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Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez 2011 Battle of The Paddle Recap

Caribbean Reporter Heather Baus tells Leslie Kolovich how the team from the Islands did in the Battle and gives us the Spanish word for Carnage =Matanza.  Congrats Heather with a 7th place overall Elite and Gail Vento with 8th! Listen to the story of Heather’s first lap where she came in sitting on Jenny Kalmbach’s board with Gillian and Jenny’s board on top of  hers and  all three rode to the beach with a large crash of boards with the rocky beach break, which resulted in a nice sized gash to the bottom part of Heather’s nose.  Shall we use the word Matanza?  I think so!

Plus we talk with Jim Baus and Eric Walker BOP board handlers.  They tell us what it was  like being at the waters edge with boards and racers flying in and out !  Communication before the race and during the race is a must.  Being able to stay out of the way of other handlers and racers.  Not a job for the faint of heart.


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Brandi Baksic

West Coast Reporter and Racer Kristin Thomas with guest Elite Racer Brandi Baksic talk with Leslie Kolovich about their BOP experiences.  Brandi talks about how she battled for her 2nd place win in the Elite race, her thoughts on the new “heats” for the Elite race, and the award she received from race director Barrett Tester.  SUP Show is stoked to have Kristin and Brandi two super stars recap the Main Event of SUP!

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East Coast Reporter Josh Vajda and Leslie Kolovich discuss how the crew from Florida did in the two day event at Dana Point California.  Tampa Bay Elite Racer Chase Kosterlitz joins in to discuss his Battle Run with a first place win in the 14′ class in the distance race. Ft Lauderdale’s Helga Goebel joins us with her experience not qualifying in the heats for the Elite race.  Both Chase and Helga discuss their thoughts on the “heats” and why they think it works, and how they think it could work better.  The South East really represented at Doheny this year!

Chase Representing Florida in California

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Battle of The Paddle Experiences from First Time Racers

Jim Higgins in good company on the podium at the BOP!


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Leslie Kolovich follows up with Pompano Beach Florida’s Jim Higgins on his first BOP!  On the first day of the BOP Jim placed 2nd in the 14′ Mens 60-69 in the 4 mile race with a time of 45:17.  Second day he took 3rd place in the 14′ Mens 60-69 distance race with a time of 1:43:01.  Over all in the 4 mile open he came in 50th of 343 and the distance race he came in 119 out of 229!~





Julie Rogers along with her inspiration Martin Burzynski received an award for “most inspiring” from the StandUp Paddle Magazine’s Reid Inouye.  Julie has started a business called Stand Up to Slim Down for severely overweight people as she has not “been there, done that”, she has “been there doing that”.  Julie describes her trip to Dana point as awesome!  Candice Appleby gave her award to her which was the highlight of the trip!  Julie vows to start training for the open race and 10 miler tomorrow!  Now that she has seen for her own eyes the BOP she knows what she has to do to get there as a competitor for 2012!  Keep up the great work Julie!



Jen Fuller and her Boga Race Board

Sausalito California racer Jen Fuller Bluerush BoardSports, and Boga Board paddler made her mark for her first time at the Battle!  Jen entered into the Elite race, but did not make the cut.  She had 10 minutes to spare to make it into the open race which she did, and ended up taking 1st place in the stock 40-49 with a time of 47:45.  Second day the distance race she took 1st in the 40-49 with a time of 1:45:34.


Other First Time BOP Racers SUP Radio Show Congratulates You!

Linda Thompson from Pensacola FL 10th in her age group 40-49 open

Barbara Sage from Key West surf board class 288th out of 333

Gail Vento 8th from Puerto Rico 8th overall in the Elite

Amanda Wilson from Ft Lauderdale took 2oth in the Elite Race

We know there were many more people out there that had their first BOP experience and we are stoked for all of you!  Keep paddling strong!

Florida Racers Making A Great Showing in Southern California!


After Orlando’s Surf Expo and Miami Beach’s US Open of SUP last weekend, the majority of the Southeast’s competitive Elite SUP racers have headed out to California for the biggest week on the stand up paddleboarding calendar. Among those venturing out to California for the Hennessey’s World Paddle Association World Championship of SUP and the following weekend’s Battle of the Paddle (BOP) was this week’s scheduled guest, Chase Kosterlitz of St. Petersburg, Florida. Florida’s racers had an exceptionally strong showing at the Hennessey’s event, and Chase led the way, finishing 1st in the ultra-competitive 14-foor race class, less than 1 minute behind the overall winner on his unlimited SUP.

Jim Higgins from Pompano Beach took 3rd place in the 14′ 50+ division!  Great job Jim!

Chris Stephan Deerfield  took 15th 12’6 under 40 for his first trip to California!

Mark Athanacio from Naples took 5th in the 12’6 40-49 division


Unfortunately, with all the major events and celebrations this week (and a nice swell), conflicts reared their ugly head and Chase was unable to join us. So, we wanted to express our congratulations to him and all of the SE racers who are in California for the events.  If you’d like to see the results go to the Hennessey, and scroll down to the SUP sections.

Look for Justin Cook, Sue Cooper, Helga Goebel and many more Floridians that have made the trip to make their mark on the hallowed ground of Doheny!

Next week, we’ll be hearing from some very special guests after the monster Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point – bringing that Southeast perspective of the race to our friends in Stand Up Paddle Radio Showland.




Chuck Patterson And Karen Wrenn

Leslie Kolovich talks with Chuck Patterson about SUP Week in SoCal starting out with the Hennessey’s SUP and Paddle Board World Championships in Hermosa Beach California.  Chuck describes the conditions, he rough start and his battle with his mind to push through to a fantastic finish 1st place in the 40-49!   Chuck talks candidly about the growth of SUP racing,  and how the competition is getting younger and younger.  He is super stoked to have been able to be a part of opening the door for the kids to have the opportunity to take the sport to even a higher level.  Chuck is a mentor to so many young talented paddlers, including, Conner Baxter, Slater Trout, Matt Becker.  Chuck talks about the excitement for the 2011 Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle!  Chuck may talk about passing a torch to the youth, but he’s not going to make it easy he is planning on bringing the hammer to the Battle!


Karen Wrenn and Chuck Patterson

Chuck was having dinner with his fellow Naish Teammate Karen Wrenn so Bonus interview for SUP Radio!

Karen Talks with Leslie about preparing for the Battle, the increased competition in the women’s elite field, and the excitement of being in Southern California for the SUP Event of the year!

Enjoy the podcast now…


Hennessey’s World Paddleboard Championships, Surf Race to Victory, & Tahoe

West Coast Reporter Kristin Thomas has a lot to talk about with SUP Week in Southern California!  Kristin talks about the Hennessey contest with a great showing from people all around the US as well as Internationally!  Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela seem to have been everywhere last weekend competing and winning.

BREAKING NEWS Candice has a twin, she’s been cloned, she is from Kryptonite being tested for superhuman powers!  NONE OF THIS IS TRUE!

Candice Appleby is just that GOOD!

Kristin also reports on the Surf Race to Victory where the conditions were so rough paddlers wore helmets!  Great job with this event my friend Donnie Dumain!

Then we to Northern California for the Tahoe 22 mile race with Rob Rojas and Jenny Kalmbach Hammered it!

AND THEN…..Leslie and Kristin Talk about the upcoming 2011 Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle! Parties, parties parties, paddles, tradition, and so much more! Live webcast on Sept 24 & 25!

Enjoy the Podcast Now….

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