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Find Beauty Wherever You Are-SUP Radio

Christian Wagley writer of The Paddler's Planet on www.supradioshow.comThe Paddler’s Planet by Christian Wagley

I’ve spent the past few days camping along the shores of a remote bay in North Florida, enjoying the sights, sounds, and pace of rural life. As I stretch my legs out to capture the setting sun of another fine day, I can appreciate and offer thanks for all that is before me.

For me, it’s all a reminder that as happy as I am here, I can be just as happy wherever I go, city or country, bayside or poolside.The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP Radio


Sheltered beneath the porch of the fish camp office, I watch pelicans preen themselves from atop dock pilings a few feet away, then scramble into the water to beg for handouts from a fisherman cleaning his catch. Gulls call constantly overhead, and my eyes squint each time I look up at the bay waters sparkling before me.


There’s a healthy smell in the air that affirms the productivity of this little bay. Fish, decaying marsh grass and seagrass, and the salt air, combine to calm my mind and bring back warm memories. Every place that has smelled like this, throughout my life, has brought me pleasant experiences–especially childhood trips to the beach with my mother.


The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP RadioBetween paddling trips, I sit in my chair along the shoreline and enjoy the primal draw of the water. I watch and listen as the rythyms of the little bay take shape before me.


Small waves from the afternoon breeze lap at the shore. Tides go in and out, exposing the mudflats where all shapes of life swim, burrow, and crawl. Then, the early evening sun enlivens the marsh in a bath of warm light.


Nestled in my tent at night brings me close to the rythyms of people, too. Millions of shrimp burrow down in the mud bottom during the day, but move to the top of the seagrass overnight. Not one to let an opportunity go untapped, our human appetite leads us to follow their daily rhythms.


Beginning an hour or so into the darkness comes a procession of small shrimp boats, seven in all I counted from my tent as their motors gurgle through the shallows in passing. The boats return in the middle of the night to share their bounty. The light, the waves, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the passing boats all help me to feel the pulse of the bay.The Paddler's Planet by Christian Wagley SUP Radio


While we tend to romanticize the rural life, opening my senses to this world before me leads me to a place so wonderful that it needs no embellishment. In two days I will be back in my home in the walkable little downtown where I live, and I will find just as much to romanticize there.


There is great beauty most anywhere we go in this world, though its form varies from place to place. Look for that beauty expecting to find it and you will most likely will, whether on a paddle in the most remote place or sitting at a sidewalk café along a vibrant city street.



A Mountain On My Path-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio ShowSoulful Uplifting People by Leslie Kolovich

Listen now:

Well here I sit in my usual spot on my couch. The universe seems to have dropped a mountain in front of my path with health issues that are absolutely weird! Enjoy this podcast as I talk about the messages we often ignore as we cruise along our paths in life. The Universe sent me a message I could not ignore. Mt Olympus in Salt Lake City, Ut. SUP Radio Show

Music by Forest Williams 

Our Mother, Earth-SUP Radio

Bob Purdy Standing Up For The Planet

Bob Purdy founder of Paddler for the Planet and World Paddle


Standing Up For The Planet by Bob Purdy


I am at a loss for words. Why are we still doing what we are doing to “Mother Earth”?…

~~Bob Purdy

Bob Purdy Paddling For The Planet Alone


Friday Morning With Leslie Kolovich-SUP Radio

Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich, producer/host of SUP Radio Show

Friday morning with Leslie Kolovich

Listen now:

This Friday morning after interviewing spoken word artists this week I decided to write. I write about my upcoming heart procedure on Monday April 21st. Writing truly is therapeutic. It gives us a deeper connection to our “self”. Then saying it out loud really brings it to the “heart”. Then turning it into a podcast…..well you decide.


I’d also like to offer a thought with a quote that a wonderful friend reminded me of by Rumi, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you“.  I encourage you to take some time today to write a hand written note of gratitude to yourself. Send love to your heart and thank it for doing it’s job and giving you the gift of all feelings. I’m grateful that I have this outlet to share. If it is only read and listened to by 5 people you were the ones it was meant for.  In gratitude for my Sacred Heart. And for my mother whom I love dearly.~Leslie

Brandon LaBeaux Spoken Word Artist-SUP Radio


Leslie Kolovich Producer/Host of SUP Radio Show

Leslie Kolovich, producer/host of SUP Radio Show

Soulful Uplifting People with Leslie Kolovich

Listen Now:


Joining me in the studio today is Brandon LaBeaux a spoken word artist and author. He performed here in Rosemary Beach, Florida as part of “Say The Word” for national poetry month.  I was lucky enough to talk with him and fellow artist John Lacarbiere about what it means to be a spoken word artist.Brandon LaBeaux Spoken Word Artist on SUP Radio Show


Brandon published his first spoken word album March 12th which was his 26th birthday. It’s called, A love story. You can find it on iTunes and Google.  Brandon performs for us one of his poems which is full of passion, love and everything in between.  Brandon talks with me about how writing poetry has become very important to him and how it has changed his life. We talk about his first time on stage in front of 200 plus people and his hopes for the future. You can find him on reverbnation.

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