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I Love Living On The Gulf Coast

Coastal Dune Lake and Gulf of Mexico: Photo by Waltonoutdoors.com

My Morning SUP Fuel:  5:30am sunrise paddle.  We start out on a coastal dune lake in the dark, and as we reach the outflow to the gulf the sky is pink as the sun is just starting to peak out from the east.  I was hoping for a nice glassy Gulf of Mexico, as I haven’t done swell or surf for about a year. I am the flat water queen.  I’m riding a 10′ board right now, and I’ve never been in the Gulf with it.  We get to the beach and there it is swell, rollers, and a little surf at the shoreline.  This is a panicky feeling for a lake and bay paddler.  My friends are on 12′ and 11’4 big surf style boards they show no fear!  I had to give it a try.  I made it through the surf out past the first sand bar.  Then the rollers hit me!  First time I’ve fallen off my board in a long while!  I have no sea legs!  So I stay on my knees, and paddle through the rollers, and if you know me not a good idea.  Rolling motion in the ocean on knees, I’ve fed the fish that way once and really didn’t want to do it again.  The sun was rising I needed to lift my head, stand up and just roll with it.

Sunrise on the Gulf Of Mexico, Photo by waltonoutdoors.com

I stood up, relaxed and let my Larry Allison Pink hybrid Gladiator Fin help me I never fell again.  My quads were on fire, but it’s always good to know I still have muscles that work!  Going back was fun with the rollers at my back I finally felt what it is like to surf a little, not fight them from the side.  I stood up all the way in til the last little wave to the shore. I’m for sure going to do that again!

From the Gulf we get back to the lake and head north into a totally different landscape.  I always think of the saying for the mullet haircut, Party in the back business in the front. There’s got to be a better analogy for the Gulf to the coastal lake.  How about Party on the Gulf, Church on the lake, (but without all the guilt)? I say to my friends, “where else can you go from surf to complete serenity in a matter of minutes”?  Wonderful morning!

Eastern Lake, Coastal Dune Lake, Photo by Waltonoutdoors.com

I love living on the Gulf Coast!

~Leslie Kolovich

Podcast July 28, Jenny Kalmbach, Jim Higgins, Derek Schrotter, Ken Driscoll & Tom Sherbourne

Conner Baxter and Jenny Kalmbach~Photo from the Maui-Molo race from Rebecca at Kona Brewing Co.





Elite RacerDestination 3 degrees ocean adventurer, Jenny Kalmbach fills in for Kristin Thomas for the West Coast SUP Report.  Jenny checks in from the Far West in Kona Hawaii.  She reports on the Naish Paddleboard Championship where the wind conditions weren’t as strong as expected, but still produced a great race with Jaime Mitchell, Dave Kalama, and Conner Baxter.

She also talks more about the Triple Crown Series

–       Poi Bowl Cup: Maliko to Kahului Harbour 9.5 mile (typical Maliko downwind run– good glides)

–       Warrior Cup: Maliko to Honolua Bay 21 mile (hot, flat, hard race)

–       Mormaii World Cup Maui to Molokai 27 mile (unbelievable conditions – best downwinder EVER)

Then we discuss the upcoming Molokai 2 Oahu, what we’re expecting and who the top contenders are.  Jenny is participating in this event too!

White Water Sup Reporter Ken Driscoll, Glide SUP, Brings Tom Sherbourne owner of Shred Ready,  Manufacturers of helmets and safety gear for whitewater paddlers.  Tom talks about how to chose the right helmet for White Water SUPing.  Tom lives in Auburn Alabama, WAR EAGLE! He tell us about some great white water rivers in the Auburn area, and beautiful lakes for SUPing!


For the Precision Paddleboards South East SUP Race Report Leslie interviews Jim Higgins from Pompano Beach Florida. Jim has been surfing, sailing, diving, skiing basically all his life and SUPing only since Oct 201o. He affectionately tells us about his first encounter with Helga Goebel in the surf zone before he was a SUP’er. They now are very good friends! He’s an elite racer with regular podium appearances at age 61. He placed 3rd in the Elite Race at the GCSUPC in the 50 plus division.

