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Salmon Run, An Epic Trip Up Nadina River

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

Excited and terrified!

A few years back on one of our trips to Nadina in Northern B.C. to visit Sharon’s brother and family at their fishing and hunting lodge there, we took a day to hike into Nadina Falls. Nadina is one of my favorite places on the Planet, it’s one of those wild, raw, pristine and beautiful places that are becoming increasingly rare. This particular trip was near the end of August and we had high hopes that the Salmon would be running. Brad (Sharon’s brother) has intimate knowledge of this part of the World, and he also worked for the Department of Fisheries for many years. The Salmon were in fact running, and he gave us all quite the education on Salmon. Their life cycle is one that has always fascinated me, especially the part where they return to their spawning grounds to give birth and then die. I knew that their journey was an epic one, I discovered how epic on this trip up the Nadina River!

It was still early in the season for the Salmon run, Brad figured they were just getting started. He suggested we hike further upriver to the falls so we could watch just how determined these Salmon are to make it back to their roots. I have always liked falls, and the ones at Nadina are right up there with some of the most beautiful on the Planet! Guestimating, they drop about a hundred feet, and are stepped with a couple of pools! There were quite a few Salmon resting in the pool at the bottom of the falls, and Brad told us they will do that in order to get ready for the leap up the falls. Just as he was telling us that I saw a Salmon go for it out of the corner of my eye. I watched this humungous leap and found myself actually cheering him/her on when he/she smacked into a rock just shy of the next pool, falling back to where he/she started. I was heartbroken. Then I saw another one do exactly the same thing, and another one, and another one! I watched Salmon after Salmon attempt the leap and fail, rest in the pool, then attempt it again until I thought none of them were ever going to make it. Then I saw one make it! It was one of the most amazing and exhilarating things to see this Salmon, after so much effort, clear the first level of the falls, about 30 feet worth of falls jumped.

Then I realized he had two more steps to go. Brad had told us about the thousands of miles journey they had already taken just to arrive at this point in the falls. I had a perfect vantage point and I could clearly see this Salmon that just arrived at the second level of the falls. I could not take my eyes off this fish! I watched him/her rest for a long time, gathering the strength, the courage to attempt the next leap, and I couldn’t help but marvel at the life this Salmon had. I wondered if he/she had any idea of how far he/she had left to go, if he/she knew they were going to die when they got there? I stood there in awe that this Salmon was absolutely determined to make it all the way to where life started for him/her. Then came the second leap, successful on the first try, and the third, without resting, another success to reach the upper level! I will never forget that one short stage of that Salmon’s journey, the heart, grit and determination it must have taken to get to that point, then to succumb to whatever instinct was driving him/her to continue swimming upriver to fulfill his/her destiny! Nature is awesome!

That Salmon has been on my mind a lot lately! I have used Salmon to guide my own life at times when I get overwhelmed, thinking about the challenges Salmon face often helps me to get through particularly challenging events that I go through. When the going gets tough, this guy thinks about Salmon! I have reached a place in my own journey where I find myself in an all or nothing position. I started Paddle for the Planet 4 years ago to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”. We humans have placed Mother Earth in a precarious position, and 4 years later I feel an even greater sense of urgency to get this message out into the World. Recent circumstances have led me to make a choice, put me at a fork in the road so to speak. Long story short, circumstances at my day job have led me to a decision to leave that position and move full time to Paddle for the Planet! That is Plan A! There is no Plan B. I find myself in the position of needing to create revenue streams for PFTP, to do what I have been doing for the last 4 years with the added twist of putting groceries on the table. There is no Plan B, no fallback from here on in!

Sharon and Bob Purdy Great Bear Rainforest, Coastal British Columbia, Canada-SUP

Bob & Sharon Purdy

Like the Salmon, I have no idea how this is going to turn out, I do know I am driven to take my best shot! It’s time to walk my own talk of “Change”! I have a support system second to none, and I appreciate and thank every person who has helped me get this far. Over the next couple of weeks I will be announcing a couple of projects I have been working on for a while and want you to know I am doing everything I can to clear the falls into that first pool! I also welcome any and all ideas to help me transition full time into Paddle for the Planet! The only thing I know for sure is I am going somewhere, just not sure where yet!…

Excited and terrified!…

Singer-Songwriter Chauncy Crandall Promo

Hey there I am Leslie Kolovich. Im here to tell you about this week’s Live show with guest singer-songwriter Chanucy Crandall. Chauncy has 2 albums, “Every Song Is About You” and his latest release called “Breakdown”. In his new release his musical style covers country rock, bluegrass, folk and a bit of reggae. I am so looking forward to hearing the stories behind his powerful soulful lyrics and listening to him play Live in my studio on Thursday night March 5th, 7-10pm central. Tune in for the live webcast on www.hounddogradio.net for this unique live music experience.

Peace, Love & Music~


Interviews From The Past

Hey there I am Leslie Kolovich! Last night I had the opportunity to go back to my roots (at least my radio roots) alone in the studio, but not for long! As many of you know I have been doing talk radio shows since 2005, and I’ve interviewed some incredible people over those years and thats what I love doing! This new show from my basement studio will be a showcase for musicians, songwriters and artists with in-depth interviews and unplugged sessions. Enjoy these 5 previously recorded interviews from the 5th Annual 30A Songwriters Festival in 2014 starting off with Kazoots,  Jeep Rosenberg, Webb Wilder and Sterling Fletcher. I also throw in a special pre-recorded interview I did with Geoff McBride from 2013. Wow a Star Studded night from my basement studio! Next week March 5th Live from the Basement is Chauncy Crandall. To be a part of the Studio Audience please message me here.

