Hours of Tai Chi/Chi Gung Play (approximately)- 480

*Number of Doctor Appointments- 1, to have ear wax removed

*Pharmaceuticals taken- none, not even an aspirin

*Number of Physio Appointments- none

*Number of Chiro Appointments- none

*Amount of Donations- $5,000

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SUP Fishing With RedFish Ranger Cheryl Little- SUP Radio Show

SUP Fishing everything you need to know to make your first fishing experience on a SUP one that will hook not only fish, but you to this new exciting sport!  Leslie Kolovich interviews Cheryl Little, AKA The Redfish Ranger. Cheryl is part of a fishing television show in Panama City FL called Outdoors with Captain Roy and Cheryl. Captain Roy is known as the King of the Bays in Panama City.   Cheryl just recently started fishing on SUP Boards and took Leslie on a SUP Fishing Adventure for what else, Redfish in the brackish waters of West Bay in Panama City FL. Cheryl talks about what you need to think about before you go SUP Fishing.  Demo SUP Fishing boards, or rent one for a day or a weekend. Find the board that fits you the best.  A Anchor is very important so you can position yourself downwind for better distance for your cast.  It is important to  look for quiet boards.  You don’t want a board that you hear the water slapping up front even in the flat water. You want to be able to sneak up to the holes where the fish hang out. When you have a quiet board you literally can get right on top of the fish without them knowing you are there.  Believe me you will understand what we mean when you demo a few different types of boards.   There should be plenty of space for your “stuff” and attachments.  Consider a board that is at least 30-33″ wide. Of course the wider the board your going to see more stability and the thicker 4-5″ can float more weight.  The length adds more glide and more room for attachments and an extra dog or friend. However, when you go longer and wider the board weighs more than an average SUP Surf Style Board, but room for a cooler that can be used to sit on, carry your lunch and store fish is worth the few extra pounds.  Keeping nutrition and hydration going is always good when SUP Fishing as you generally paddle further than you think. When you see mullet jumping and birds diving thats a good sign it means theres fish action below the water. Cast a way my friends!  Enjoy!  As always we would love to hear from you!  Send us your SUP Fishing pictures and photos!
This show is brought to you by Panama City PaddleBoards located in at the Pier in Pier Park and on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach Florida.

The Ultimate Sup Fin Guide With Larry Allison Master Fin Designer-SUP Radio Shop Talk

This Segment is Brought To You By Precision Paddle Boards

Turn your good board into a Great board by choosing the correct fin!  Leslie Kolovich and Martin Burzynski chat with Fin Master Larry Allison… You will gain a whole new insight to paddling and the science that goes into fins. Larry will help you not only decide what type of fin you need, but help you understand why you need it.  The correct fin creates stability and tracking.  Larry hand shapes 9 different fins for SUP including the Dagger, the Bat, the Ninja, the Gladiator, and Paddle Core Fitness. He also talks about the very welcomed devise that eliminates the screw in the plate.  This was designed as a breakaway concept so you don’t loose a fin. Larry also talks about the growing area of SUP Fishing boards and the type of fin he has created for these boards to go into really shallow water, and break through the weeds. Larry talks about what trends he thinks we will see in 2012 with longer boards coming into play.  This interview truly is the ultimate fin guide for those who are into Sup racing, recreational paddling, Sup Surfing or Sup Fishing!  Larry Allison truly is a educator and a brilliant designer.  Enjoy the video interview and as always please feel free to leave your comments.  We’d love to hear from you!


Chase Kosterlitz Elite Racer & Race Director on Shop Talk~ Sup Radio Show

Join Leslie Kolovich, Martin Burzynski, Josh Vajda, and Kristin Thomas along with guest Chase Kosterlitz.  Chase gives the panel some insights from the perspective of a top elite racer, and race director.  We appreciate all the great comments and encourage conversations.  This panel hopes to provide ideas to help the sport grow….

This Segment is Brought To You By Precision Paddle Boards

Listen Now to hear this week’s discussions…..






SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Kristin Thomas Laguna Beach California

Josh Vajda Ft Lauderdale FL

Martin Burzynski Sarasota FL

Bailey Rosen 15 Year Old Rising SUP Racer From St Pete FL-Sup Radio Show

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she has the opportunity to speak with Bailey Rosen from St Pete FL. Listen Now…

My name is Bailey Rosen. I’m 15 years old; a sophomore in the International Baccalaureate program at my high school. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I’ve been stand up paddleboarding for a little more than a year.
Being not even five feet tall, it was tough to find a board I could paddle on. That’s how I came to a Bark, buying Gemma Bark’s old board, which was perfect size for me. I met my stroke coach Mike Metzger, and I began to grow and build skill as a paddler.
I have competed in races in the kids division, including the Water Monkey race series, the US Open of SUP, the New Smyrna SUP Cup, and SupSplash. After paddling for a while, I started winning in the womens’ category, much to my surprise, placing in the Fall Paddle Festival, River Rocks Chattanooga, the Pacifico Paddle Challenge, and Kite 4 Kids. So far, I have mostly competed in Open class races, but I am starting to branch out into Elite races, which are a ton of fun because the paddle is longer and the competition steeper.

Bailey with her mom Coach Mike and Tania Metzger







Bailey Rosen

I try to get out and paddle every day, but sometimes homework and family commitments get in the way. Most days I get out into the Intracoastal waterway and do a 4 mile circuit, but I like to make it out to the beach whenever I can to run various drills.

I am so stoked to be on the Bark team!! I’ve had a lot of help to get me where I am now, and I’m really excited for where paddling is going as a sport and I plan to do my best as a paddler and continue to race, and hopefully build up my skill in the Elite division. But I love SUP and the lifestyle it has become for me.
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