He is a commercial Lobsterman, a general contractor and has a degree in Mortuary Science, yes Mortuary Science! Jim tells a great story of how he got into this!  JIm is headed out West as a qualifier for the World Championship!

Pompano Beach FL Elite Racer Jim Higgins

SUP'r & Lobsterman JIm Higgins!













Larry Cain and Derek Schrotter with Lucky winner of the Surftech Bark




Derek Schrotter has represented Canada in 3 different paddle sports winning medals on the international and World levels.  He now is a certified coach in Sprint Canoe, having had athletes represent Canada at the International Level.

He started  SUP about 4 years ago, but has really dove into it in the last 12-18 months.

His is the owner of Paddle Sport Performance  a multi paddle sport company that provides both coaching/instruction services and equipment sales in the Toronto area.  Derek tells us he gives SUP instruction to a 100 people a week.  He also talks about Lake Ontario being a fantastic place for Sup Surfing as this extremely large lake can produce ocean like waves!

-Paddle Sport Performance recently held what was believed to be the largest SUP race in Canada, The Eastern Canada SUP Championships where 7 individuals qualified for the WPA World Championships (approx 45 people competed in the Elite Class, 15km downwind)

Listen Now…


Conner Baxter and the Triple Crown!


Check out the video Conner put together and his mother Karen sent to us to share! it is a great video of Connor & Dave Kalama together from start to finish of the Mormaii World Cup Maui to Molokai Crossing – The last event of the Maui Jim Triple Crown.


Momma C’s Famous Salad Soup

Listen to the podcast below for Momma C’s personal instructions on how to make this power packed soup!

Cyndie Kontoes of Dana Point California

Momma C, AKA Cyndie Kontoes from Dana point California.  She affectionately is the Mother to the SUP crew in Dana Point California.  She has adopted several of us on the right coast and we love being part of her family!  This recipe has gotten many a paddler through the tough times before, during and after a contest.

okay here we go…..

First….  Go to Trader Joe’s….. get a bag of “Southern Greens”
You will also need :
Parsnips, Turnips, Rutabagas, Sweet Potato, Napa Cabbage or a bag of Cole Slaw mix, fresh garlic,  red onion , green onions, carrots.. a small bag of peppers ( red ,orange,yellow ) Serrano chili….. dice as much as you want of each.

Vegetable broth, coconut oil, red wine….

Now the fun part starts….
pour yourself a glass of wine ( I used Cupcake’s Red Velvet  from Costco )..any red wine you like will do….

In a stew pot  add:, coconut oil , garlic and onions over a med flame….. pour in some  red wine… stir…. add vegetable broth and water (enough for the greens and veggies to cook in.. , I cook bye if it looks good, and smells good then it  will be a winner ….)… add all your vegetables that you diced up.. you might want to pour your self another glass of wine at this time,, kitchens getting warm bye now….. cut your Southern Greens up and put into the pot with all your  the veggies  add sea salt and pepper to taste… cook medium heat till done…
I hope you enjoy it…..if it doesn’t turn out so swift … then just serve it on cold windy days .. when peeps are wanting to warm up , at this point anything will taste good as long as it warm…….Momma C

Florida’s Elite Racer Chris Stephan’s Pre-Race Meal

Chris and is Beautiful Family


Chris Stephan age 38.. Born September 22 1972 Fort Lauderdale Florida. Im married and have two beautiful daughters.  Growing up on the water  I started short board surfing at age 11.  South Florida being a very fickle place for waves, I was always searching for something to help fill the flat spells. Well on July 22 2007 I bought my first SUP and Ive been in la la land since!! From surfing great waves to surfing waves people didn’t think were rideable, fishing, snorkeling, touring, training, racing!! Its an endless craft of pleasure the SUP.  I am sponsored by SUPlove and also sponsored by a local board shop Precision Paddleboards.~Chris Stephan

I love to grill!  Enjoy this Chicken and veggie recipe.


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