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Archive for November 2011

Continued Discussions On Equal Race Payouts~ New Topic, Standardization Of Board Lengths For Racing- Shop Talk

Join the Crew for some lively discussion with special guest in the studio Magda Cooper, Elite Racer/Co-Owner Bote Boards.

This Session is Brought To You By Precision Paddle Boards

South East SUP Reporter Josh Vajda owner of Precision Paddle Boards

Martin Burzynski Shop Talk Co-Host

The New topic is for sure sparking some interesting ideas about standardization of board size for racing

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Kristin Thomas West Coast Reporter

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What are your thoughts?  We would love to hear from you!

Magda Cooper, Elite Racer & Co-Owner BOTE Boards

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she interviews Elite Racer, Magda Cooper who also is the co-owner of Bote Boards in Destin Florida.  She talks about her days as a competitive swimmer, how she and her husband created the BOTE Board, and the race they are hosting on December 10th in Ft Walton Beach Florida, The Battle on The Bayou.

Magda Cooper and the BOTE Crew

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Brian Hovnanian Owner Hovie SUP

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she interviews owner/founder of Hovie SUP Brian Hovnanian as he talks about the growth of his company, new board lines,  and his racing team including Olympian Kristina Zur doing very well on both coasts.

Hovie Nomad










Hovie SUP

I have over 35 years building surfboards and living my life on the water.

We started Hovie SUP in 1998. We build Touring boards, Race boards and Surf SUP boards.

We are working closely with Tim Kernan on the bottom designs of the future.

New for 2012 is something for the Ladies. The Lily, will be offered in a 11’6” & 10’6” length. Touring board design for a very stable and smooth paddle experience. Beautiful graphics and rich colors for the ladies.  We are excited to announce the new KZ Comet race board. This is the Krisztina Zur signature model with her own custom graphic and color design.

Other new models: Nomad 2 touring board, Pilot 12’6” touring board, Jet 9’6”, kids touring board. H5 Sup Surf 5 fin model and HP, performance wave board. We also have added a fitness model, the HSUP Fit fitness board. This will be the perfect workout/Yoga board.

Hovie Scout

Our new polyethylene plastic SUP, the “Hovie Scout” is being used in all kinds of paddling applications.

Hovie Team Rider Mark Athanacio

We have one of the fastest race boards in the world, with one of the top elite race teams on both coasts.~Brian Hovnanian

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Bob Purdy Nears 365 Days Of Paddling For The Planet

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with Bob Purdy as he nears his goal of Stand Up Paddling 365 days a year to raise awareness to Change the Way We live On The Planet. Listen Now…

Life is a precious gift! All Life is interconnected! Is that connection lost, and have we affected the Planet’s ability to sustain Life? The evidence says we have, and indicates we need to Change the Way We Live on the Planet!

Bob Purdy

The challenges we face socially, economically and environmentally in today’s World  are staggering, and just like all life on the Planet, intricately connected! The decisions made, and actions taken in the past have affected all life on the Planet.

Bob Purdy 2010 Salmon Run

Our future decisions and actions will have no less impact. The question we need to ask ourselves is “How can I change the Way I live on the Planet now for generations to come in the future?

My journey down this road began several years ago when Sharon and I began contributing to the “David Suzuki Foundation”. Fast forward to 2007 when I discovered the sport of “Standup Paddle Surfing”! In spite of breaking my nose in the surf of Florida my first time out, I knew I had found something very special that would become a lifelong passion, something I wanted to share with everyone! Fast forward again to 2010 where I found myself wanting to do more for the Planet. Shortly after I started paddling I told Sharon, “I would paddle every day if I could” and so I decided to combine my passion for paddling with the discovery of things I could do to “Change the Way I was Living on the Planet”. A few phone calls to the “David Suzuki Foundation” later and  voila, “Paddle for the Planet “was born on New Year’s Day, 2011!

Bob Purdy Paddling in BC



My name is Bob Purdy and I am a “Standup Paddle Surfing, Elder in Training, Outstanding Somewhere!” I paddle 365 days a year because the call to action is urgent! Our Planet is crying out for help! I encourage you to answer the call! Start today! Make a donation at www.paddlefortheplanet.ca or www.davidsuzuki.org , support a project you are passionate about, start a project of your own, Or?……….

If I can do it, you can do it! Together we can make a difference!

India Surf Festival Feb 7-9th 2012 More Than Just Another SUP Contest

SUP Radio Show Host Leslie Kolovich

Join Leslie Kolovich as she talks with Sanjay Samantaray in Orissa India about SUP becoming more than just a sport in his country. We also talk with an American Joe Alaniz from Alaska who is visiting India for a SUP Surf Experience with Sanjay.

Sanjay of Surfingyogis.com

SUP has the potential to be the most ecologically correct form of transportation on India’s beautiful sacred waterways.

This epic event will be a pipeline to connect powers of sun healing with the art of surfing to become a subtle tool of meditation which syncs all of us with the cosmos.~Surfing Yogis

Hear Sanjay speak on why this Sup Surf Festival is so important for India….

India Surf Festival Info

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