Peace, Love & Music

Change Is A Verb

Standing Up for the Planet by Bob Purdy

Change is a verb!

Change- to become different, to make (someone or something) different, to become something else

Verb- a word (such as jump, think, happen, or exist ) that is usually one of the main parts of a sentence and that expresses an action, an occurrence, or a state of being

I have been paddling every day since January 1, 2011 to “Change the Way we live on the Planet”. By far, the number one question I get as I travel is “I am only one person, what can I possibly do to change anything”? When I speak to groups, the number one question I get is “I am only one person, what can I possibly do to change anything”? When I am interviewed, the number one question I get is “Do you think you are really making an impact in the World”?

In order to make something different an action has to happen! Change is a verb!

Lately I have been struck by the extent that powerlessness and hopelessness have infiltrated our societies. How is it that these illusions have managed to gain such a strong footlhold? More importantly, how do we as individuals and a collective, banish these devastating emotions for good?

The answer to those questions lies in defining what power is. According to the dictionary power is the ability or right to control people or things, political control of a country or area, a person or organization that has a lot of control and influence over other people or organizations. Powerlessness is born from the abuse of power, power being used over another to gain something. Bullying. As societies we have lived for centuries with bullies (governments, religions, corporations) whose self-serving agendas lie in creating a submissive, non-questioning society.

There is one more word that needs introduction into this conversation, balance. The dictionary partially defines balance as a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance. What might living a balanced life look like to an individual? Most of us would probably agree that that the human experience of balance revolves around physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual quadrants. If humans were a house we would be four room houses. Maintaining balance could be construed as spending equal amounts of time in each of these four quadrants. Again, most of us can recognize a person that is balanced as being healthy, an unhealthy person as being out of balance. For example, if a person is overweight, there is definitely not enough time or attention being spent in the physical quadrant. There may also be neglect happening in the mental and emotional quadrants. If a person is feeling Spiritually bankrupt more time in the Spiritual quadrant would be a potential fix. Theoretically equal amounts of time spent in all the quadrants would indicate a healthy individual.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Power mongers know that for the most part, we are not a society of balanced individuals. When we neglect a quadrant or two we leave a door open, a door that is filled with shame, guilt, fear, etc. a door, or doors that are ripe for the picking to a power monger. Power mongers will feed on those emotions, creating powerlessness and hopelessness. You might as well have that donut, you’re never going to lose the weight anyways says the donut salesperson. I will feed you a small corruption today, a small corruption that will likely be accepted, and then follow it up with consecutive corruptions until you give up says the government. Give me your personal power and I will sell you whatever illusion you want, I will tell you what to buy, how to look, what to read, how to think says the corporation. Spend lots of time thinking about, making and saving money, indulge the mental room of the house, and I will invade every other room says the 1%. It would appear we willingly give up our power in exchange for the promise of something. Now I feel powerless and hopeless. Power mongers will not hesitate to get a foothold in your house, it is the only way they can influence their will and power over you.

Want to take back your power? Take back your house. Individuals are the only thing that have ever made a difference on this Planet. Get your house in order, tend to the neglected rooms, poof you become empowered! When you become empowered, change, real change becomes a possibility. Find balance, reconnect to your own power and the scary monsters will head for the hills.Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Change is a verb. Change is action. Chosen, or forced the only way to achieve change is to act. Are the actions you are taking today creating balance for you, filling all the rooms of your house to overflowing? If you are not satisfied in every way, with every room in your house, how about taking a small step today in the direction of balance? The really big journeys start with a single action. What change will you make today to exit the prisons of powerlessness and hopelessness? When will you be able to say, “I am only one person, I can make a difference and my actions are impacting the Planet for the better”?…


A Universal Question What Is My Purpose?

Soulful Up Lifting People~

What is my purpose in this life? I think this could quite possibly be a universal question that each and every human being past and present has asked more often than not. We often search for this answer by asking others, relying on answers from those in robes, or those standing behind a pulpit. We scour the self help books looking for a chapter that feels good, or we look to the heavens and ask for a sign, and believe me I have done all of these. But as my life keeps marching on with time and age without my consent mind you, (funny how that happens) I have realized the purpose of my life is quite simple, but yet very empowering. The purpose of my life is to just be me. Whew, that takes a ton of pressure off now doesn’t it? Who am I? I find if I can just be still with quiet meditation, usually first thing in the morning with gratitude for every breath I connect with “me” my soul. I believe once we connect to ourselves, our true self, our light will shine and people, situations, and opportunities will come. Our purpose is to live, our purpose is to experience living, connecting with our soul, that gut intuition that we need to listen to the first time we hear it that will lead us to a higher vibration ultimately leading to really great things! Wow that was a long, but powerful sentence!

So to sum this up, take the time to connect with yourself through daily quiet time, which truly is sacred time. Our soul is the source of our truth, as it is the portal to the creator. Certainly there are very wise spiritual people on this planet and very scholarly ones too who can give us great guidance, however we all have connection to our highest source within. Love Life. Let your light shine, the genuine light of just being you.

Peace and Love~Leslie Kolovich

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