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Archive for August 2011

Leslie Kolovich is heading to Blue Ridge Georgia

I will be the emcee for this Sup Splash race on Lake Blue Ridge Sept 10th!  Elite racers, Kristin Thomas from Laguna Beach California, Chris Stephan from Deerfield Florida, Mary Anne Boyer-Willis from Weston Florida will be there.  Actually Linda Thompson from Sup n Girls in Pensacola and I will be picking Kristin and Chris up at the ATL and trucking up with all kinds of car games to our cabin where we meet Cuda and Mini!  Oh boy this is going to be a road trip to remember!  We will take pics, and post most of them on facebook so stay tuned for On The Road to Georgia! What happens in Georgia….gets posted!

For race info you can visit http://supsplashrace.com/blue-ridge/

Skin Cancer. Melanoma. It’s Serious. A Candid Conversation With Layne Bonanno

I met Layne Bonanno at the final YOLO relay race August 11, 2011 in Watercolor Florida. Layne is beautiful, full of energy and passionate about sharing her story to everyone with the message that:  Melanoma is preventable. Wear sunscreen, reapply often, wear a hat, and limit exposure in peak sun hours.  One of my favorite thing Layne says is, “Peace, Love and SPF”. Your gonna love this girl!~ Leslie Kolovich

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Layne Seaside Florida

I promise…if it can happen to me- a young, healthy, 33 year old woman!! No one is safe! I’ve said 100 times, I haven’t been healthier in my life. If ever there was a time to be diagnosed with cancer…that was it!! Unfortunately it came right in the middle of paddling season. BOOOOO!! I’m sure you don’t need me to explain the feeling I get from paddling, you probably feel the same way. It feeds my soul, and I honestly can say that paddling, the idea of paddling and the yearning to paddle kept me going. I’m not saying my family wasn’t my drive. They are the reason I breath everyday!! I couldn’t have made it without my family, but I definitely relied heavily on my passion for my board!! ~Layne Bonanno

Layne and Husband Todd at the Mayo Clinic


Dave Cornthwaite 400 more miles to go!

I caught up with Dave today while he was in Natchez Mississippi just 400 miles a way from the Gulf of Mexico!  His spirit and passion is contagious! He started his 4th journey of his expedition 1000 on June 20, 2011 at the Source of the Mississippi River for a total trip of 2400 miles! Honored to have him on the show!~ Leslie Kolovich

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Dave on the Phone with Leslie

I’ve paddled over 2000 miles down the Mississippi River now, and I can almost smell the Gulf of Mexico. Less than two weeks to go until the Mississippi spits my Lakeshore River Rover paddleboard Artemis and I out into the sea. Incredible!~ Dave Cornthwaite

For more info and to track Dave’s progress http://www.davecornthwaite.com/#/route-schedule/4551886489

Karen Wrenn, Scott Bass, White Water Lingo & Sunshine Sup

Elite Paddler Karen Wrenn (photo by Shelly Strazis)





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West Coast SUP Report- Karen Wrenn Joins Kristin Thomas and Leslie Kolovich to recap the successful Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge. This 2 day event was a challenge with hot temperatures and waiting for the wind.  Great athletes, Chuck Patterson, Candice Appleby, Jenny Kalmbach, Conner Baxter, Kai Lenny, Chase Kosterlitz just to name a few competed in the Elite races.


Smily Face next to Paddler



White Water SUP’r Ken Driscoll continues with “River Lingo“.  Today we talk about Waves and Holes.  Yes, smily and frowny faces mean something on the river!





South East SUP Reporter Josh Vijda recaps 2 Florida contests, the Ft Walton Beach FL, GUSU #2 race Leslie participated in, and the Championship final race of the Sunshine Sup  Series in Pompano Beach.



Leslie interviews Scott Bass, VP of marketing for Liftsup Handles.  Scott also was one of the first SUP’rs in San Diego County, and fondly tells the stories of riding the big long Mickey Munoz boards, trying to find the right paddle, and how he believes the internet has helped SUP with it’s amazing growth!

Liftsup Handles

Hummingbird’s Favorite Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Hummingbird Heather Baus in the kitchen

Elite Racer Heather Baus known as “The Hummingbird” in the SUP community, because of her endless energy and speed on the water . Heather lives in beautiful Puerto Rico with her husband and daughter.  They are a family who loves the water!  She shares with us  one of her favorite dishes which is simple and healthy for an active family. Enjoy!





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Couscous Stuffed Peppers

(Yields approx. 6 peppers)

You will need:
2 boxes of couscous
olive oil and garlic
one medium onion
hand full of mushrooms
1 (i like 2) cups of parmesan/mozzarella combined
2-6 large peppers multi colored is nice for presentation…
(any stuffing left over can be saved to use in the morning with scrambled eggs) Continue reading “Hummingbird’s Favorite Couscous Stuffed Peppers” »

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